Which Cops Do You Want? Decide America!

Which one do you want to see on the streets every day, America? Because if we keep this up, we’re going to come to a turning point where it will be our citizens to blame.

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Take a good long look at the images above and decide which one you want patrolling your streets, performing traffic stops, and knocking on your door. The decision is yours but you’d better decide soon before it gets decided for you. And I’m afraid you won’t like the outcome if the police get to decide.

Cop Killing is Cool Now?

It’s hard to believe I live in the country ours has become. As of today, there have been 24 cop murders this year, with 8 of them in last 9 days. I don’t mean cops shot in the line of duty. That’s sad enough. I mean sick twisted individuals just walking up and executing police officers. It’s gone so far now that they’re luring cops to fake domestic calls, killing them, then stripping them of their equipment and making off into the woods! Really?

Actions and Consequences

It should stand to reason that actions have consequences, but apparently a small minority is America is too stupid to realize it. Since some of you out there need some education on the matter, I’m going to extrapolate this for you and save you the brain power – apparently you need all you have to keep spoon-feeding yourselves.

The psychological

Keep this up and cops, like any other animal on the face of this planet, are going to start to react accordingly. Police will be hesitant to arrive to scenes without increasing amounts of backup. This will delay investigations of civil matters, such as the domestic abuse call that lured the latest police officer to his death. When one animal starts to set traps for another, the other animal starts to get wary. Any hunter can tell you this. Hell, anyone that’s ever read a National Geographic magazine can tell you this. It’s a law of nature, not subject to common sense or rationality. When we start luring cops to their death or randomly shooting them in the back of the head at gas stations, they are collectively going to be affected by two emotions: Fear and Anger.

Fear will make them hesitant. Hesitation will make them delay. Delays arriving on scene or time spent being sure they aren’t being lured into something sinister causes victims to bleed out, victims to suffer longer, kids to remain in abusive situations longer, etc. Any and every good thing they are tasked to do could get hampered by their own fear of the people they are sworn to protect. That’s not a good place for cops to be. It’s not good for you, for me, or for them.

Eventually fear will give way to anger. An angry cop isn’t one you want to be near either. We have a force in the US that operates a lot of time on anger and tactical superiority. It’s called the US Military and there’s a reason we don’t use them on US soil. There are a lot of reasons actually, but this is a good one to mention. You don’t want resentful, angry, fearful police officers pulling you over for a traffic stop. You don’t want to sit there while a police officer calls in three cars for backup, clogs up an entire interstate, and approaches your grandmother with Colt M4 battle rifles raised to issue her a ticket for driving with expired tags just because they have to be sure there’s not some anti-gun nut in crouching in the back seat with an AK-47 waiting to be a cop-killer today. Keep this s**t up and that’s what will happen. That’s the reality you’re going to force police to adapt themselves to, and believe me, they are certainly capable of it. The next time you call for a domestic dispute because the neighbor is screaming at his wife again, they’re likely to kick in the door, slam everyone to the ground, cuff everyone in sight, and smack the iPhone out of your hand while you stand there on the street corner screaming around a mouthful of dirt about your civil rights.

And they’d be right to do so. Their job is going from protecting and serving YOU to protecting themselves and enforcing rigorously whatever law you’ve broken. Let me put it clearly in language you will understand. (Sorry, Mom.) “Hi, can I please see some ID?” will get replaced with “Get your f****ng face on the ground and don’t move or I’ll blow your f****ng head off.”

You think officer friendly is a pain in the butt now? He only wears a utility belt and pistol. Imagine when he’s got to spend every day in the sun working with an additional 30 pounds of gear strapped to his body and not being able to trust any citizen he approaches. I teach advanced firearms for a living, so I know what it feels like to be out in 106 degree heat wearing a heavy duty bullet proof vest. Dear God that alone makes me want to slap the stupid off people. I couldn’t imagine that becoming my daily uniform just to stay alive on my job.

Somewhere out there in America, some thug thinks to himself that the solution to perceived police brutality is to start shooting off duty fathers in the back of the head while they pump gas on the way home to his wife and three daughters. That guy…. is wrong. It’s animalistic behavior and it makes me understand WHY some of these cops are overly aggressive in certain neighborhoods in this country.

The financial

The government, states, cities, and police forces have only one response available to them when they eventually come to the determination that this isn’t going to stop. Its really very simple. They hire more police officers. That’s the only defense they have. The new rule will be two or more police officers responding to every radio call. That means the cities have to get budget money to at the very minimum double their police force, possibly triple it. That will come at extraordinary financial cost to your cities, towns and states in the form of tax. Not only would a city such as Greenville need to double their salaried expenditures from 165 salaries for officers to 350 salaries; they’d also have to build a new multi-million dollar law enforcement complex to house them. They’d have to pay incredible amounts for advanced training of all the brand new rookie cops they had to throw on the streets to accompany the veteran officers. They’ll have to purchase double the weapons, double the ammunition, double the insurance costs (which I’m sure will double if not triple on their own anyway), double the body armor. You do know that those vests are about $1,000 a piece right?

What does this mean for you?

Police departments are funded from a variety of sources including state and federal grants, state/county/city budgets, and from the proceeds collected from fines and tickets. Let’s say Big City America (doesn’t matter which one) has to put an additional 2,000 police personnel into play divided amongst patrolmen, detective, support personnel, etc. That means that while they are fighting to get funding from the state and federal government, which you pay for, they will also be drastically ramping up ticketing and fines in their locations.  They’ll be writing so many tickets it will look like confetti after a Times Square New Years celebration. What other choice do they have? People put them in danger. The only way to stay out of it is either to stay home, which they can’t do, or increase the police presence which comes with associated costs they’re forced to cover through their own efforts. Hey, you wanted it. Don’t complain. It’s your fault. The next time you see yo homeboy Tyrone talk about poppin’ a cap in a pig… maybe you should smack his ghetto uneducated ass upside the head instead of bobbin yo gold-toofed grape in agreement, dipshit!

The tactical

And finally we get to the tactical solution. Citizens across the country have raised holy hell about police departments purchasing surplus military equipment including guns, armor, advanced weaponry, and vehicles. You don’t want police rolling down your neighborhood in a Bradley armored vehicle? How about you stop shooting at them in patrol cars then dummy! Nobody is going to, nor should they be forced to, willingly put themselves in a dangerous situation just to make you feel better. When the armored trucks start rolling through towns and cities with 30 millimeter chain guns on top just to conduct a domestic investigation, evacuate all homes in a one-block radius for police safety, and setting up sniper nests in your 12-year-old daughter’s bedroom window you’re going to have no one to blame except the asshats that think killing cops is fun.

Martial Law? A reality?

For most of my life I’ve discounted the possibility that America would ever implement martial law except in areas during a disaster to facilitate a rapid deployment of rescue and civil patrol forces to restore order. After reading the news lately and seeing the dramatic surge in police shootings, I’m not so sure anymore. If people keep intentionally killing law enforcement officers for fun (I’m sorry… to make a political stand.. I forgot) then that possibility becomes an ever increasing likelihood. If America keeps it up, and civilian law enforcement (because they ARE civilians, just like you and me) are unable to stop it, the only solution is going to involve bringing in something meaner and less prone to taking bullshit than the regular police force. Again, you’ll have no one to blame but yourselves.

Are there bad cops out there?

Absolutely. There are also bad lawyers, bad judges, bad senators, bad McDonalds managers, bad parents, bad Christians, bad Athiests, bad Muslims, etc. For anything and everything that there exists a good example of in human nature there is an equally bad variant of the same. No one with any common sense can possibly state that “half” or “most” or even a “significant minority” of police officers are bad. Is it one in a hundred? I don’t personally know the figure. If I had to guess, I’d say the figures probably break down like this (according to my personal impression of humanity and civil servants as a whole).

Out of a thousand police officers on the streets in any given locale in America:

  • 600 of them are great men and women who truly live to protect and serve others and who recognize a civic duty to protect their fellow citizens.
  • 300 of them just grew up wanting to carry a gun and do something important with their lives. Some of these will be retired military. Others good people that just couldn’t join/remain  in the military for one reason or another; people with minor injuries that would prohibit them from staying on in the primary MOS, etc, or people medically disqualified from returning to their former military job due to injury.
  • 75  of them are average – just people looking for a job with benefits and being a cop just happens to be one of those jobs.
  • 25 are sadistic assholes that get off having power over people and this job allows them to do that. Thanks to the fact that their commanding officers have another 975 people to monitor and evaluate, they often slip through the cracks until they do something overtly stupid and get caught doing it.

Fine. Record them on your iPhone. Call the press. Be sure THOSE bad cops get what they deserve and they are held up as an example of what police should NOT be in America. All you cracked-out thugs have Obama phones anyway. Put ’em to use! If they commited a crime against a human being, they are a criminal dressed as a police officer. Take the time and effort to prove that using whatever is at your disposal that’s legal. I’m all for it. But deciding that YOU are the jury and executioner makes you a criminal as well, not Batman. You’re the dark-naught, not the Dark Knight, so don’t let  yourself be fooled.

Don’t go around thinking you’ve got vigilante justice and the will of the people on your side. You don’t. Your stupid, reckless actions are endangering the lives of the people you seem to think you’re protecting – namely your family, your kids, or whatever other radical element that makes you think you’re OK to go around killing cops. It’s further going to make the police you deal with more agitated, more fearful, and more likely to retaliate in a manner that really DOES hurt your little sensitive feelings. Suck it up buttercup. You asked for it when you started killing cops!

I’ve spent the entire 38 years of my life without managing to have a police officer point their gun at me. Do you know why? It’s simple. When they ask to see my ID, I show them my ID.. slowly. When they say to put up my hands, I put up my hands. When they ask me to clear an area, I leave the freakin’ area. When they ask how fast I was going… well, I play dumb… but I think we all do that.

All in all the police are a force that VOLUNTEERED to put their lives between you and criminals. They do it for less than 1/3 what I make each year sitting home in my office drinking coffee all day and taking all the days off I want to. They do it in weather that I’d choose to stay home in, but they can’t. They do it when they’d rather be home sleeping beside their wife or husband, just like I am, but someone has to be out there protecting the rest of us. They deserve the same respect and appreciation our military does. Give them the respect their uniform deserves, and your life might just be a little better for it.

If you’re in a position due to your repeated lack of intelligent decision making skills and are forced to come in contact with police officers on a regular routine, try responding to all their questions and comments with “Yes, sir” or “No, ma’am.” You’d be surprised how much respect it gets you in return. If you see a cop doing something GOOD, stop your stolen SUV, put your Glock away, get out and walk over to them (slowly) and say “Hey. I just wanted to say thanks for what you do” shake their hand and go on about your merry way. You might even get a smile.

And if one of you out there in the peanut-gallery is going to rebut with “the cops are always harassing my neighborhood” line, then how about this: Since you and everyone on your block KNOWS damned well that Tyrone is a low-life drug dealer selling cocaine to addicts and supplying hookers and guns to anyone that asks, how about tell the cop when they ask instead of “protectin’ yo hood, nigga!”




10 thoughts on “Which Cops Do You Want? Decide America!

  1. I think a lot of people do disrespect police officers, and demonize them for doing what needs to be done. That being said, I think that the cops that do unjustly kill people do need to be held responsibly. People are more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist, so there needs to be compromises on both sides. Most cops, I believe, are good people, but in order for this to end, I think there needs to be a serious reformation on both sides. Anyway, just my two cents, god bless, and nice work again!

  2. It really seems like people forget that police officers are friends, family and neighbors. Their jobs are dangerous enough without them becoming targets for some nutjob. It is extremely likely that local police forces will assume military ways to protect themselves. People fail to realize that for every action, such as a dead cop, there will be a reaction, such as an increased presence and more aggressive police force. Thank you for your honest insight into a disturbing trend.

  3. Great article. Understand once a pendulum swings, it always swings back. Do you want police in survival mode? And I don’t think society needs a bunch of cuddly officers giving out hugs, either. I’m not an officer who gives out hugs or plays basketball with children during shifts, but I have locked up lots of sex offenders, child abusers, and general menaces to society. I think that’s better.

  4. That was a great article. I always am thankful for our police that have a very tough job to go to every day. I can’t imagine living here without them. Thank you all so very much for your service to us here in the Fresno, Clovis, and Madera counties. May God bless you all, and keep you safe.

  5. I certainly don’t think cops should necessarily kiss people’s asses on day to day basis, however, we
    can’t deny that there isn’t a serious problem. Regardless where we stand on the spectrum, police officers who do kill people (and I mean individually, not collectively) should have some sort of investigation to see whether or not it was justified. And if it is unjustified, that individual should face consequences. Police officers are given extraordinary power, and should be taught to refrain from using lethal force until the very end. Likewise, the idiots who think their “fighting racism and misogyny” should get their head out of their asses and learn some respect. I mean we can’t look at the number of killings for both cops and civilians and say that there isn’t some sort of problem.

  6. I have been stationed overseas the past 5 years. I have watched America go down hill with nothing but negativity from our government and citizens towards our officers and it sickens me. It makes every one of us question why we’re putting our lives on the line for some ignorant jackass who thinks they know the laws. I hate hearing tidbits from the news of another officer down. Racism is taught it’s not natural. You want to make your voice heard do it the legal way. If you threaten our officers be ready because we will gladly stand beside them or in front of them.

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