So, I saw this video on Facebook today. Someone shared it. I clicked. I watched. Now I write.

It’s not life-changing, so relax, though it is interesting and raises a point I’ve been meaning to write on for quite awhile. It’s not a “stance” topic, but more of a science versus social acceptance topic I’d like you to think about. And yeah, if ANYTHING will lose me followers on Facebook, this will probably be the thing. lol. Watch. Then read. Learn things.

The intent:

The author of the video speaks of labelling people by color as a method of conscious intent. Sure, he’s right. We can all agree with that. Well, most of us can. Some of you are going into your hidden closet compartments to break out your white sheets and moonshine to go have an overly-white celebration to wash the blackness out of your system. That’s ok. God loves the inbred too.

Anyway, some of us (myself included) feel that race shouldn’t be a factor in anything. Truthfully the only reason race IS an issue is because we have check boxes that ask for it. Imagine if there were no check boxes on anything you ever filled out that said “Black, White, Caucasian,” etc. If there wasn’t any way to know until you saw someone face to face, it would be less of an issue.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this conversation. I want to raise up another point entirely.

The medical science of diversity:

In animals, the term is called hybrid-vigor. In humans late in the last century we adopted the term heterosis. It means the same thing. Long story short, here’s the animal truth. This is 100% pure fact. It can’t be argued and opinions have no merit in it, so don’t reply with the “My breeder told me” stuff because your breeder is wrong.

  • Purebred animals are genetically inferior to almost every other version of the same animal when taken as a whole, as a species. They’re inbred. Just like with humans, inbreeding produces unhealthy results.
  • Purebred animals don’t exist in nature. They’ve been selectively mutated by humans. Ever notice why there are only 23 breeds of crocodiles in the entire world, yet over 300 breeds of dogs? Humans breed dogs. They don’t breed crocodiles. Still don’t believe me? Ok. Human’s breed horses as pets, that’s why there are 350 breeds of them. Would it surprise you to know there were only THREE breeds of horses before people started screwing around with selective breeding?

These facts play out in breed-traits all the time in the following ways:

  • Giant breeds of dogs have shorter lives. This is why great danes and wolf hounds have average life spans of 6-7 years and smaller versions live to be 12-15 on average.
  • German Shepherds traditionally have bad hips and develop dysplasia. It’s a result of selectively breeding a mutation in the same breeding pool again and again and again. Technically its inbreeding, just not usually on a close scale. No one would let their german shepherd pups breed brother to sister, but they’ll let them breed with another german shepherd.

The distance between the blood ties actually does matter, so when breeding a dog to another dog of the same breed, you’re likely to get the same genetic mutations, but if you bred brother to sister the closeness in genetic makeup compounds and multiplies the effect so you tend to get MORE obvious mutations. You’re still getting the mutations in other breed cycles but it’s on a much smaller scale and can take generations to become apparent.

So, that’s the animal truth. What’s the human truth?

It’s the same thing.

To put into a really LARGELY simplified statement, white people having children with white people is genetic inbreeding. It’s selective breeding. The converse is called outbreeding.

When two white people have a child, they stand a chance to pass on the same genetic mutations and the same broken genes.  I’ll give you an example.

Blue eyes are a genetic mutation. Blue eyes are also a genetic mutation that “almost” only exists in white people. Blue eyes are “weaker” than brown eyes. If you asked a geneticist which is better, they’d say Brown eyes are better every time.

Pale skin is a genetic mutation. Yup. We white folks are genetically inferior to our darker-skinned neighbors. Our skin has less pigment and is therefore less resistant to the effects of the sun.

So, if you had to medically breed for “stronger” genes, you’d want a brown eyed, dark skinned offspring as compared to a blue-eyed, light-skinned offspring.  Keep in mind here I’m using incredibly huge generalities here. By the way, the entire planet used to be brown-eyed. The blue-eyed genetic mutation has been traced back these last few years. Interesting read if you want to look it up.

Most of you probably already know that are certain diseases that only affect certain populations. There are also certain characteristics that are more predominant in certain populations.
Author’s Note: You’ll see I use black vs white examples a lot. That’s simply because it’s easier to recognize the traits. It’s harder to see the difference today in an irish-american versus an italian-american, though they’re still there and I mention some of those below too.

  • Bone Density: Bones of African-American people are traditionally stronger than bones of Caucasian races. Bone density is also higher in men than in women. Again, fact, not opinion.
  • Bone Length: Bones of black people have different characteristics than white people.
  • Eye color: Blue eyes are less resistant to the sun. Blue eyed have a distinct disadvantage over other colors of eyes. Therefore, black people tend to have genetically better eyes than white people do when compared as a single group.
  • Propensity for Twins: Black people are twice as likely to produce twins than white people, and 4 times more likely than oriental people.
  • Cystic Fibrosis: This disease tends to primarily affect people of European descent. Selective inbreeding in Europe.
  • Sickle Cell Disease: tends to affect people of African or Mediterranean descent
  • Being Lactate Deficient: This is something that occurs in almost all populations EXCEPT those from Europe and a few parts of Africa. So, yes, marrying the same colored people here on the American continent eventually bred a mutation into many of us that makes us allergic to lactase. Funny how that works ain’t it?
  • Hemochromatosis: This tends to happen to people that come from Northern Europe specifically, as opposed to Southern Europe.
  • Sex characteristics: Black people are sexually larger than white people, and even more so compared to oriental people. (Sorry white dudes.. sucks, but it’s a fact! I hate it too!)
  • Skull Size: white people have a slightly larger cranial capacity than black people. (Cranial size relates to head size, not intelligence.)

Some are more obvious that others, even amongst light-skinned races:

  • Orientals tend to be shorter and lighter framed than american caucasians. Have you seen many six-foot-five, 245 pound Chinese around? Not many I guarantee.
  • Iris, or Northern Europeans in general, tend to have red hair much more often than native American caucasians. It’s another genetic mutation, one that has a lot of study over the years. Funny facts about it – you ready for this? Redheads are more resistant to anasthesia, so it’s harder to put them under. You can equivocate from that if you asked 1,000 redheads, that they more than brunettes, fear dentists. (After all, it takes more drugs to work on redheads than on brunettes. There’s a joke in there somewhere, I swear!) They’re more susceptible to cold temperature discomfort than brunettes, but then again the have a higher resistance to stinging and pressure pains than brunettes or blondes. Really. Serious. They’re actually genetically able to handle spicy foods better than other hair colors because they have a higher pain tolerance to capsaicin, the thing that makes peppers taste “hot.”

So, due to our social norms and what we practice in our cultures and religions over the past thousand years or so, we have genetically bred our own mutations into certain populations.

Medically speaking, we will eventually breed ourselves out of existence if left to our own devices another ten thousand years or so. Funny thought huh?

My whole point in describing some of these things above was to setup for the next thought.

The solution to make healthier humans:

The actual “cure” to make a healthier world population as a whole is the same as in the animal kingdom; hybrid vigor. If you want to make healthier humans, get rid of genetic diseases, live longer, live stronger, be smarter, be more capable of intelligence, agression, compassion and the other emotional ranges (Yes, emotional quotient/capacity are actually affected by racial characteristics, though I chose not to list them for obvious reasons), the answer is to OUTBREED, not inbreed.

We already know that marrying your sister causes birth defects. That’s because you’re compounding the mutations that you BOTH already have from your parents. However, a lot of cultures, and I’ll leave out which ones, find it perfectly acceptable to marry your first cousins and have offspring. Ever notice that some populations have higher amounts of six-toed, six-fingered offspring? I have because I’ve traveled a lot and seen it.  This, and a lot of other genetic issues, come from too much inbreeding.

Ideally, if you wanted to make the world a better place where we all lived longer and thrived, here’s what we do:

  • Breed with someone FAR away: as in another continent entirely. The geographic disparity between the two is larger than two people that live in the same area because chances are those people are from parents that live in the same area so you already share a lot of traits.
  • Breed with someone from a different race altogether: Breed black with oriental, white with black, white with oriental, oriental-white with white-jamacian, etc.
  • Keep that up for about 1,000 years.

In about a millennium we’d all be the same color, have incredibly strong genetic characteristics, and be medically immune to more things than anyone in human history.

What I find funny

There’s a couple things I find funny about all this and I could go on for days and days about it, but I’ll try my best to contain my verbosity. The funny thing is, the absolute healthiest thing we could do as a species will never happen because of the cultural rituals that have come up in our histories. Humans are the only “animals” with this problem. If we left every purebred dog to their own devices and never bred them again and simply watched for about 500 years, we’d likely see that all the small breeds would die out. They’re genetically inferior when it comes to predation. The big breeds would die out quickly. They have too many bone and heart problems to survive more than probably ten generations. Mutts would thrive. Every dog you ever saw 500 years from now would almost all be the same height, same weight, have most of the same physical characteristics, and would probably be one of about three different colors. They’re re-establish their equilibrium in nature.

Humans won’t likely ever do that. Hell, we can’t keep most of our races intact for 500 years without trying to wipe each other out on a genetic level. We’d certainly never live long enough as a species to become “one” species again.

In short, all the white-pride crap.. is crap. All the black-pride crap, yeah it’s crap too. The oriental pride? OK, no one is really marching around saying that one.. I give you that. Fair enough.

The point is, we are ALL the selective results of people that chose to specifically breed for certain characteristics and therefore made us genetically weaker for for the last couple thousand years. Think on that a minute…









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