How I Survived – Thanks Totally to LegalShield

It’s been six months since my own personal D-Day event… when the internet exploded all over me and my family. In that time there have been more things happen to me and my family than you can imagine; some good, some bad, some as yet unknown.

I’ve been a member of Legal Shield for over a decade, and I’ve been a sales rep for them for just as long, though I’ve hardly ever sold a single account. If you’re a steady reader of the blog you might remember a few months back I made a post about them and said if you wanted to sign up, you should use my friend’s link. (That way he’d make the commission.)

Six months later, I’m taking the time to write this and share a few things with you; specifically

Legal Shield BEFORE Life 2.0

Legal Shield (formerly Pre-Paid Legal) has helped me and millions like me for years now. It’s GREAT to have a gigantic firm of attorneys on your side, 24×7 without paying an arm and a leg for  it. Yes, there are all those normal things everyone uses them for such as traffic tickets and the like, but I’ve been using them for ALL KINDS of stuff for years. My thought was “Well, I’m paying ’em every month, so let’s see what I can use them for.”

I looked through my member packet and Title I benefits package and quickly discovered they have a lot more use than I thought. I’ll skip all the long-winded examples and just give you the highlights in an attempt to maintain your attention span. Here’s the “crap” I used Legal Shield to save me from, on a daily basis.

  • Collection letters that aren’t valid: I called them up and said “This company is trying to collect a debt I don’t owe. What can I do?” They asked me to forward them the letter and they could write up a response demanding a detailed account history. I asked them to send me a copy of the letters, just because I was curious. Sure enough, those companies stopped mailing me.
  • Calls for Collections that weren’t valid: Just like with the letters, I would occasionally get calls from companies with officious-sounding titles, claiming I owed them stuff. I’d give them my attorney’s number and the Intake number I’d opened up with them for free, and advise them to call my attorneys and they’d handle it from then on. Amazingly, the calls stopped.
  • Telemarketers: I freakin’ hate ’em! I ask ONCE to be put on their do-not-call list. If they called again, I’d get their info and call Legal Shield. That’s a federal law now, and companies think the general public isn’t aware of it. They legally can’t harrass you anymore if you tell them not to. No worries. I just let Legal Shield handle it for me.
  • Speeding Ticket: Yeah I got one. I was in another state coming home from my Dad’s funeral and wasn’t paying attention. I got the ticket. I got home, called Legal Shield and told them about it. I faxed them the ticket and they put me in touch with an attorney who had the ticket dismissed AND who refunded over half my money I’d paid him, since there was no cost of court. Even though out-side attorneys aren’t always covered, they took care of me. 
  • Cell Phone Problems: Who doesn’t have them these days? A month ago I spent three hours arguing with a person from Verizon who was going to charge me 386.00 I didn’t owe! One call to Legal Shield and then a call to the local store to give them my attorney info… Poof… no more bill.
  • Contract Review: When I moved into my condo five years ago I was granted a place to live AND a wonderful god-awfully-long rental lease agreement. I sent it to my attorneys and said “Can you check this out and let me know if it’s all ok?” They called me back within a day and said “Yep, nothing to worry about in it.” Thanks! Talk about peace of mind!
  • Collection Letters: I had a client that used me one-time, ordered a bunch of custom work, then decided not to pay AFTER it was all installed. I called her, threatened her, emailed her, certified-mailed her, etc. No luck. This went on for three months. Finally I gave up and called Legal Shield and spoke to a lady who identified herself as “Attorney Black.” I said “Ma’am, I’ve been screwed over by a customer and I want someone who will write me the meanest, nastiest, most threatening collection letter ever seen!” She literally laughed on the phone and said “Oh boy. I haven’t done that all week!” Within two day the client had a certified letter sent to her and a copy was sent to me for my records as well. I read that letter… WOW. I’m glad it wasn’t coming to me. By the end of the week… the client paid in full.
These are the normal, every-day things Legal Shield does for me, and for everyone who is a member. It’s nothing special and it’s not special treatment. It’s just that most of us don’t think to call a lawyer to handle mundane stuff. For $17 a month…. I’ll call ’em every day if I have to! I love these guys!

Legal Shield AFTER Life 2.0

On February the 9th of this year I called Legal Shield. It was a Friday afternoon. Child Protective Services was knocking on my door. Threatening emails were coming in. People were either hating me and threatening to kill me or pretending to be me on the Internet. Kids and wannabe hackers were putting images of my house on Facebook with detailed directions on how to find me in case you DID want to come harm me or my family. Impostors were filling up chat-rooms saying awful things, pretending to be me so people would think I said them. Major news networks were standing on my lawn and stalking my wife when she left the house. TV shows were calling. Unless you’ve been there you literally can’t possibly imagine the amount of stress and fear we were living under for those first weeks after the incident.

I called Legal Shield, told them who I was, and that I needed help.

Now, here’s a brief piece of back-story you need to know in order to fully appreciate how awesome they were to me. Legal Shield selects ONE firm per state to represent their members, and they pay them a LOT of money every year. In exchange that legal firm has a crap-load of clients knocking down their door, so they work VERY hard to maintain their “preferred” status as the Legal Shield Provider of choice in a given state. The firm for North Carolina is Merritt, Webb.

Usually when I call Legal Shield, I get a great attorney right off the bat or else they call back within a few minutes. I answered the phone, a burn phone I’d been using that no one else had the number for except the attorney firm, and expected to hear the normal attorney rhetoric. When the man introduced himself (remember, this almost five o’clock on Friday) as Jim Merritt, I stammered a minute. “I’m sorry. This is who?” He replied again, “It’s Jim Merritt.”

“As in the guy who’s name is on the building of the law firm? THAT Jim Merritt?”

“Yes, sir. I heard about your problems and I’m calling to see how we can help.”

HOLY &^#^@# Batman!

This guy’s supposed to be off playing golf somewhere on Friday, not calling the likes of me back personally. I tried to explain to him that I didn’t want to take up his valuable time, while at the same time imagining in my head how much this guy must cost per hour. I KNEW my “normal” member benefits weren’t going to be covering these kinds of problems I was about to describe and here I have a guy on the phone that probably costs more per hour than I make in a week!

I literally tried to get him off the phone and talk with someone less.. umm… important (read as expensive). Wouldn’t you? I mean I’m already in a world of hurt and now I’ve got an attorney I can’t possibly afford in my wildest dreams calling me up asking to help. Surely this guy doesn’t know I’m a broke middle-income father of two, right? Maybe he’s assuming I’m wealthy or something.

We talked for an hour. I told him everything. He’d already seen the YouTube video himself before he called me, and he spent a lot of time explaining all the possible problems I might face over the coming weeks and how he could help. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking “How am I ever going to get through the weekend and wait until Monday?” They certainly aren’t open on the weekend for legal advice and I’m pretty sure the police and Social Services aren’t going to want to wait until Monday to start giving me grief. Right?

Wrong. Completely wrong.

Mr Merritt gave me his assurances that he was personally taking over this case, regardless of how long it took or what the problems were. I was going to have ONE man to deal with. “Oh, can I have his name and number?” was all I could think to say.

“You’re talking to him, Mr. Jordan. I meant me. I’m going to handle this myself. Give me an hour and I’ll get back to you.”

Within in hour, and if I’m lying, as God is my witness he can strike me down right now, Jim Merritt called me back and said “I’ve assembled a team out of North and South Carolina. They’re heading back into the office now to meet in conference. I’ll give you the primary attorney’s number now from South Carolina. He was at the theater watching a movie with his kids, but he’s outside the theater now awaiting your call. He’s going to head up your defense on one angle while I handle another.”

Crap on a cracker! This guy just pulled a “team” together? Cancelled weekends? Friday night conference between multi-state law firms? Wha??? I’m already starting to see my mortgage bill being an insignificant twinkle beside the bill these guys are going to give me when I’m done. Within an hour there was over $2,000 an hour’s worth of attorneys in two separate states video-conferencing on how to handle my legal issues.

Cost to me? $17.00

I kid you not. It’s been six months now and the attorneys and I still speak ALL the time about a variety of issues, and I’ve never paid a dime over $17 per month for the service.

I bet you want to know exactly  HOW they helped, right. Here are some examples. Please understand that I’m going to be a little bit shy with the details on some issues because there are still on-going things they are handling, but this is some AMAZING serivce!

  •  Child Protective Services: When CPS came to my house and started demanding to interview people, telling me how to lock up my guns, and otherwise being a major pain in my rear, Legal Shield was right there; and I literally mean right there… ON the phone. When they got hard to get along with I simply dialed him back and passed the phone to the social worker. They REALLY don’t like being corrected, much less by people they assume are uneducated rednecks, but when the attorney backs you up; they stand up and pay attention.  End result: No problems with CPS thanks to Legal Shield.
  • Copyright: This one is full of legal issues, but I’ll cut to the chase. Since my video was originally uploaded to YouTube, the creative-commons and copyrights afforded to me are in effect as long as the video remains there. The team at Legal Shield’s Copyright Infringement team, led by Attorney Bob DeLoach, has helped me with HUNDREDS of problems. They’ve issued take-down notices on my behalf. They’ve fought AND WON with YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter on my behalf to force them to take down impostors. We literally threatened Google into submission on two issues that NO ONE ever wins. All thanks to Legal Shield. Cost to me? $17.00
  • Media: When NBC and ABC wanted to air shows with me in them (specifically the Today show and ABC’s 20/20) the attorneys asked to see the little “disclaimer” before I signed it. I’d have never thought about this being a problem. In both cases they fought to fix issues with the contract that were not in my best interest. I was literally standing on the set of the Today show with Matt Lauer and the gang while my attorneys threatened to advise me NOT to sign the document. NBC’s executive producers didn’t know what to do. Apparently NO ONE had ever challenged their standard boilerplate documents. Legal Shield wasn’t having any of it though. They fought for me, and won. The contract was changed before my family went on the air.
  • Impersonation: People all over Facebook and Twitter were impersonating myself or my family. I fought and fought to get the profiles removed with no luck. After a couple of hours I emailed the offending profiles to my attorneys… problem gone. Removed. Poof; like magic.
  • Contracts: I’ve always wanted to write another book. This time, however, I have an actual agent who wanted to put it out to publishers. Legal Shield reviewed the agent agreements, and forced changes I’d have never caught, that helped my position with the agent-firm. Nice!
In short (yeah, I know.. too late), Legal Shield has been amazing to me. I’m not the only great story they have, just the only one I can personally relate to, but there are tens of thousands of stories out there just like mine that show what Legal Shield has done for others.
Throughout the last few months I’ve had friends who are very successful Legal Shield associates who use my success story as part of their pitch to new customers. It’s worked out well for them, and rightly so. It’s a lot different knowing the success stories and having actually been semi-involved in one with a person they know.

How Can Legal Shield Help You? What’s the Pitch?

OK, here it is. For as little as $17-$26 a month (depending on the plan you want), you can have the same attorney’s I do, working just as hard for you. There are NONE I’d recommend any higher anywhere in the world. Legal Shield has quite honestly saved my family this year from more things than I can count; up to and including legal problems, copyright problems, financial problems, my family’s safety, and more.

I feel like the guy in the Rogaine commercial saying what I’m about to say next. lol. I’m not only a member, I’m also an associate! lol

Yes, if you want to sign up for Legal Shield, I’m fully capable of selling a plan to anyone in the USA who wants to sign up. I’ve waited six months to write this blog post because I didn’t want to deal with the “Oh you’re doing it for the money” kinds of crap that plagued my Facebook and email accounts for months following the incident.

But yes, if you sign up for Legal Shield, whomever signs you up, gets a commission. So, if you sign up through me, I get the commission, and I’ll certainly be thankful for it!

If you want to become an associate and sell Legal Shield as a form of self-employment, I can certainly help you with that as well, however I’m primarily sharing this post today to let people know about the company that helped me get through this last year, and to offer to help you join their family of members if you desire to do so.

 Sign Up For Legal Shield

If you would like to sign up for Legal Shield, you can do so from my affiliate page on their site. From there you can learn more about the program, the benefits, your rights, and sign up yourself and your family for legal protection when you need it.

If you have questions, there is also a Contact Me link on the Legal Shield website that will put you directly in touch with me. I’ll answer anything I can about the service that you might want to know, though I feel they do a pretty good job of explaining it all on the site.



If you’re one of those who absolutely hates everything I stand for, that’s fine. Legal Shield is still a GREAT service. Feel free to go to and search for Legal Shield. You’ll find thousands of other associates you can sign up under. Don’t leave yourself without the legal protection afforded to members simply because you want to take a stand against Tommy Jordan….

My eternal thanks, and that of my family, go to:

Jim Merritt, Bob DeLoach, and Bill Stovall, without which my family would not have successfully navigated the dangerous and unforeseen struggles we’ve had this year.



22 thoughts on “How I Survived – Thanks Totally to LegalShield

  1. Wish I was able to access this.. but living in Canada I bet it’s not available.. So good to hear that you had such a good team on your side and continue to do so!!

    • Yes, you can get Legal Shield in Canada. Click on the link to see more about it and choose your province. It’ll tell you specific info for your area.

      • I live in Peru and here we dont have LegalShield Why not to open a branck here in South America? I Think it would be a very good business in South America, because nobody is giving this service, no competition,
        best regards,
        rita herrera

    • I must commend our lawyers in Canada and U.S. They actually do care and are not looking at the clock all the time to see if they can bill us.

      As an Associatie in LegalShield , it has saved my daughter who goes to school in Alberta (I live in Ontario), money because of a rental document the was reviewed by our lawyers. When you send your young adults in to the world it is with great satisfaction that if they go away to school “Anywhere” in North American they are covered under their parents service.

      Thank you LegalShield for protecting my children when I cannot be there!


    • Yes, you can get Legal Shield in Canada. Click on the link to see more about it and choose your province. It’ll tell you specific info for your area.

  2. Excellent writing, as always. I’m very glad your family was protected through LegalShield when the “stuff” hit the fan.
    Although I like everything you stand for, I googled LegalShield anyway just to learn about them. I listened to a couple of their conference calls and found myself very impressed. Several very dynamic speakers that shared success stories for their clients. LegalShield has been around for several years and remained in a continual growth pattern.
    Best Wishes, Tommy, and I’m glad you posted this. You did not Have to wait six months-that’s just the kind of man you are!

  3. Tommy thank you so much for all the information today. I talked it over with my husband, linked him to your blog as well and he wants me to sign us up on the first of the month. Now… if you can include your hat into my package I’d be completely satisfied! Thanks again.

    • Glad you guys decided to go ahead with it Ali. Let me know when it comes time and I’ll help you with the paperwork if you need it. And no! You can’t have my Tilley Hat! lol

  4. I don’t watch much TV so I don’t know who you re but your story doesn’t surprise me. I have seen Jim Merrit speak in person twice at LegalShield (no space) conventions and was very impressed by his commitment to the company and how it works.
    Both times I remember thinking, “Boy, I would like to have him for my attorney,” then remembering that he is one of my thousands of attorneys.
    LegalShield has saved me a lot of grief over the past nine plus years and saved me more than $150,000.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Thanks for sharing yours too Mark. It’s great for others to be able to see success stories from other users. Coming from me… well, things tend to have a somewhat controversial reception. lol

  5. I have just had a constable at my door..I did not answer for I was SERIOUSLY in the shower at the time…Would this type of thing help for things like this as well. And does this cover the whole family or just the person that is signing up for it????

    • I can’t see why not. I don’t often have the police at my door, but if I did and I were worried about their reason for being there, I’d simply open the door and tell them to wait on the porch while I get my attorney on the phone. They can explain to him what they need… Tends to work well to discourage nuisance visits I’d imagine.

      • Ok…well, they came back and it was just to serve papers to my husband that he has to appear for being a witness of a accident while he was driving his big rig. I dont ever have constables at my door, so that is what scared me, so I had asked my one friend Ali about this, I had remembered that she and her husband had signed up for legal shield. Thank you for your response. I am ok now! I will keep this in mind. I am not a criminal if that is what you were/are thinking either. I do have fines and that is the only reason that I was concerned. I have parking ticket fines, that is what I have! Thank you and Have a Blessed Day!

  6. Hi Tommy,
    Great page! Thank you from Ontario, Canada for making this information available to everyone. My husband and I have been helping folks since 2000 with this membership, from here to FL and as far as CA. Our family and friends wouldn’t be without LegalShield, because of the peace of mind it provides.
    You’re a good man, Tommy Jordan, keep up the good work!

  7. Hi, I am new to legalshield and my first time using this plan. My family and I were just coming in from a service or how I like to think of it as a ‘transition’ of my young niece down in eastern NC….I was driving fast and got pulled in Nash county…for 88 in a 70…I am unsure of what to expect but I will post here to let anyone curious read what becomes of it….

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