Muslim Free Zone = Lawsuit you idiots.

Ok, maybe no one will read this. Then again some people read stupid stuff all the time and maybe they’ll get around to this before they think about turning their business into a Muslim-Free zone.

Let me clarify a few facts, so you don’t get biased off the get-go.

  1. I’m of the Christian faith.
  2. I’m white.
  3. I’m not racist.
  4. I’m not religiously zealous to the point of stupidity.
  5. I know the law.

You can believe numbers one through four or not, but number five is a given. I’m also a business owner, so I’m required to know the laws that govern running a business, especially a small business.

Some of you have seen the video going around; the one where store owner, Andy Hallinan from Florida Gun Supply declares his business a “Muslim-Free Zone.”

If you’ve not seen it and want to, here’s the video:

In support of his idea, another gun-shop owner in New Hampshire declared his gun shop Muslim-Free as well.

Andy’s reasoning, like that of a lot of other Americans wanting to show their solidarity and support for each other, might very be founded in good intentions, but I’d be surprised if he’s open thirty days from now. If American business owners should have learned anything since the 1964 Civil Rights acts, it’s that you are NOT allowed to discriminate based on race or religion. You actually can’t discriminate on a lot of factors, but those two seem to be the most relevant here so I’ll just stick to them for the purpose of this post.

You CAN legally discriminate a number of ways and get around it but blatantly coming out and saying you are preventing an entire religion from taking advantage of your consumer-based business is both stupid for sales and illegal. And no, I’m not going to tell you how to discriminate legally. That’s not the point of this article.

Worse, it’s going to incite others to follow his lead.

It’s Been Done Before, so….

Someone’s going to bring this up so it might as well be me. Yes, there are other businesses that quietly discriminate all the time, like the gun shop in Arizona that has been Muslim-Free, according to their advertising, for the last year. The difference is: They didn’t go on YouTube and scream it out at the world in an attempt to get attention. This guy did. He intentionally went out there and said I’m not racist, don’t believe in racism, oh and by the way I’m forbidding an entire race of people from entering my business.

Wait, is it race or religion?

Technically it’s religion, but to the inbred rednecks that think this is a good idea it might as well be race. They basically mean anyone with a darker-than-normal-for-Florida-tan that doesn’t appear to be chicken-fried or Cuban. Turban? No service. Dishdasha? No service. Hijab? No service. Open-toed-sandals with a very Jesus-like look to them, yet you don’t appear to be a hippie and don’t smell like patouli? No service.

Most Americans wouldn’t know a Muslim from a hole in the wall except for the ones you’d expect to see that are fairly obvious. Chances are if your friend is from Egypt, he’s Muslim. If he’s from Afghanistan, he’s more than likely Muslim. How about John Boy that converted that shows up in cowboy boots and Wranglers? You’d never know he’s Muslim because it’s a religion, not a race, though people more often than not get the two confused and persecute both the religious AND the olive-skinned with the same brush.

Legality Issues

I’m going to assume that Andy Hallinan is a 28 year old with a good heart and not much of a head on his shoulders for business. Because of that I hope the Council of American Islamic Relations chooses to go soft on him and not end his business career forever. Maybe he’ll just get smart, make another video, recant his former video, and then say he came to his senses. Then again, look at the nation we live in. He goes so far as to say something along the line of “as a gun dealer I can refuse service to anyone for any reason.”

Umm, no dumbass. You. Can. Not. Period.

You can not, regardless of the consumer-business you’re in, refuse them service for their gender, race, religion, sexual preference, political ideology, physical handicap limitations, or a whole host of other reasons. Have you not actually watched the news lately dude? Seriously?

  • Samantha Elauf v Abercrombie and Fitch  2013
  • Grutter v Bollinger 2003
  • Peggy Young v UPS 2006
  • EEOC V Autozone 2012
  • Malak Kazan v Detroit Police Dept 2015
  • Souhair Khatib v Orange County Sheriff’s Dept 2007

There are thousands of lawsuits based on this, and the business never wins. I wont even go into all the racial lawsuits that could be brought up. Any Google search should convince you that it’s a losing argument on that end.

Patriot or Supremacist?

It’s funny. If you watch his video he talks about how he’s not racist and explains his view of the Confederate battle flag, which I intend to look up for validity later on. (Note to self) But what he’s really doing is stirring the pot though I doubt he was smart enough to consider that when he made his video.

Congratulations Andy, the KKK is probably using you as a rallying cry right now. Kill the towel-heads. Banish the sand-niggers back to the desert! *someone go get me a pillow case and some kerosene for this cross* I bet the local chapter will even send you a medallion in the mail.

In a completely misguided attempt to show American Pride you’ve instead created yet another rift in our country that is going to have the possibility for political fallout. Good job, douche canoe! *hands over a paddle*

Best case scenario; he’ll be sued and lose and it will be forgotten.

Worst case scenario; He’ll be sued, and lose, and a bunch of rednecks will get their fruit of the looms in a twist, start standing outside gun shops, a Muslim organized rally will happen the same day, and there’s blood on the streets of Inverness, Florida. Either way, way to go dude.

The long and short of it: You can’t legally refuse service to an entire culture/race/religion here in the United States of America. 


Ok, I was done, but I changed my mind and decided to post this edit.

This is AMERICA, where we’re all supposed to be equal. Yes, we’ve had an incident we all agree should be called a “terrorist” event. Funny thing about that; pre-September 11, that would have been called a “massacre” instead of an act of terrorism.  I actually remember the news stories about a “killing” becoming a “massacre” when it crosses a certain number of bodies. It was considered “ok” to call it a Massacre for headlines if there were five or more bodies. Anything less than five was simply a spree, or a murder.  But that’s another story. Today it’s terrorism.

I’m just curious here, and I’d love an informed opinion:

Why is one white kid killing nine people a race crime and one tan kid killing five people of various ethnic backgrounds terrorism? Seriously?

Today, in 2015, when ONE person does something, it’s an act of terrorism committed by an entire race/religion of people? That’s not what America is about. We’re about expanding our liberties to those that come to our country. Choosing to remain Muslim does NOT invalidate one’s status as an American anymore than choosing to be Christian does.  My belief in God makes me American? If so we’d better open our borders and citizenship to a ton of people across a lot of continents. I know many peace-loving folks of Arabic descent that would love to have the chance to live here and become Americans. That doesn’t mean they’d give up their religion and become baptist!

Two weeks ago we were screaming that ONE white kid posing with a confederate flag before killing nine people wasn’t a reason to incite a race war. Now guys like this are doing the same thing and they consider it justified because one dude was off his rocker and happened to be Muslim?

Now, can you blame ISIS? No one knows yet for sure. I’m sure that will come out in the end, and when it does we’ll know who to rail against. And if it DOES turn out to be ISIS-supported, then we still don’t have cause to hate an entire culture for it. Come on people. Have you read history books? Do you have any idea whatsoever who Adolf Hitler was? Your actions are a little Nazi-eqsue if you really think about it.




4 thoughts on “Muslim Free Zone = Lawsuit you idiots.

  1. It’s an act of terrorism if it’s committed with the intent to make a religious or political statement or to affect religious or political policies.

    As to not being able to bar someone from your business based on protected status, I’m still waiting for someone to bring a lawsuit against the Halal stores in Lewiston, Maine that have the signs in their windows stating “Muslim only”.

    But I’m betting no such lawsuit will ever see the light of day.

  2. I Fully Agree!

    Holly doesn’t know what the definition of Terrorism is… there is a Link.

    The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

    Terrorism is Aimed at the root of it’s word “terror” or to Terrorize people. The Political Points used by most radical terrorists groups do not seem to be their primary or only intent. (Same with Religion)

    I’m tired of all the Racism and Discrimination and Segregation going on in this Country.
    I’m a 25 Year Old White Male who doesn’t want to see Racism or Segregation or Religious Discrimination. Everyone should be allowed to have their own Opinion and it shouldn’t be cause for you to hate them for it.

    Muslim and Islam are Religions just like Christianity, Catholicism, and Judaism. You wouldn’t know the difference of one person over another. Lets not start hating people because they have a different religion.

    Lets not call what one person does cause for a Flag/Symbol or Religion or Race to be called into question in America. The Racist Kid who shot up that Church was racist, but the Confederate Flag isn’t. Those who fly that flag aren’t racist because of the flag their racist because of their own personal choices, and lets not forget the most Racist Group in the United States, the KKK, flew U.S. Flags and not Confederate Flags in their Rally’s.

  3. ” intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.”

    “to make a religious or political statement or to affect religious or political policies.” (Since Tommy specifically referred to acts of violence in his post, I considered it unnecessary to state that but maybe some people are just unable to make that leap?)

    Just because you changed the wording doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. And I didn’t need to look it up. Although terrorism is always political, it is also often religious. Sorry if you or the people writing the definition you rely on don’t want to face that but it happens to be true and both ancient and recent history bears this out.

  4. I have no idea what your reply was to my comment, Tommy, since Facebook has decided to screw everything up, but if the comment was anything like the article, I’m sure it was eloquent and a joy to read. Have a great day!

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