Test out the new features for me

So, in the process of streamlining the blog last night, somewhere in my delirium, I disabled the social integration. I reinstalled it today, enabling auto publishing to Facebook and Twitter, and enabling sharing icons for all the major network.

I also added a “you might like” feature at the bottom of the article that SHOULD automatically direct you to related articles I’ve written.

How about just test it out for me and see if you think it works ok, aight?

(taking my wife to dinner now)




2 thoughts on “Test out the new features for me

  1. Now if only we could post responses in color. In the forums that were the early days of social networking, we used red for sarcasm. That’s really the only one I miss. I miss my red sarcasm font.

    And maybe it’s just my ‘puter being stupid but I can’t use the Facebook linked comment box.

  2. Do you mean for it to include links off your site? If not, you might check out why it is.
    Also, what’s happening with project Phoenix?

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