Character Discussion

Logan and Jess need a last name.. discuss.

Also, options for first names to replace Logan or Jess…

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7 thoughts on “Character Discussion

  1. Stephenson

    Simple but they can stick in the reader’s mind. Just curious, is ‘the event’ an HEMP, EMP from a localized nuclear blast, or an unprecedented solar flare not seen since the 1800’s?

  2. I really like Logan but you could spell it Logon. As for Jess, which I am favor, that was my grandfather’s name but how about Jessa or Jessy. I chose a last name of “Reed”. When you put them all together it’s not too bad a ring.
    Logon Reed
    Jessa Reed / Jessy Reed
    Mason Reed

  3. The name Colin or Collin etc, always reminds me of colon … As in colon cancer.
    Personally, I think your characters names are great as is. Just the right southern touch.
    I like the suggested last name “Landers.”

  4. There are a few legendary characters that come to mind me when I think of character names. I’d love of my character to have such a place in the minds of readers. People don’t think of the next Vince Flynn novel. They think of the next Mitch Rapp novel, the name of the main character. It’s the same with a few others.

    Mitch Rapp
    Joe Ledger
    Dewey Andreas
    Agent Pendergast

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