Gun Safety – And other tricks

On January 19th of this year, the nation’s gun-owners decided to celebrate a national “Gun Appreciation” day. Great idea, right? No. Why?

Six people at three different gun shows across the United States were hurt in what could have been fatal gun incidents. Sadly, all of them required hospital visits. Even more sadly, each of them could have been prevented.

Yesterday millions of people turned out across the nation to show their support for the 2nd amendment. You/we should all know by now that NO one is going to report “1.999 million people NOT hurt on Gun Appreciation Day.” Why would they? But let an accident happen – especially one with a gun, and see what comes out of the wood work.

That got me thinking about a video. Yes, there are lots of gun-safety videos out there. Apparently they aren’t watched by the people who NEED to watch them. Maybe one more video can save ONE life ONE day. If so, I’ve done my part to help a little.

That got me thinking further – which isn’t always good. Besides the basics of “don’t point your gun at something you’re not intending to destroy,” there are a lot of other good tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years from the range, from civilian, police, and military instructors. Maybe I can put some of those together and come up with more than just the boring safety crap that no one wants to watch. Maybe if I mix a little safety and a little training, someone will watch it.

So, having said that, this video was born.. it’s LONG. It’s REALLY REALLY long! I didn’t intend for it to be this long, but hey.. it’s a lot of information.

If you’d like to skip ahead to some parts you might find interesting  I’m including a guide that tells you where each “chapter” is in the video.

Video Cheat Sheet

1:20 – Basics on Gun Safety – How to Transport and Carry a Weapon
12:15 – Safety – Handguns in Particular
16:47 – Stances – General Overview
17:32 – Isosceles Stance
19:10 – Weaver Stance
20:31 – Modified Weaver Stance – My Favorite
22:02 – Breaking Leather – Clearing your Holster
23:50 – Close Combat Draw – Three Steps to Firing
26:32 – Proper Grip of your Handgun
31:07 – Ready Positions “Hi-Ready” and “Lo-Ready”
37:29 – Reasons for Malfunction – “Limp-wristing”
46:07 – Holsters (Last Minute Addition)

Enjoy the video! And if you have any good ideas you want to share that I can add, or that can be included in the next video, let me know! If I use your idea, I’ll credit you accordingly on the blog.



8 thoughts on “Gun Safety – And other tricks

  1. One of the main reasons a military coupe can not take place in the United States of America is because of the 2nd Amendment.
    If we had it here in Africa (2nd Amendment), maybe so many of the military putsch may not have taken place. Who knows?

  2. Tommy Jordan:
    Great video, as an ex firearm instructor, right to the point. Treat all weapons as if they were loaded and keep the mussel pointed in a safe direction and no one will be injured. I wish all gun owners watch this video. Thank You.

  3. Great Vid Tommy. I don’t have a lot of experience with long guns, and none with hand guns (other then pellet guns).
    A few questions if you have a moment (Remember, I’m Canadian and not familiar with all the laws/rules of firearms in the US.)

    1) Is it still considered concealed carry if you carry your handgun in the small of your back but shirt tucked in and no jacket? It is still visable, although not as plainly as a hip holster. I assume it would still be classified as “concealed” but clarification would be great.
    2) Long gun stance. I am right handed/right legged like most of the population. I however am LEFT eye dominant. If I chose to get more into target shooting or hunting, I only see two options.
    -train my right eye for shooting right,
    -train my body to shoot left.

    Thoughts? Either Tommy or anyone else who has experience or knowledge can jump in.

    **EDIT** I posted this to the Facebook post where you linked this video, but then I came accross this and figured I might get more/better/clearer answers to my questions on here. And although I neglected to say so, I found this video vastly interesting and informative. Thanks so much Tommy!

    • I read your comment and had to offor my POV on your second point. My dad is the source of this answer, being Left eye/Right hand as well. My dad is somewhat odd in that he is right handed in everything except shooting and writing. That and he has one green, one hazel eye. As to your point though sir, I would suggest training your body to shoot left. From a personal knowledge standpoint, your aim will always want to drift to your dominant eye, and it’s much easier to convince your body to do something than it is to convince your brain to focus more in your other eye. To the point of may dad, he was a ten-year AF Security Forces veteran, and is currently nine-year Armed Nuclear Power Plant security personnel as a supervisor. During his life, he has never shot less than an expert qualification. Keep in mind that he has also always used the standard M16, first becuase when he joined the AF in ’84, a “left-handed M16” didn’t exist. Second, it’s what his body got used to. To this day, he can still shoot 5 inch groups at 300 yards.
      I hope that helps.
      God Bless. Later yall.

  4. Excellent tips. The way that you explain things in an engaging fashion leaves little wonder why organizations ask you to speak. Thanks for taking the time to make this video, because it could save lives. If even one parent carries his/her gun differently after watching, it could save their child if accidental detonation occurs. This video needs to be seen by everyone who owns a gun.
    Great Video, Tommy.
    Have a great evening.

  5. Tommy well done buddy!!! You are a true inspiration to me and I’m sure a ton of others!!!! A lot of information given for free (incredibly detailed and dead on) out of pure respect for us fellow shooters!!! God damn that your a good human being, I wouldn’t think twice on taking you and your family out to a nice lunch if it were possible. Thank you again for all your time and hardwork to help people for free be safe and more knowledgable on fire arms! god bless your soul man…. God bless your soul

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