My Apology to the President Of the United States (Barack Obama)

President Obama,

On almost 99% of the views you and I have, we disagree. I didn’t vote for you and were I running for your office, I can assure you that you certainly wouldn’t have voted for me. Our agendas are different. Our beliefs are different. Everything about us is different. I’m going to share my thoughts here, briefly, and then leave you with a YouTube video I made earlier this evening regarding the subject.

I am a member, and I refuse to use the adjective “proud”, of the NRA. I added my name to their roles this last year as a way to ensure someone is fighting for my rights as a gun owner. I’ve been dismayed the last month or so at some of the actions they have taken on behalf of  America’s gun owners, but today, Sir, well, as my mother is fond of saying “that takes the cake.”

Today the NRA reached out and attacked your office and your person through your children. I know you and I agree on very little, but I’m fairly educated about your policies. I make it a point to be. I assumed they did the same. Regretfully I was incorrect in that assumption.

Today the NRA aired the most libelous and inaccurate piece of media-flotsam I’ve ever seen. The video opens with “Are the Presiden’t kids more important than yours? Then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools?” Yes, I agree you’ve been “skeptical” about armed “security” in our schools, but you’ve never stated that armed police officers (trained personnel) were a hazard to our kids. They played the wording just right so as to be technically correct with their statement while at the same time painting the picture in the light they wanted to.

They then refer to you as Mr, Obama, intentionally and willfully leaving out the correct title of “President Obama.” While I strongly disagree with you, sir, you are afforded the respect, at least in my household, of the office you hold. You will one day again be “Mr. Obama” but not as long as you reside as the Commander in Chief of the United States. It was a shameful way for a professional lobbyist organization to address you, especially considering this is a lobbying organization that is expected to deal on a level playing field with other Washington politicians. It was mud-slinging at its most tactful, but still mud slinging.

The video ends with “Protection for their kids, and gun-free zones for ours.” While I disagree with schools being gun-free zones, I also have two brain cells to rub together. You are in fact the single most sought-after target for political assassination, REAL assassination, kidnap, murder, and extortion in the entire world. I’ll be honest, Sir. It’s completely OK with me that your kids have around-the-clock protection from the secret service, and armed guards at their schools. It would be a hugely asinine thing for them NOT to be protected thus. You and I disagree on so many things that it would be incredibly unlikely for the two of us to come to much of an agreement on anything, sir. However, from one father to another; you can put one-hundred armed guards in their schools if you’d prefer. I’ll never say a single word in protest. I don’t like you much, sir, but your kids are an unfair target and on behalf of every civil-tongued Christian gun-owner in this nation, I respectfully and sincerely apologize for the cowardly and shameful way the NRA acted today. We aren’t all like that.

That’s all I have to say on the matter…

Good Day, Mr. President.




14 thoughts on “My Apology to the President Of the United States (Barack Obama)

  1. well first off, i didn’t vote for obama either. i don’t agree with his policies either. but he is my president, i don’t have to follow him but i have to respect the guy. i find the whole ” restricting gun laws” ridiculous. now, what in the world are they going to restrict? you are to be certain age & state of mind to own a gun anyways, but they will always find a way. the sandy hook elementary for example, the guy was younger than he was able to have a gun but he had four or five guns but he got it from his mom. the casper college here in wyoming, the kid shot his dad with a bow and arrow, he had assburgers sydrom and yet he got a weapon through the school and the hallways. Two days ago a guy from out of state was threating to walk around casper, wyoming with a bat and just hit people to show that not just guns can kill people. he is trying to make a point probably not the smartest way but it does prove a point. So my question is why, why do they restrict gun laws when they are already being broken anyways?

    • Ma’am, I would respectfully like to point out that part of the problem is the attitude you yourself exhibit towards those with personality disorders. “Assburgers,” is derogatory, offensive, and downright the WRONG way to try and help people with such problems. Aspergers Syndrome is a milder form of autism, for lack of a more succinct way of putting things. The person will, in many cases, have some sort of social disconnect. Viewing them as a pariah, and making fun of them with the deliberate misspelling of the name to turn it into a joke is a major part of the problem.

      If you’re interested in helping stop this type of violence, then the entire country needs to fundamentally rethink the way it deals with personality disorders and mental illness. THAT is the root of the problem.

      Just my two cent’s worth, as someone who’s fighting to help change the way we think of such things.

  2. Actually, as I understand it he will never again be “Mr Obama” – former US presidents, professors and military officers retain their emeritus titles.

  3. If his children are not in play, how can he be on a stage filled with children and claim it’s all about the children? Talk about hypocrisy.

  4. Respect is earned not given! Yes he may be the President but he has not earned my respect as well as all the dead beats that voted him in so they could get all the working classes EARNED MONEY. As for what the NRA has done comparing his kids to ours, Obama put his kids in the spot light when HE chose to run for office, and as latley we have no choise about any thing like money being cut from or checks who and where our money ends up. How much we owe other countries, PRAYING in schools, the list goes on and on. The facts are all the laws that are passed will not change the fact that the ones doing the killing dont RESPECT HIS LAWS OR YOUR RIGHTS .Have you never seen the sighn that says if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns! sometimes you gatta fight fire with fire.

  5. Tommy, God bless America and the fundamental belief that all power is given from Heaven and not Washington.

    With that said I am sorry to say that we are at odds about your latest post. I agree that Mr. Obama is to be properly addressed as President Obama if for no other reasons than he is the current holder of that office and president elect. It does not matter how much fraud was involved in his election\re-election but there is a huge matter of the point that the NRA and those of us that agree with them about the president and his children. They were using his children to make a point. Unlike his parading a small group of children as a back drop for a staged event to support his agenda but were making the point that his children are protected by guns BECAUSE they are high value targets but the question was asked are his children more valuable than yours and mine? That was the point and although it could have been made clearer it is the all-important question.

    His former chief of staff said very publically to never let a good crisis go to waste. It is debatable if this is a crisis but it is not debatable that starting in June of this past year a rash of shootings has occurred and until recently all of the shooters ended up dead, executed by law enforcement. Don’t get me wrong… I don’t regret that they are no longer here to threaten anyone anymore BUT what have we missed in finding out what caused them to become killers of families and children? Was it a pathological indoctrination into the belief that “I” am more important that “we”? Was it video games? Movies? We will only be able to guess what caused them to do these horrible things.

    To the point of the officers in school proposal, I personally have huge issues with officers in school. I do not like the fact they are there now but that is another argument for a later day. It comes dangerously close to having soldiers stationed/housed in our homes which is a violation of the 3rd amendment. Do we really want to live in a policestate where our kids grow up looking to the government to protect them or do we want them to have the ideals that personal responsibility and accountability dictate that we are all to be armed and protect each other in times of terror? I prefer the latter.

    Lastly, please tell me that you do not subscribe to the idea that congress and our government should get along and get things done. The framers did not want to have that situation because no matter what time period you look at whenever our government has been unified in purpose other than the common defense of its borders and people liberty and freedom has been lost. One could argue that the civil rights debates and laws are an exception but look at how that opened the doors for affirmative action laws which by design take away rights from one group and grant them to another which is unconstitutional if we are all equal and the same under the law.

    As always your input is valued and invokes a debate that may not be enjoyable but needed. Please continue to be a voice people can relate to and be educated by.

    Have a great day 😉

    • I agree completely. I do not assume my beliefs are correct, nor will I push them that way. But I will always stand behind my opinions. Having said that, I absolutely must weigh in on this subject as well. Having been raised in a largely military and southern family, respect is the core of my life. I give it to those whom have earned it, those whom deserve it, and those whom simply recieve it due to their position. By that measure, I also give the respect to the degree by which it is deserved. President Obama is our President, and for better or worse, he was elected to that office. I voted against him twice, but that does not change the fact that he is the President. To address him directly as anything else is honestly just a disrespect to this country. The President is not a Dictator, regardless of the beliefs by many that he wishes to be. (Although his actions do somewhat support the notion.) Our country is so great because of things like giving respect to a person we dislike, and our freedom to express our opinions without censorship. Do I agree with the NRA ad? Yes. Do agree with the manner in which it was created? No, not entirely. As to that point however, I must point out, the ad referred to his children just like that – “his children”. They never showed photos, metioned them by name, or otherwise tarnished any image of them. I agree Tommy, that his children are among the most targeted and at-risk children simply because of the office their father holds. But that is another important point to remember. He is President because that is the title afforded to him by being In Office – the Office of the Presidency. As such, that is what he does, not who he is. I was in the Army, and although my time was cut short due to illness, I still hold fast to the principle that the President if The Commander-in-Chief. If I ever met him, I would address him as Mr. President, and I would be polite and respectful. As an American, and a veteran, I hold myself to that standard. I dislike the man, but I refuse to let that be a reason for my appearance of disrespect. I do not respect him as a man. I fully believe through his actions alone he has on far more than one occasion disgraced the Office of The Presidency. But he will Always have my respect as the President. The day he leaves that Office, my respect leaves as well.
      On a side note, it sucks that the FB comments are on here first. It sucks because I hate facebook (deleted my account) but subscribe to this site.
      As Always, God Bless. Later yall.

    • No disrespect intended, I too had a basic curiosity about some of these shooters, what their beef was, etc, but the whole problem is that when psychoanalysis comes into the picture, we tend to begin to sympathize with the assailant, sometimes often more so than the victims. Look at the Luka Rocco Magnotta sob, who killed someone here in montreal live on the web. I’ve seen fan pages about this guy. This is repulsive. I don’t see where any value lies in finding out what makes these people do what they do, and all the cost that lies in the analysis’. A bullet or several suits me fine. It costs a lot of taxpayer money that would be by far better spent elsewhere, to keep these idiots in jail, while they appeal Ad Nauseam

  6. While President Obama’s children might be subject to a greater threat than the average student, it is not out of place to call attention to the fact that a significant number of politicians calling for gun restrictions and ‘gun free zones’ for schools in fact have their children in schools with armed guards – a situation they seek to prevent parents of children that attend dangerous inner-city schools from mimicking.
    If it is ‘for the children’ which was the purpose of having children on the stage with him, then it can’t be just his endangered children that are protected.

    President Obama IS my President and I have accorded the Office all due respect. I have never suggested he is not my President, despite not voting for him. I do not respect the man as he has stood for and been an example of many of the things seriously wrong with this nation. I don’t bow, now, or ever to a man elected to serve as a representative of the People.

  7. I think Tommy wasn’t talking about the issue of the Obama children as much as he was calling into question the leadership of the NRA. It has been my bone of contention, that while Tommy joined because they are suppose to represent the rights of gun owners, I personally believe that the members of the NRA give their money for the NRA leadership to support the interests of the gun manufacturers, first and foremost. It just so happens that those interests have some things in common, but until the membership kicks out the current administration and replaces it with people who are actually going to support the rights of gun owners only then this type of campaign will continue.

    Yes, I realize that the gun manufacturers give big bucks to the NRA. How much I don’t know, but I would wager it’s 10x what the membership contributes. The leadership of the NRA has vested interests to be in bed with the money, but as Tommy pointed out – while he expects more from the NRA leadership, he’s not going to get it.

    Vote them out and elect people who are willing to represent the gun owners first and if that happens to help the gun manufacturers fine. It’s really a shame they manufacturers have co-oped the NRA membership to use toward their advantage and agenda.

  8. Howdy would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using? I’m planning to start my
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    • I’m using WordPress, because I think it’s both the easiest to maintain, the most robust for this particular need, and has a TON of support if you’re looking to do custom tweaks. What makes this one work so well is the theme. It’s Weaver Pro II. It’t not the prettiest of themes out of the box, but gives WordPress the dynamic features available in no other template I’ve ever seen. It’s ugly as hell when you first deploy it, but you can literally tweak EVERYTHING about the layout with it. So that’s my suggestion: WordPress with weaver. And if you DO use it, let me know. There are a LOT of plugins you can get as a default that will make your presentation a lot easier.

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