…and no one was hurt today.

and no one was hurt today

I have an idea to calmly, politely, and en masse, reinforce our thoughts about gun control to Congress in a way that is both passive and yet personal at once. Obviously if you own your guns illegally, or plan to commit a massacre in the coming future, this doesn’t apply to you.

When this came to me:

It occurred to me when I was in a mall earlier today. I’m licensed in my state to concealed carry, and so I do. Why? Well the one place people ARE shooting other people lately seems to be malls, retail stores, theatres, and schools. Apparently, according to Congress, those are incredibly dangerous places to be lately. I can’t concealed (or open) carry in theatres or on a school ground, but otherwise, it’s almost always either on my side or tucked away behind my shirt. Lately, I’m more likely to have to defend myself from a crazed gunman in a mall than in my own home it seems. Anyway, the point is, I probably walked in and around 2,000 people today in my hour in the mall, and a few hundred in other places between home and work. I went into various stores, stopped and ate at the food court, and do you know what; Not one single soul stared at me funny. No one walked to the other side of the mall hallway. No one screamed behind me in panic. And no one yelled MWAG. Why? Because aside from what the media would like you to believe, most of us aren’t scared of a man with a gun. I looked over at my brother and chuckled to myself while we were dining at the food court. He asked me what was so funny. I said “Today, a responsible gun owner carried a concealed weapon into a mall full of people, and……nothing happened  No one was hurt today.” He laughed and said “Yeah, I know right? Whoda thunk it.” So the idea for this blog post/political campaign came to me.

If you’re a law-abiding, LEGAL, gun owner, whether open or concealed carrying, whether in public or private, as long as it’s within the laws of your state, here is a way to show your support for the second amendment and prove that we’re not all gun-toting idiots.

General idea of how to do it:

  • No more than once per day, per person;
  • In no way that would “cause a scene” in a public place’ (such as placing your hands on it in public)
  • In no place that you aren’t 100% sure guns are allowed in your locale;
  • In no way that will reflect poorly on the millions of legal gun-owners who are consistently fighting for our rights to defend ourselves and our loved ones;
General idea of what to do:
  • Have someone take a picture of your concealed or open carry weapon on you.
  • Email that picture to Senator Dianne Feinstein and to Congress with the subject line of “And no one was hurt here today.

Don’t be rude in your email. Don’t be hostile. Politely and with huge numbers of responses, I think it would make an overwhelming impression on our Congress people that millions of responsible gun owners are out there, and that we’re committing no crimes.

If you want to use your assault rifle, your hunting rifle, your shotgun, pistol, or blunderbuss.. no matter. (Actually I”d love to see someone sporting a blunderbuss. lol)

Now.. since the federal government no longer publishes public email addresses for the representatives anymore, does anyone have Senator Feinstein’s email address lying around? And for that matter, one that gets directly to someone at senate staff in Washington? If I can get those email addresses, I’ll update this blog with them. Otherwise you have to use her web form. While you’re at it, email the photo to your local representatives too.
I’ll end this with a thought for the day: “Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare the truth thou has, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere; They only live who dare.” – Voltaire
Have a Good Day Y’all!



3 thoughts on “…and no one was hurt today.

  1. OK so i’m not from the USA but being Ex Navy i don’t fear guns like a lot of people. i believe in responsible gun owners being allowed to own guns provided it’s within the laws of the land.

    just so i can keep up to speed can someone please explain the differences between open carry and concealed carry and why you need a permit to conceal

    cheers in advance

    • Sticky, to put in in clear and simple terms:

      Open Carry – You are wearing your sidearm in open-sight, such as on your hip in a holster. It is plainly visible at all times and never hidden, such as under a coat or shirt-tail. Some states, such as mine, allow open-carry almost everywhere with minor exception. You can’t carry (open or concealed) in a court house, in a restaurant that serves alcohol, in a bar, on a school property, etc.

      Concealed Carry – You are required to have a permit for this – It means just what it says. You’re carrying your sidearm in a way that people can’t see it, such as in an ankle holster, tucked in your waistband, covered by your coat, in a purse or pocket, etc.

      Permits – if you want a permit to purchase a handgun, you can get a normal purchase permit for $5.00 from your local county Sheriff’s department. It takes a state-wide background check and you can order up to four permits at one time. Four permits would allow you to purchase four individual handguns. When you want more, you have to buy another permit.

      Since a concealed carry permit is much harder to get, requiring both a state and a federal background check as well as an 8 hour training class, and putting your fingerprints on record in both state and federal databases…. you don’t need to purchase individual permits anymore. Once you have your concealed-carry permit, it acts as a permanent purchase permit. I can walk into a gun store and purchase one, two, or fifteen handguns at one time and just show my permit as proof that I’m allowed to purchase.

      I hope this answered your questions. Thanks for commenting.

      • Thanks so much Tommy, makes things a lot clearer

        i’ll continue to follow the happenings over there with great interest as this all plays out, having your thoughts to read is so much more informative than the watered down news we get here in New Zealand.

        Keep up the great work
        have a good day Sir

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