Legal Shield

I’ve spent the last four or five days being careful NOT to do exactly what I usually get on Facebook JUST to do: -Promote my business -Promote my wife’s business -Promote other businesses I support. -Promote my book -Share stupid photos -Promote charity fund raisers when I can. -Post stuff that attracts more clients -Post stuff that I find funny. -Post stuff that makes me angry. -Post stuff at 2 AM because I can’t sleep. In a couple of days, whether the world at large has moved on or not, I’m going to.. and we’re going to. I’m going to plug Twisted Networx like I’ve been plugging it for the last five years on Facebook. I’m gonna share funny pictures of my kids and my dog (though I guess I have to be a lot more careful what I post now I suppose). A lot of my posts ARE public … Read the rest…

Media Response to Anita Li, from the Toronto Star

This is a repost from my Facebook wall post on February 11th. If you’d like to see the comments made on Facebook, click here.

Media Response to Anita Li, from the Toronto Star

Since you took the time to email us with your requests like we asked, I’ll take the time to give you an honest follow-up response. You’ll have to forgive me for doing so publicly though; again I want to be sure my words are portrayed the way I actually say them, not cut together to make entirely different points.

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