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Being famous has it’s advantages.  I have to admit. Last year, when the fame “struck” I was smack in the middle of my campaign to raise money for the MDA Lockup. I’d emailed everyone I knew, called friends, solicited donations, tweeted, Facebooked, and ran the gamut of networks I knew to raise awareness of this awesome campaign. In two months I’d raised $230.00, far short of the $800 I’d pledged to help raise. Then February 8th happened…

I was skyrocketed to the top of YouTube, Google, and even on NBC and ABC’s networks. Thanks to all that fame, my MDA contributions started to come in, slowly at first, then in larger trickles, then finally in torrents. In fact, thanks to you all out there, we had so much success that I was able to get on the phone with the MDA officials in Texas and plead for them to leave my donate page up, rather than take it down like usual at the end of the drive. They agreed and by the end of the year, you guys through sharing and tweeting and Facebooking, managed to raise a total of over eleven-thousand dollars!

Not only was my campaign successful, but we even made it on to television as one of the top ten contributors of 2012 world wide! What an amazing feeling, right? It was… it will always be something I remember as one of the truly GOOD things I was able to do in life.

Well, it’s 2013 and what’s past is past. Last year was great, but I want this year to be better. Most of you reading this have been following me for the past year. You know the kind of person I am, the things I believe in, my values and what’s important to me. If you’re still here reading, then you’re likely the same type of person. So.. help me help these kids!

Not all of us can donate our time to run the summer camps. We can’t all go be doctors who work in cutting-edge research to improve these children’s lives. There are things we CAN do.. we CAN all give a few dollars here and there. We CAN share this page all over Facebook and Twitter. We CAN challenge others to match our love for these and all children out there that need our help.

So let’s do it…

The Personal Challenge:

I started out saying “just give ONE dollar” but I discovered thanks to some Facebook followers that the system only accepts donations as low as five dollars. That’s OK, I’ve got a way around that. I’ll take any donation you want to give, even if it’s fifty cents! If half a million people sent me fifty cents to donate on their behalf… just think about it. I’d keep it in quarters and personally rent the dump truck it would take to deliver them all!!

If you want to donate to the MDA through me, there are a lot of easy ways to do it.

Online Directly ($5 minimum)- simply visit my page and donate directly to the MDA

Through PayPal (via ChipIn – No minimum) – These funds to to a specific fundraiser, so you KNOW your money went to the right cause! You can see the calculator and donor progress right on the site.

Cash, Coin, or Check – If you want to send a physical payment in support of the MDA, you can send the payment to our corporate office address by mailing your payment to:
Twisted Networx
Attn: MDA Coordinator
30404 Dogwatch Trail
Albemarle, NC 28001

 The Corporate Challenge

Like most things in life, I like turning things into a challenge. It helps me work harder to succeed. My goal this year is $50,000. Honestly, I’d like to blow that figure out in the first month, but I need your help to do that. So here is my own personal corporate challenge idea.

Talk to your corporation.. tell them Tommy Jordan dared them to put their money where their mouth is. If they want to help, tell them to pledge as a corporation or company, to match what I can personally raise!  You want to see me rip the doors off this thing… then bet against me! Come on! Talk to your bosses, your CEO, your owner, whomever at your company is responsible for this kind of decision! They need the tax deductible charitable donations anyway, right? Well, this is a way to pay a little less taxes AND help a good cause. It’s 100% tax deductible.

How it works: Give me until the end of June. Whatever I’ve raised on June 30th of this year, they agree to match me dollar for dollar! If they agree, you let me know. Get me something official from them and a way to contact them. I’ll put their company logo here on the site and tell the world they’re standing behind the MDA! (I’ll gladly accept a corporate challenge with a set-limit, for example a promise to match up to, but no more than, $1,000, or whatever they can do.)

Come on world! One dollar at a time, we CAN eradicate Muscular Dystrophy! Put YOUR money where MY mouth is and see what we can achieve together! I promise that it will surprise you!

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