Social Darwinism? Bring it on VP Ryan!

If he means them and lives up to what he says, the words “We promise equal opportunity, not equal outcomes” should be crafted and put into song, to be sung from the White House.

I don’t know a lot about Romney’s VP Candidate, Ryan yet, but I’m learning and what I see so far seems OK with me. He’s not the best, but he certainly makes me feel better about what we’re looking ahead to in this coming year or two.

Obama cast him down; calling the Ryan approach “thinly veiled social Darwinism” which personally, I think we’re a little overdue for. We could use a little Darwinism in a lot of areas in our society. When did simply being born entitle anyone to be given things? When did “because I’m a human being” mean that someone had the right to take from others to give to you? Why? Because you have a hard life? So do the rest of us. You know what makes men different? How hard they work at beating the odds to thrive, no matter what is laid in their path. That is Darwinism on a social level.

If we had a little more Social Darwinism, we wouldn’t have had a bailout. Oh, I’m sorry. Your bank is broke because you squandered billions on bad investments and risky mortgages? Too bad. You go out of business and a new banking creature rises from your ashes to take your place. Oh, you charge too much for your vehicles and no one is buying them? Dang. Sucks for you. Now someone else will open a car manufacturer and sell better cars cheaper because they learned from your lesson. Oh, you bought a house you couldn’t afford from day one and now you’re upside down in it and you’re about to be evicted? Shucks. Suck it up and get something you CAN afford instead of waiting until you’re foreclosed on. I’d understand if you’d put your house on the market the day you were laid off, and moved into an apartment you COULD afford, but you waited a year and then get upset because you can’t believe you’re being kicked out for not paying your bills? Awww… want a tissue?

Earlier this year Obama said Ryans ideas are “antithetical to our entire history as a land of opportunity and upward mobility for everybody who’s willing to work for it; a place where prosperity doesn’t trickle down from the top but grows outward from the heart of the middle class.” I’m sorry.. when did we become a society where being WILLING to work for it meant you deserve anything? And what grows from the heart of the middle class? All I’ve seen coming from the heart of the middle class is a bunch of bitching and entitled “we deserve better” rhetoric lately.

Just for the record, I’m WILLING to be a millionaire. I’m willing to work towards owning my own yacht. Unfortunately, the world has allied against me and I’ve been unsuccessful. Could you please give me my yacht now? I mean, I tried after all.

Oh God, Ryan wants to cut Food Stamps! Good!

Ryan wants to cut funds that help the poor! Dang… Good! These “funds” people keep talking about, aren’t money that actually exists at this point in our economic reality. Currently, they’re mostly the result of quantitave easing, the process by which the government needs more money, so it just prints more paper.

We are TRILLIONS of dollars in debt to other countries. Trillions. We are continuing to generate the most sorry, whiny, sniveling, give-me-more mentalitied individuals because they don’t understand that things aren’t meant to be given to them. You EARN things, and if you aren’t the good enough at it to continue earning it, then you starve to death and the rest of society… it just moves on without you.

I can’t get a job. Give me food stamps. I can’t feed my six kids. Give me welfare. You know what happened 200 years ago when you had six kids you couldn’t pay for? You all starved to death.

You know what the greatest motivator in the history of man is? Starvation. When you’re hungry enough, you’ll either find work, or you’ll die. I’m not sure why people believe that everyone should simply be allowed to prosper, even if it means you have to rob some to fund others.

Have you ever seen anyone rob a rich poor guy to give a rich guy a sandwich? What makes you think it’s ok to rob the rich to feed the poor then? I’m a very Christian guy, but there is a lot of difference between helping thy neighbor and taking care of people too sorry to take care of themselves.

You know what’s different about today’s world compared to the world of yesteryear? Today, we TAKE from some and give to others. The premise of “giving” of oneself is gone from us because we’re too weary from being robbed against our will. A hundred years ago, we reached out a hand to help those less fortunate than ourselves because we could, because we could afford to, becaue we had food to spare, or a field that could be plowed in exchange for a roof over your family’s head. Today that same family just shows up at a government office with their hands out expecting to be given something.

Quantitative Easing? It’s like diarrhea for the pocketbook.

Do people even realize how bad our economy CAN and probably WILL get before the recession is over? We haven’t even HAD a recession yet. This little thing we’ve been experiencing for the last four years? It’s nothing but a gas bubble… the crap hasn’t even come yet.

We all raised hell when Obama laid out his stimulus package and gave money to a bunch of people who didn’t deserve it, but no one has even NOTICED that we’re about to embark on round THREE of quantative easing.

Printing money is like giving Tums to the stock market. It temporarily makes investors feel better so they briefly indulge in a little more spending, which makes the nice little charts and graphs go up and everyone feels better because NASDAQ spiked that day, but it does NOTHING to fix it because we’re still feeding ourselves CRAP.

That’s all most people know about what we’re doing financially to survive as a country. Some of our most renown economists are giving warnings but most of America thinks they’re full of it. Wiedemer says, “The data is clear, 50 percent unemployment, a 90 percent stock market drop, and 100 percent annual inflation… starting in 2013.” Even the super rich are warning us. These guys pay people who pay people to think for them and the consensus is clear; our economy is about to take a massive nose dive the likes of which we have never seen! Hell, Donald Trump is warning us. When the RICH say they’re worried about not being rich anymore, you’d best know it’s serious.

Do most of us even know what things like 50% unemployment means? Much less the concept of annual inflation, or God-forbid hyper-inflation?

50% unemployment means that out of the people you know around you – four out of every ten will lose their jobs. We already have 10% unemployment now. Chances are 1 out of ten people you know doesn’t have a job. Imagine what happens if HALF of everyone is unemployed.

A 90% stock market drop? Let’s forget the fat figures and put it in simple terms. That basically means our country is worth 90% less to the rest of the world that it is now. If our market drops like that, we’re looking at a massive credit-downgrade.

Do you know what that means? Again let’s oversimplify. Currently if we need to borrow money we’re like a good bank customer. We go to China and say that we need 1 trillion dollars (like we’re about to do in September AGAIN). China says OK, but we’re gonna charge you 1% interest. You’ve got good credit so we can’t really screw you.

AFTER a credit downgrade, we go to China and say we need another trillion dollars. Ok, sure, but you’re credit sucks, so we’re gonna want 15%, plus this, and that, and this, and this, and this… For those of you who don’t know how that could happen, look at Greece and Italy and Spain right now. Their governments are broke and the ONLY way they’re getting funds is by agreeing to restructure their economies to the rules of those who are lending them the money.

Hyper-inflation? Even a minimal 100% inflation would be devastating to our economy. Imaging the bitching we do when we have 5% inflation at the gas pump on a Monday. Gas was 3.00 yesterday and now it’s 3.15 today. That’s a mere 5%. Picture 100% inflation in everthing we import, from gas to green beans and toilet paper.

Worse, fear of inflation is just as bad, triggering massive dumps in our dollar. The REAL fear is actual “hyper-inflation” when it skyrockets to something like 1500% in a matter of days or weeks, which could actually happen. Your job is worth the same amount per hour, or per salary period. That won’t change unfortunately. What WILL change is that fact that gas could become $27 a gallon, green beans could become $7.50 per can,etc.

What’s the fix?

The fix is easy, but NONE of us like it. The fix is to raise interest rates. Why we think our government can generate money on 0% interest loans is beyond me. Do any of us actually pay 0% on most things we finance? And if you had a million dollars, would you loan it to me at zero percent interest? If the answer is yes, please see my Yacht woes mentioned previously.

The problem is, we’ve had interest so low for so long AND we’ve been practicing quantitave easing for so long, that it’s possible that it’s too late to self-correct. So.. social darwinism, economic darwinism, and in-general darwinism… I’m game. Let’s roll the dice baby. It’s about time we had some REAL change in our world, our economy, and our world views.

(I usually don’t use this site for my personal blogging, but considering the Facebook traffic kills my other server, I thought I’d give this a shot and see how it turns out.)



25 thoughts on “Social Darwinism? Bring it on VP Ryan!

  1. Wow man, i think you should run for office….and i’m serious, we need a good strong conservative. Someone that stands up for what’s right and don’t care what the liberals think….amen

    • I’m thinking about it.. just deciding where I should plant my flag. Local something or other? County commissioner? I dunno.. just seems too inconsequential to make a difference in the time we have left to us to turn things around.

  2. I’m all for raising the interest rate if it means avoiding seeing half my friends and family out of work. I also feel programs that offer assistance should be offered on a very limited basis, with a higher burden of proof that people are truly trying to make it on their own.
    I have also heard the warnings of what is in store if we don’t make the change you refer to…scary stuff.
    Great post, Tommy, because the part I hadn’t heard about was a solution!

    • Yeah it kills me that the media LOVES to spin stories, but never solutions. They have the privilege to capture the hearts and minds of millions, to galvanize them to a topic with mere words, yet they do nothing with it that won’t gather them ratings. So much power for change, wasted.

  3. I’m sure Tommy isn’t able to read the minds of those currently running for office. So I’m certain he can’t answer Carol Andrews Whosoever”s question as to what (Obama or Romney) will do for her. I have personally been out of work since April. I complete odd jobs, merchandising jobs, I complete studies for Focus/Research Groups, and I have a bit of income from several websites I’m Affiliated with. Not to mention items I create to sell and Garage sales from time to time. Yes, I do receive a minimal amount of assistance for my 2 teens but nothing for the Toddler who I have voluntarily taken in. (his mother still receives 100% TANF and Food Stamps for him which seems to be okay with the CPS agent involved – personally I don’t understand the thinking there but I have NO control over it other than to turn the boys over to the authorities to be placed into the system, he did nothing wrong that he was beaten and sexually molested under his mothers “watch”, and needs love, compassion, and a sense of belonging, thus he will remain in my safe care for the time being) It is not easy listing every penny I earn each month to turn into the Health and Human Services Dept. but I do it and my honesty is confronted with attitude galore, I realize that if Romney/Ryan the assistance will be reduced, that’s okay as long as the deficit, congresses salaries, and taxes on necessities are also reduced.
    All we can truly do is to vote then wait to see what the winners accomplish first, being mindful to raise nine kinds of noise when they don’t do as they’ve said they will, and give them praise for doing as we need them to do.
    Problem is that most of the people of our Nation will just sit back to watch what happens, then gripe to family and friends instead of voicing their opinion online in emails, blogs, phone calls, and hand written letters to their congressmen to help steer them in the way that they should be representing us.
    Thus, the true questions are;
    Will each of us citizens work to earn as much as we are humanly able so that we don’t need assistance?
    Will each of us citizens watch our government closely and raise our voices to steer our elected officials in the way that is best for all concerned?

    Because if we don’t … things will continue to become worse …

    I pray we all strive to have a little Integrity …

    • I agree…. And why in the world is that mother getting assistance if she doesn’t have her son with her? Makes no sense…..

      As to the question I asked, yes I want to know what Obama/Romney would be with a family like mine but I want to hear what Tommy thinks in regards to a situation like mine. I’m just curious.
      My husband does work. I thank God he has a good job. I do not because of the Medicaid/SSI my child gets and all of the appointments that she has…..

  4. I shared this with the FB comments also but I want to hear your thoughts to this. I totally agree with most everything you have said. I do have a question though. A family like mine for example. I’m not upset at all but I just want your honest thoughts here.

    What I want to know is what they (Obama or Romney) will do for a family like mine to help us make it. When a family has no choice but to rely on Medicaid to help with what a child truly needs because private insurance is nowhere near enough…. All I would make if I worked would pay taxes, tithe and medical bills. We would still be owing medical bills… We have done the math multiple times… How would Romney plan on helping families like mine? The private insurance we have is through hubby’s work. It covers pretty good on medical appointments, decent on rx’s, and little to none for therapies, a 1k test she has to have yearly and hearing aids with testing/supplies. Hence why we have had to keep Medicaid which only covers what our private insurance doesn’t. The Medicaid she has is used as secondary to BCBS. I worked for years before my child was born and hubby and I knew that I couldn’t then…. I wouldn’t change it for anything but some of the changes that I keep hearing about regarding SSI and Medicaid scares me because it will be my child who loses out the most….. Scariest part is, compared to other families who are on a similar medical journey as us have it worse then we do when it comes to how the medical bills are covered because they make too much for Medicaid…… It is special needs families I fear for the most. That’s the God honest truth.

    Honestly, what are your thoughts?

    • Carol,
      I don’t know your situation, but from the description of it, you seem like a family that DOES need it. No one said anything about doing away with Medicaid, just restructuring how long people get it and finding solutions that don’t equal an eternal paycheck. You’re not raping the medicaid system. You’re paying for insurance, working, and supplementing a ridiculously high insurance cost with medicaid funding. Personally, and this is just me speaking for myself, that’s what it’s intended for…helping people out.

      There ARE ways to do it. Our system just doesn’t work at the solutions that involve anything more than a check. Fighting for better insurance, for example. The new Obamacare system isn’t going to help any better. It’s going to stifle innovation, convince doctors not to go into practice, and dramatically increase the amount of people waiting on lists at every major medical facility in the US.

      We need reform, but we have to tackle it one step at a time. So far, I’ve yet to see any proposed insurance or medical care reform that both encourages free-enterprise while not stifling it at the same time.

      When you FORCE insurance companies to take on everyone, there will be no interest in forming new insurance companies because there will be no profit in it. When you force hospitals to take on everyone, there will be less doctors coming out of school because no one is going to want to work in an over-crowded, screaming building, full of sick patients who can’t pay. That’s why WE have always been the cutting edge in medical research, why the US is where doctors come, and where nurses come to thrive. Take that incentive away, and the doctors and nurses quit coming because we’re no different. In twenty years we’ll have a ruined medical system as poor as the rest of the world with no incentive to make it better.

      On the other hand, we’ve let it get TOO big for TOO long to fix it easily. It’s a privatized beast that’s out of control. Do you think we’d have companies spending hundreds of billions of dollars on an AIDS cure if they knew they couldn’t charge THOUSANDS of dollars per month per recipient? No. Sure, the doctors and researchers who invent these cures would still be there and still be just as altruistic, but the big-pharma that funds them won’t be interested in funding research anymore because they can’t get rich anymore. Our system is incredibly flawed, but it’s better than what the rest of the world has.

      We lead the world in some of the most amazing medical research because those companies CAN get rich. If we take that away and force them to sell prescriptions cheap, that will disappear.

      Is it unfair? Yup. But:

      Just last year, in 2011, they patented a HIV prevention drug, someone created actual real working body parts in a lab which when transferred to a human host actually worked, we created stem cells ARTIFICIALLY (which is huge), Germans trained dogs that can actually SMELL lung cancer thanks to medical research. Other advances in recent years include actually making new skin for a human using much the same technology as computer printers, developing a mechanical rechargeable heart, and hundreds of other things.

      I got sidetracked, but my point was there seems to be no solution in place right now, nor any one I can possibly foresee that will achieve all the goals we need with respect to medicine or insurance or federal assistance programs that won’t harm as much as it helps. It’ll just shift the weight of the pain from one demographic to another.

      • Well said Tommy. I do agree that our system needs an overhaul but no matter the ‘hows’ it’s going to be hard. The only thing I liked with Obama Care was the doing away of lifetime caps and the pre-existing (sp)coverage being done away with. As to the big pharma, I could have a mile long rant on that…… There is no way in heck that a script has to cost sometimes up to thousands just because companies want a profit. There is no sense in that. I feel bad for doctors really. It’s insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies that all they want is profit, profit, profit that I truly believe has started this big pile of crap we have called health care….. Okay, I said I wasn’t going to rant on that. lol Getting healthcare shouldn’t be about profit!


        The website that’s hyper-linked on my name is my daughter’s blog where I share her story. Basically she has eight medical diagnoses and two of them are barely if not touched by our regular insurance…. (Hearing loss with aids and the developmental delays needing speech therapy.) That’s why we have the Medicaid to help with that and the rest of the medical….

        Point being, I think every one of us can agree that something needs done but unfortunately there are no easy answers. The biggest thing is we need to get this country back to where it was. Where we all have freedom and where we can grow old and die knowing that our children and grandchildren will grow up to prosper.

        God Bless you Tommy and I wish you and your family well!

      • Tommy – You did a great job of explaining why you believe that Obamacare will be bad for the system. What you repeated over and over and over again was the lack of doctors if the law is not reversed.

        I’m very perplexed with your statement in this area. Do you have any idea how many people leave college to find no jobs? I hope you do because that seems to be one of the biggest concerns from the Romney camp – high unemployment – maybe Romney was right when he said before that college was not needed (although he has flip-flopped on that statement now too). What I am hearing from you now is that Obamacare will create thousands and thousands of high paying jobs for doctors.

        That doesn’t actually sound bad to me.

        You also made a statement that the hospitals will be full of sick patients (no duh) that have no way to pay. I thought Obamacare provided that everyone HAD to have a way to pay for medical treatment. Hmmmm – isn’t that the other issue that the GOP had with the plan? A mandatory insurance policy. It does sound vaguely familiar to something Romney created as well.

        Just my thoughts – but it really seems like most republicans believe that if you twist something around long enough it becomes truth. It doesn’t in my eyes. Why? Because I don’t have blinders on and I don’t just listen to Democrats talk – I listen to BOTH sides talk so I can make my own thoughts and opinions – without the need to quote everyone on FOX or Rush, Beck, and Hannity. Which are where most of this nonsense comes from.

        • I definitely try to avoid FOX whenever possible, NEVER listen to Rush, and don’t know Beck or Hannity are. (Unless you mean Glenn Beck, and I don’t listen to him either.)

  5. First off, i am not an american citizen, but i would like to ask you a question about the belief system stated at the beginning of the post. What you said is sound except for one thing which i can’t wrap my head around, the fact that for people to work job openings need to exist, the individuals hunger will not make the employer open a job position. So my question is this, do you believe that the united states has the capacity to offer jobs to all the people without one today? I understand that not everybody has a ch

  6. Sorry, pressed post by accident, now, i understand not everybody has the same chance in life, but a government should try to provide for everybody, in jobs of course, but it has a duty to provide for everybody, it is in it’s job description

    • Government is funded by people, paid for by people, and designed to GOVERN people. Under that axiom, your premise is that people have a duty to provide for everyone.

      I disagree. People have a DUTY to provide for themselves and their family. People have a “civic responsibility” to help others WHEN THEY CAN.

      To answer your previous question, there ARE jobs out there. We are adding, and have been continuing to add in excess of 150,000 jobs per month. Based on our “legal” population rate, that isn’t enough jobs to sustain us, so we need to employ more citizens HERE and LESS overseas.

      There are 11.5 million illegal workers in the US. Based on our job creation rate, that is enough illegals to take every job we can create for the next 6.5 years.

      KICK THEM THE HELL OUT. Take your non-tax paying ass and get out of my country! There’s the boat and there’s the plane. We’ll even pay for the fuel!

      That is 11.5 MILLION LEGAL Americans who don’t have jobs. Tackle THAT first and THEN see how many jobs we’re lacking workers for. (wait.. I’ll even do the math for you in a minute)

      Second: Double-tax US companies who hire overseas workers and who deploy facilities based out of the US on foreign soil. They do it SOLELY because it’s cheaper and wages dont cost them as much. Every job we export is less tax money WE have to pay our bills with because those employees in Bangladesh aren’t paying US taxes. Stop making it easy to hire outside labor while our own locals starve to death. It’s really pretty simple.

      Corporate America cut local jobs by 2.9 million over the last decade, while turning around and adding 2.4 million jobs overseas.

      Let’s take the 11.5 million illegals, bring back the 2.9 million jobs to our own shores and we’ve got about 14.4 million jobs.

      PS: The August 3rd, 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation Summary states there are presently 12.8 million unemployed in the US.

      Oh wait. I just solved that without a college degree in economics.
      14.4 jobs we’re throwing away minus 12.8 million people who COULD be doing them AND paying taxes… wait.. that’s a surplus of 1.6 million jobs we can’t find enough people for!

      Wow. Let’s assume that ALL of those jobs are at the basic pay level, and making only 20K per year.
      12.8 million dollars multiplied by the approximate taxation on a 20K salary and we’re talking about $63,263,000,000 in annual taxes.

      There you go. I just solved a chunk of the deficit too.

      Two laws that would overnight solve our problems.

      Put THAT on your Presidential ballot and I’ll vote for you!

      (Or we could stop hiring lawyers and economists and other idiots as President and employ anyone with a half a brain that can do basic middle-school math.)

      • LOVE it Tommy! You know what else I get tired of? Calling Customer Service, having to press a number to get English AND then when I finally do get a human being after the automated crap, they can barely speak English!! This is America where English was the founded language not whatever else!

        • I can understand what you are saying, again my perspective is not that of a native american, and not a future one any time soon, but that phrase “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” is one that i have looked up to. Now i like history so i know better than most that application of principles in history must differ to accommodate for cultural, economic and social changes, however, and again i stress that I say this from a non – native point of view, the united states boasts itself with these words as the foundation of this nation.
          On am more practical note, I 100% agree with the fact that people are starting to work less because they are not put in the situation where the knife is at the bone, but you are working, as far as i can tell, under the assumption that social Darwinism will make the selection according to willpower and the desire to work so that you can provide for whatever you to provide.
          I find myself at odds with you here, while this premise might work in a normal economic background in this background where more humans are in charge of all the wealth, as opposed to being more wealth that needs to be discovered, i just can’t help but to shake the feeling that this Darwinism might have a human(biased) component which would be worrisome to say the lease

      • Tommy – most of your remarks make not much sense in the real world. And your “basic math” doesn’t add up either. The income for those 12.8 million jobs at 20K a year actually equals 256000000000 and the tax at 15% would them be 38400000000. Not sure where you got your number for the tax – but my number is using 15% rate which would be about right for someone earning 20K. Of course, the actual tax would be less than that with the standard deductions. Now, if you are going by the new Ryan math, then you could be much closer. Why? Because as you stated, you are tired of some of the taxpayers paying for those who are lazy and do nothing but accept hand-outs (paraphrased of course). Well, by Ryan’s math, those large corporations who are paying ZERO taxes and still getting millions in refunds are going to get their tax rates reduced even more (resulting in even bigger refunds) and the middle class and poor will get tax increases – in the neighborhood of TWENTY percent! They will also not get any more deductions. So, yes, maybe your figures ARE right based on the new math going to be introduced to us if Romney/Ryan gets elected.

        Something just isn’t right about that picture – at least not to me. I am not one of the rich which will take advantage of the NEW MATH PLAN – I’m one of those making 20K who will get royally screwed by this new plan.

        I’m also one of those who will be retiring in the not to distant future. I’m very very upset that they want to cut medicare another 500 million dollars after I work all of my life to pay into that program – yes I PAID IT MYSELF with each and every payroll deduction. And since I was self employed for many of those years, I actually paid TWICE what the normal worker paid into it. I did not do this in order to have to PURCHASE health insurance at an inflated rate using a small check sent to me by the government (which you claim is going broke anyway). I am also upset that my social security, which I PAID INTO MYSELF could very likely be handled by a large crooked banking institution which is a close personal friend of the same government that is screwing me already!

        With these thoughts in mind, I will NOT be voting for a republican – unless it is Ron Paul. And I am not alone in this – trust me on that. If the RNC does not nominate Ron Paul, Obama will win (not such a big loss honestly) and if they do not, Ron just might run anyway as a libertarian or independent. If this happens there is no way in hell that Romney has a chance to win this so the GOP looses again. They would be much better off nominating the right person and the ONLY person that can beat Obama.

        Everything may look good to you right now – but the debates will show exactly what those two are and Obama will win this election.

        The only way that this can work FAIRLY with the tax system is to eliminate the IRS completely and use a flat tax without any deductions for ANYONE! And that includes corporations as well. Only then can we get the country back on track as far as the debt and deficit goes.

        Get your calculator out again. Take the profits of all of the corporations – just take Exxon if you wish. Profits in the billions – paid no tax – got millions in refunds. Let’s just figure profits of only ONE BILLION dollars and what is the tax at say 20%? I’ll tell you – looks like 200 million dollars. One company by itself would increase the revenue of the federal government over 500 million dollars if you charge then a flat tax of 20 percent and eliminate their deductions to eliminate their millions in refunds. The refund figure is a guesstimate since I don’t have the exact number in front of me at the moment. But I’m sure even YOU get the picture. At this point, you are talking about a larger income from just ONE LEGAL TAXPAYER than almost 1/3 of the 20K a year population put together.

        The flat tax will bail this country out of debt in a very short time – possibly ONE YEAR! Remember Exxon is only ONE corporation out of literally hundreds of thousands of them. Multiply this and see what kind of number you get.

        I don’t care if they cut food stamps and medicaid a little, but leave the seniors alone!!! Seniors vote too – they have managed to run off the support of women, foreigners, and LGBT – the Seniors will be out of their voting class as well. But, not to worry, they will just pass more voter laws and make it illegal for someone over 55 to vote!

        And on that subject, remember the only voter fraud that has been reported in the past 4 years has been committed by the republicans – and I believe the number in that time period was like ONE.

      • This reply comment is worthy of it’s own post, in my humble opinion. I just hadn’t seen the numbers laid out quite like this…great response.

  7. The problem I have with Paul Ryan (and Romney and Pres. Obama and on and on) is that they openly, proudly make statements (or worse, actions) supporting things like making the “patriot act” permanent, or that they think they shouldn’t need a warrant for wiretaps and etc. Even worse, is they openly say/do these things and nobody holds them accountable! They get propped up like celebrities for destroying out country all in the name of “saving us from the boogieman”, “helping someone”, and my favorite “fixing the economy”. Ha! Fixing the economy! Maybe fixing it for the benefit of a small group, but not fixing it for the benefit of the long term interests of our nation (don’t get me started on our short-sightedness problem). Both parties are selling us out, the only difference is to who. The dems are selling us out to big unions and media conglomerates while the republicans are selling us out to the corporatists. It seems too many people have become nothing more than voting cattle, meat with eyes – incapable of actually thinking for themselves. During elections they’re so naive and gullible that as long as you keep them distracted with good guy vs bad guy T.V. ads they totally forget about all the terrible things both candidates have done to ruin their personal freedom, privacy, their country, and they children’s future. Sad, Sad, Sad. Probably shouldn’t listen to me though. I used the word “freedom” in a sentence so I’m probably one of those crazy conspiracy-theory-loving, tin-hat-wearing “Paulbots” who sum up the value of America based on whether they can legally smoke pot and who thinks that Big Brother is always watching me(hence the tinhat) and that important laws like the 1908 “Safe Food Act” should be repealed. (For the record I’m nobody’s “bot”)

    We absolutely need more “personal responsibility” and “less spending” however, as much as I love the phrases and as much as I believe in them, I just don’t think it’s possible in today’s macro-environment.

    We have:
    *Too many people dependent on gov’t coupled with
    *Too many special interests groups trying to get laws passed in their financial favor coupled with
    *Too many politicians willing to provide to both of them
    *** and not enough people who say “STOP!!” with their votes***

  8. Well, I knew I liked your parenting style (even through all the bull the main stream media threw), but I didn’t necessarily expect you to be profound on the idiocy of today’s administration.

    Someone has to fix Social Security and Medicare now, strike that, yesterday. If they don’t, my in-laws will have nothing. Ryan’s plan limits MY benefits. At age 52, I’m fine with that if it protects those that have made no other plans, like my in-laws.

    What I fear is that the “throwing grandma off the cliff” liars will win out and will be facing four years of unbridled spending that will quite literally “fundamentally change America”.

    I thought America worked pretty darned will up until a few short years ago.

    Move to Indiana and you’ll get my vote.

  9. I’ll start off by saying I love your post Tommy… I am conservative and will support Romney/Ryan in the up coming election. Let’s be clear.. you are saying people currently on assistance should be cut off…? They will survive on their own..or die. It’s easy to generalize..looking at numbers. It’s another thing when dealing with real people.

    • I agree it is another thing altogether, and NO I didn’t say “all” people on assistance should be cut off. But a lot of them, hell yes.

      Besides, assuming any kind of reform WAS to ever be done, do you assume we’ll just decide “Hey, it’s ok if you’ve already been getting it. We’ll just keep paying your bills forever. No worries!”???

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