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I’ve spent the last four or five days being careful NOT to do exactly what I usually get on Facebook JUST to do:
-Promote my business
-Promote my wife’s business
-Promote other businesses I support.
-Promote my book
-Share stupid photos
-Promote charity fund raisers when I can.
-Post stuff that attracts more clients
-Post stuff that I find funny.
-Post stuff that makes me angry.
-Post stuff at 2 AM because I can’t sleep.

In a couple of days, whether the world at large has moved on or not, I’m going to.. and we’re going to. I’m going to plug Twisted Networx like I’ve been plugging it for the last five years on Facebook. I’m gonna share funny pictures of my kids and my dog (though I guess I have to be a lot more careful what I post now I suppose).

A lot of my posts ARE public because that’s the only way people who aren’t clients or customers CAN see them. Facebook is a marketing medium for my business and for myself, so I’m going back to that whether some of these bored Tommy-hating people have better things to do or not. I’ve got a family to feed and I’m going to promote myself like I always have. Get over it.

So, if you want to rant and rave, feel free. I’m just going to block you and then I’m going to publicly encourage others to report you to Facebook and have your account suspended. Then I’m going to go back to being me. “We” as a family are going to go back to being “us” just like it used to be. My wife put it into perspective for me tonight with just a few simple words. She said “I want to go back to being our family, without feeling like we can’t do anything because there’s some invisible cloud over our heads.”

We don’t need a talk show. If we decide to share something with the world, we’ve learned that my digital camera does JUST as effective a job as an NBC/CBS/ABC (and to hell with Fox who cant’ get ANYTHING right) film crew and takes less headache and WE control the way it gets portrayed.

We’ve got so many followers on YouTube now, we’ll probably even make a profit doing it. If you disagree, I encourage you to UNFOLLOW now. Don’t play into whatever hype you feel is being thrown out there. If you want to talk about how bad it is, go find a Tommy Jordan hate group… they’ve certainly become plentiful in the last 72 hours. (By the way, nice job with your 79 likes…)

So, this is it.. we’re gonna turn the lights out on the frenzy of maniacs who want to hurl insults at us. If you don’t like my wall, there’s a quick way to unsubscribe. I’d suggest doing it now.

I talk about my favorite businesses ALL THE TIME because they talk about me. I send them traffic to their business Facebook pages because I support their business and they do the same for me all the time. The difference is, that right now when I say it, millions of people see it. Well, ya know what? That’s freakin awesome! Quite frankly, I’m tired of running from it and pandering to everyone else. And I’m starting this new policy… right NOW! I’ve only ever talked about businesses I use, or who I support, and that wont’ change. If I don’t know you, I’m NOT going to promote you. I’m a nobody and I know nothing about you… I stake my reputation online (as measly as that may appear to some of you) every time I talk about someone I support, so I’m not going to do it if I don’t support it 100%.

Bill Stovall

I’m gonna talk about Bill Stovall, one of my best friends in all the world! He’s been my boss, my mentor, my partner, and my friend at various stages of my life. And most recently, he saved my bacon and he deserves a shout out because he’s a caring guy who looked out for me.

I pay 17 dollars a month for Legal Shield. They are the attorney firm representing me. After this fiasco happened, on a WEEKEND Bill made a call for me. Within 12 hours I had over THIRTY attorneys working for me, pulled in from their weekend plans to help a member of Legal Shield with a legal problem. I had conference tables busy in law offices in two different states! Know what that’s gonna cost me? $17.00 a month. I’ve been calling them for YEARS and the ONE time I really NEEDED them more than any other time in my life, I had the CEO of the firm on the phone offering to see how he can help. My chin hit the floor! No legal firm has ever done that for me on a Saturday!

Don’t get me wrong, there are gonna be some special things I need that aren’t covered under my membership, (which hopefully the youtube monetization will help cover) but I’ve been using this service for years myself and I’ve loved it! I use it for all kinds of things from month to month; reviewing contracts, writing my will, dealing with clients who don’t pay bills, dealing with telemarketers, etc. It’s great! Further, I’m also an independent sales associate, so yes, I can sign up members, but I’m not going to.

Bill looked out for me because he’s a kind friend and a great guy. So, if you decide you want to take a look at it and get the service, do it from him, not me. He’s one of the top guys in the entire country with Legal Shield. You can visit his site for more information at

If you ever need an attorney, OR you want to get into business for yourself as an independent associate, check him out.

FYI: No.. I don’t make a dime off this, so stop your whining about it.



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