Vacation Journal Day 4

The days are running together over here. I thought all day yesterday that it was Tuesday. It was Monday. Only 72 hours into my vacation and I’m already losing track of time.

So how did this massive charlie-foxtrot of an idea turn into what it is now? Hang tight and I’ll tell ya.

For as long as I’ve known my wife she takes her birthday week off every year and goes to the beach to spend time with her toes in the water and butt in the sand. *Cue the Zack Brown music.* Well, after my mom retired and moved out to where we live and Amy’s parents retired and bought the RV and sold the house, we are sans a place to hang out on the beach for the first time since we were born. It feels strange to come to the OBX and not have a place that you can, even on a limited level, call home.

My wife decided to try a new idea this year. She calls it a good idea. I call it a sociology experiment fraught with dangers both known and unknown. So fourscore and seven years ago, the Cuthrell family (my wife’s family on her mother’s side) used to have annual family reunions here on the beach. Since Amy wanted a place to stay anyway it seemed like a good idea to try to reach out to some family and restart a tradition of meeting up on the beach once a year and spending the week together.

So far it’s been pretty interesting. We split the cost with everyone and rented a six bedroom house on the beach for a week. All the cousins that were 11-13 year old and used to play together as kids are now the adults with their own kids. So we have the adults coming down, their spouses with them, and their kids with them. How many people will wind up sharing this menagerie before it’s all said and done? I have no idea. I’m just here to be MacGuyver and act as a pack mule. Other than that I stay out of the way, try to blend in, and practice not attracting the ire of irascible family members.

Thankfully there aren’t any yet! I got to meet cousin Anna, and her beau, Steven, and their kids. The observer in me is scientifically curious as to how the rest of the family will turn out. Thus far I have only Amy and her mom, Sylvia, from which to gather any empirical evidence and make assumptions.

Assumption #1 – Cuthrell women are tall.
Assumption #2 – They all have long legs.
Assumption #3 – Cuthrell women are opinionated, for better or for worse.
Assumption #4 – When Cuthrell women drink, they become louder, more opinionated, and any filter they possess that would otherwise limit their opinions for the benefit of public consumption is disabled after the third drink.

These are all assumptions I’ve come up with over the previous years, but faced with only a sample group of two it’s been hard to form serious conclusions. We added a third female relative to the mix on Saturday, the aforementioned Anna. We briefly had a visit from two other of the family whose names I can’t remember. Having a few representatives of the Cuthrell genetics from which to expand my observations reveals other trends, or at the very least confirms traits I suspected all along.

With regards to assumptions 1 and 2, I’m going to move these over into the fact category. I’m also going to add a 5th axiom.

Assumption #5 – Cuthrell women are freakin’ HOT! Of course I already had Amy as evidentiary support, and Amy looks exactly like her mother, and we already know my wife is beautiful. I just couldn’t make a genetic assumption with only one branch of the tree and two examples from the same line. That’s not very empirically accurate. Having met Anna and a few others, I can say without equivocation… Dang… this is one family tree I’m glad I married into! It’s just gorgeous women everywhere – an entire three story house full of ’em.

Seriously, the entire genetic line in this generation is full of good looking women, all at least 5’8 or taller with most of them being 5’10ish, all possessed of long legs that go ALL the way to the floor, all with the same natural long hair, etc. I could go on for a bit, but I won’t…. eventually my wife will read this and I have to remain in this house with this brood for the next four days. I’ll choose to remain on the safe side of circumspection!

The beginning of the vacation has thus far been fun filled. The kids went to the aquarium yesterday. Amy’s birthday dinner came off basically out a hitch; being replete with fresh local scallops, shrimp, and softshell crabs, so I accomplished my mission there. We’ve caught some fish, caught some sun, caught some waves, and…. Did I mention I’m stuck in a house full of hot women that keep walking around in beach attire all day? I’m sorry… had a moment there.

Nights here are my solace, where I do my writing. Being the only real night-owl here gives me some time to decompress and write. I’m only writing now during daylight because Amy is off on a dentist appointment and Sylvia is off getting the Jeep worked on. Anna, the other uber-geek here, owns a SEO and web design company, so we are the only two that spend the occasional time each day on our tech-toys. Otherwise it’s a pretty low-tech week for most of the crowd. They go to the beach, swim, fish, cook for the kids, and repeat the cycle again until time for bed.

So far I’ve managed about an hour this morning of relative peace and quiet so I’m going to call that a success and bring this journal entry to a close. I need to go set up the canopy and lounge chairs for the ladies on the beach so they can enjoy some summer sun in relative comfort. After that I’ll probably spend some time behind the camera lens and try to get some good photos.

Till next time

~Signing off



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