YouTube is WORK

For those of you that think YouTube is fun, I wish you knew how much work it was for someone that stutters! lol.

I just spent an two hours here in the shop recording new video footage for the Survival series videos. Now I’ve got probably somewhere in the range of 10-12 hours of editing before the footage is usable, another 5-6 hours to upload it to YouTube in HD, and another 4-6 to write the corresponding blog posts to accompany it.

It’s fun stuff, really it is, but when I get in this kind of zone every distraction annoys me. I’m leaving in a minute to take Amy out to dinner, which usually means “Yeah, I get to take Amy out to dinner” but today instead means “Crap, I’ve gotta take two hours away from this just to go eat.” lol

Anyway, back to the grind. I just had a few minutes while these files copy over to post… peace!



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