Survival Series – Bug out Bags Overview

This is the first post in the Bug Out Bags chapter of the video series. This first video is to give you an overall idea of what kind of bags are out there, the differences between EDC and BOBs, and simply provide an overall introduction to the chapter. More videos will be forthcoming on each individual bag, its purpose, contents, cost, and other factors!

Bags Seen in This Video:

There are hundreds of bags out there, each with its own pros and cons depending on the person carrying it. What you see here is the selection of bags mentioned in this video. You can learn more about each one, buy one, or just read what others have said about theirs.

Everyday Carry Bags:

first responder utility bagFirst Responder Utility Bag – for a person on the go, or the man with too much crap to carry but too much pride to wear a fanny pack, this is a great solution. I’ve taken mine hiking, camping, four-wheeling, kayaking, and more. This bag used to go with me everywhere I go, even when my main bug out bag doesn’t.

The only reason I changed bags was because I carry a lot of stuff and needed more space. As far as durability, I have absolutely zero complaints with this bag!

If you want to find out more about it, you can read the reviews or buy it yourself on Amazon.

maxpedition sabercatMaxpedition SaberCat Bag – I’ll be honest, I got this bag solely on the recommendation of someone I trust. You might have read his books, or seen him on TV. His name is Angery American, author of the Going Home series. I was talking to him a few months back about the book and asked what he carried. He carries this bag himself and does a lot more outdoors work than I do. I’d already seen it on Amazon and had it in my Wish List, so I went ahead and got it for myself for my birthday. I’ve not regretted it one bit! It’s a great bag and like everything Maxpedition makes, it’s built to last!

You can check out the SaberCat on Amazon here.

But Out Bags

Hihigh sierra titangh Sierra Titan – If you’ve got the budget for it, I love this bag. Keep in mind, this is my bag that literally contains EVERYTHING. If I had to bug out with it, you can certainly assume some things would get left at the truck or on the side of the road, depending on the situation I was faced with. However, not knowing what situations I might encounter, I wanted a bag big enough to accomodate whatever I might throw it it.

My single biggest reason for preferring this bag over the Rifleman’s pack I carried previously is two fold: Space, and Access.

Coming in at just over 4,000 cubic inches, this pack has a LOT of space, 25% more than the rifleman’s pack I used to carry. Access also became important to me the fifteenth time I had to reach ALL the way down inside my rucksack to be able to find something. Having the well-organized sections in this pack allows me to get to most everything without ever having to open the main compartment unless it’s time to camp for the night.

Check out the Titan on Amazon.

pack-3day3 Day Assault Pack – If you Google this term, you’ll wind up with HUNDREDS of links to products that all look similar. In recent years the term “3 day assault pack” has basically come to mean medium-sized-backpack with respect to online retail. After all, everyone’s searching for the military ruck sacks so the retail companies start marketing their the same way. If this is the size bag you’re looking for, you have a lot of options and don’t necessarily have to go with the military pack. I chose the military pack because I know they’re ruggedly designed to take a lot of abuse. Alternatively an LL-Bean backpack might suit you just as well and you might already have one lying around.

My only advice for you when shopping for this size pack is to look for durability of design. You want something that’s not going to tear in briars, can handle scraping across rocks, bumping into trees, won’t have its stitching rot if it gets wet, etc.

The other difference you’ll see with these style packs is the lack of a frame. They’re backpacks – not hiking packs. This means they’re designed for be carried for a couple days, not a couple weeks. They lack the lower back support and kidney-straps their larger brothers have and that becomes critically important if you’re talking about taking a week long hike somewhere. You need a pack that will help distribute the weight across your entire body, not simply hang from your shoulders. These packs don’t do that – which is why I upgraded in the first place.

I can’t find one of these on Amazon at the moment to show you, but they’re easy to find at an military surplus store. Here’s a link from our own Fort Bragg military surplus here in NC if you’re interested in buying one online.




10 thoughts on “Survival Series – Bug out Bags Overview

  1. How’s the quality on your old EDC pouch? I’m looking to upgrade, and if it’s of decent quality, that IS within my current price range!

    As to the GTH bag, High Sierra makes some damn good stuff. My high school backpack was made by them, and is STILL in use today (by my sister), after WELL more than a decade of abuse, heavy books, and me just slinging the thing around by the left shoulder strap. Your gear is in good hands. As for me, I’m looking to upgrade to Maxpedition packs for both my wife and myself, something LIKE them for my daughter… As finances allow, obviously.

    Great post, great video!

    • From a quality standpoint I have absolutely NO issues with it whatsoever. I just needed a little more space, and a little more ability to spread stuff out. It’s rugged, high quality and shows absolutely no signs of wear after carrying it for about a year now.

      • That is EXACTLY the info I needed to make an in formed decision. With my current EDC loadout, I don’t need much more space than what I have now (standard dad-at-Disney fanny pack–it was cheap, I was in a hurry–it serves me well), just looking for something a little more rugged, and something a bit more… well, something with MOLLE.

        Thanks for the heads up, I will probably be upgrading to that in the next couple of weeks then!

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