Will you go on Television, ever?

I won’t pretend for a moment that I don’t fight the urge to say yes every time the networks call. A couple of days ago I was nobody. Now, stations are calling me and giving me my choice of news networks, my choice of anchors, and a whole variety of other things to entice us to come. I literally has one major network call me and tell me they don’t care WHO it is I want to speak to, if we’ll just talk to them and give our thoughts they’ll find that person and get them on the phone for an interview. I’ve had phone calls with people I never thought I’d ever get the chance to meet, people my entire family would find fascinating to meet, but now isn’t the time for us to do it.

I’m not making a flat-out stance against television news. But when this is all over for my family, there will be some long-lasting ramifications that will be more important to everyone interested. Once my family has put this behind us, once I know my daughter is truly ok and she’s dealt with it completely, once I’ve fully processed this and its affect on my family, and when we can truly all sit back with the benefit of a lot of introspection and hindsight… then and only then would it make sense to even consider a news appearance. If the offers are still there at that time, we will consider it.

And lastly, but most important at the time of this post, my daughter is grounded. “You’re grounded” does NOT mean an all-expense-paid trip to New York City, Los Angeles, or anywhere else. That too sends the completely wrong message to my daughter.



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