Peeling Back The Curtain – Things You Don’t Want to Know About the Internet

Preface: Warning:The contents of this article are not for the faint of heart. It’s disturbing, and not appropriate for children. Read it at your own risk. I originally approached my editors and publishers with the idea for this article because I feel most of our society is numb to things we should never let ourselves get desensitized to. The short version of the story is: they don’t feel their software offers a solution to the problem and therefore it’s too incendiary an article to publish just for the sake of shocking readers. I personally DO think their software is a great tool to battle what you’re about to see, but out of respect for their wishes, I’m leaving that part of the article out.

Peeling Back The Curtain

Forget what you think you know of the Internet. Forget the world of fun kid’s games and little Mary chatting with her friends online and watching Disney on Hulu. What you THINK you know about the Internet is wrong.  What you THINK people do online – is wrong.  I’m going to take you on a ride that will scare the daylights out of you, probably make you mad as hell, and I hope above all makes you concerned enough about your children to keep an eye on what they do online. If you can read all of this article without wanting to hug your children and then immediately go take a shower, there’s something missing in your DNA.

If you’re a reader of action novels you’ve read about those places where the secret-agent goes to an online dead-drop account and transfers account numbers for Swiss banking records to spies in China. You’ve read where the asset communicates to his CIA handler via an underground web site.  You’ve heard about, or seen on television, the online child-smuggling rings portrayed in fiction programs, right? You’ve probably seen a movie where someone hired a hitman to kill their wife and thought to yourself “that doesn’t really happen. They’d get caught!” If you’ve watched any episode of NCIS-Los Angeles, you’ve seen where the bad guys buy and sell arms shipments over the net using untraceable accounts.  You probably think that’s Hollywood fiction, or maybe the dark imaginings of a creative script writer. You would be wrong.  You need to open your eyes. Chances are your fifteen-year old son can show you how to get to those sites in less than 60 seconds. I can, and I can do it with free technology at home. It’s scary.

I’m sitting at my home office writing this while running a virtual machine I’ll wipe and delete off the face of the earth as soon as I’m done with this article.  The things I’m about to show you sicken me to my core and I don’t ever want to see a single trace of it again once this article is completed. In fact, to be honest, I don’t even want to be writing this. I had to consult three different attorneys to determine if it was even legal to write this.

To get where I needed to go to prove this to you, I’m bouncing my internet connection off half a dozen different countries and eventually leading anyone sniffing my trail back to Romania, which of course I’m not in at the moment.  Sound confusing? No worries. Chances are your teenager can probably show you how to do that easier than I can. It’s really not that hard with the right proxies and secure tunnels. But you’re a good digital parent, so you already know all that right?

Why in God’s name would I be doing this? It’s simple… because just to see some of this stuff, just to prove it’s real, probably involves breaking a law or two in my home state and the only way to get to it to show it to you is to do so from another country’s ISP entirely.

What’s your point, Tommy?

I had a conversation with one of my editors a few days ago about parents, children, and technology. They released a survey to collect some data on what parents thought their kids were doing online. My personal philosophy is that the creators of the survey gave parents too much credit; assuming that parents today are in-tune with their kids and technology.  The result; most parents assume their kids are safe. They really assume they are safe.  The results came back so ridiculously skewed that the guys over in data-analysis had to re-crunch them again to be sure they were correct! How could something like only 4% of parents really believe that their kids are subject to nefarious people and harm online? Ninety-six or so percent believed the net was safe and that their kids never engaged in harmful activities. For God’s sake, Facebook is a harmful activity if it’s used by the wrong people!

Part of me wanted to stand up and scream at people, go make another YouTube video and just yell at parents for being so God-blessed dense but I realized it would do no good. It would just be one more Tommy-rant on my YouTube channel and no one would take it seriously.

That got me thinking.

While searching for recent media information about kids, the internet, and safety I was bombarded with the same old stuff you see every day. Today’s headlines included:

  • Teen testifies that 71 year old man molested him.
  • Police charge Juneau man with abusing girls.
  • Hagerstown man sentenced to 2.5 years for molesting preteen.
  • Female police officer creates fake Facebook profile to bully high-school girls.

Twenty years ago, any one of these would be headlines and we’d be screaming for the death penalty. Ok, maybe not for the bullying thing, but for the rest, hell yeah! Today, it’s nothing. Most of you won’t even see those articles because they’ll be buried under the important news such as “Mark Zuckerburg had a milkshake today” or “Somewhere a movie star is getting divorced for the 26th time.”

No one cares. Disagree all you like, but it’s a fact. If we cared enough, as parents and as humans, we’d put a stop to it and we’d do it with one voice, together; a voice so strong that Congress would have no choice but to stand up and listen and take action.  For God’s sake people, we are the ones raising these kids. Our ONLY job in this entire world is to protect them from harm and to raise them to be upstanding adults.  And we’re raising them in a place where the population of sicko’s out there is at its highest in human history and they’re equipped with internet communications, making them capable of stalking and harming people (not just kids) from anywhere.

So, while I considered writing one more article on the “Let’s protect our kids” vein, I decided something more drastic must be in order, since you people are apparently all asleep in class. Well, it’s time to wake up, folks. Put your big-boy britches on and bring a trash-can, because you’re going to be physically ill when I show you what’s out there.

Do you want to know what the Internet is really like?

You Want Drugs?

Go to Google and search for “LSD” on Google shopping.  Don’t see it?  Recently Google removed all guns and gun parts, and accessories too. Do you think that means you can relax? Here, take a look.

Don’t assume because YOU can’t find it in a five-second Google search that it’s not out there. What’s your pleasure? We can purchase you some premium LSD, heroin by the pound, or maybe you’re a little less hard-core and you just want some prescription Xanax? No problem. These guys will even combine shipping if you buy combos I’d imagine. Yup, you can quickly and easily buy illegal drugs online with no problem. What about shipping them to your house? Well, no! Duh! Read the instructions provided by the sellers that tell you how to have the drugs shipped so you don’t get caught. They’re provided as part of the marketplace literature.

That’s NOT a Photoshopped image. Ok, well technically it is. I removed the prices.  That’s an online drug marketplace where you can buy anything from a kilo of cocaine to a shipyard container of heroin, depending on your budget. They even have verified sellers, so you know you’re buying from a “reputable” dealer! God forbid you get shafted on your purchase of meth-amphetamines! What’s the world coming to when you can’t even trust your drug supplier?

Fake IDs?

Yeah, you don’t do drugs do you, and your kids certainly don’t do LSD. Maybe they just need a fake ID for that night club they’re not quite old enough for, or to buy alcohol at a bar, or to drive your family Nissan. No problem we can order those too! I can even browse by state! Passports; yeah we can get those too.

They do passports too!

Oh look, a combo card! How convenient! I can get a fake ID AND access to a public medical clinic for about $35.00 Awesome deal! Hell, I really DO need that! That’s better than what I get in real life for the money!

Oh, I’m So Scared (yawn). What’s the Point, Tommy?

Yeah, well some of you might not really want the true nasty version of what’s out there on the web these days. It’s likely we’d all prefer to stay within the safe confines of our web browser and pretend those news stories we’re reading about kids don’t’ happen to OUR children.  Here’s a quick little thought to keep in mind; it’s never your kid…until it is.

Just for the sake of argument, have you ever considered what the sick, twisted, perverted examples of our society are actually DOING with kids? Let’s forget teenagers altogether if you wish. How about we think about what they’re doing to little kids; kids often too young to speak out or to even know out to speak out about the abuse they’re undergoing. Does sexual intercourse between a grown man and a six year old make you want to commit murder? Ok, let’s take it a step further then; how about a man-and-wife couple trying to decide what age is best for introducing their daughter to anal and vaginal intercourse? No, really. Is it OK at two-years-old or should they wait until three or four?

The Worst of the Worst (originally removed by the editors on their site.)

Click to see full screen
Click to see the conversation full screen.

See the date on that message board post? That’s from August of 2012. This is a father of a six year old little girl, who apparently “has the body of an eleven year old.” Thank God this dad doesn’t go for six year olds. Wait… read that carefully. It says “she has the body and curves of an 11yr-old [sic]  – which I *do* go for!” Not only is this man a pedophile, but this obviously isn’t his first time abusing little girls. It’s only his first time abusing girls THIS YOUNG and ones who happen to be related to him. So he’s not only a pedophile, but an incestuous pedophile at that.

If you’ve not turned away in absolute horror yet, let’s keep going. You really DO need to know this exists, people; for one reason only. You need to KNOW that there are sick and twisted people out there trying to get their hands on our kids! Read on.

Doing the Right Thing

Click to see larger
Click the image to see it larger.

Read through this from the beginning. This is a man who has been molesting a boy from the time he was four until the present; about three years. He’s well-spoken, probably seems normal to everyone in his community, and probably has a full-time professional career of some sort or another. But at the end of the day he’s a man who fondles seven year old boys seeking advice on how best to proceed with the relationship. You don’t see it here but I followed the thread to its conclusion; long enough to discover that the boy will probably be living with this man soon enough. His parents have no idea. His neighbors have no idea. No one has any idea. By the tone of the post, his parents might be assumed to be too drug-riddled to care, but someone has to.

If you’re the overly sensitive type, skip this next part. I’m serious. Feel free to scroll on down the page a little. This makes my blood boil and yours will too. I’ve redacted the worst of the language, but this will literally make your skin crawl and make you want to vomit.

When should we prep crystal?
Click the image to read it larger in another screen.

Check the date on that photo; August 11, 2012. Somewhere here in the US (most likely, considering the use of vernacular) a couple are having “lovemaking” sessions with someone they’re referring to as Crystal, which we can assume likely isn’t the child’s real name.  While we don’t know the child’s age, we can infer she’s three years old.

Let me say it again.




This is a couple of adults who deserve to be put in the most heinous prison ever invented and brutally sodomized until they eventually die of infection or starvation, whichever happens first!

When to prep crystal
Click image to see it full sized in another screen.

What’s worse than the previous post? How about advice from someone who’s apparently an expert at abusing three-year-olds.  Read his post in detail. He’s giving advice to the same couple from experience, even going so far as to tell, what he feels the best age is for beginning to teach a toddler’s body to accept sexual penetration. To make it even more gruesome, he’s apparently so experienced at it that he gives advice on how to abuse the child in such a manner as to fool a gynecologist. The mere fact that someone thought that much into it should qualify them for prison!

This stuff is REAL, people! These aren’t fake Photoshopped conversations, or images made up to generate a false sense of urgency amongst readers. This is absolutely real! I took all these screen captures TODAY!  I was going to end this section with a screenshot of where you could go to download full movies of preteen boys and girls, but the truth is it would take so much redacting of information as to make it almost not worth the effort to show you.

The worst part of it; law enforcement can’t do a thing about it.

Who Will Protect Our Kids?

Some of you are ready to write your congressman right now. Others are going to want to call the cops or the FBI. Guess what? It’s not their problem.  It’s ours.

It’s ours as parents. It’s our responsibility to protect our kids, not someone else’s responsibility to do it for us. Grow up and take a little personal responsibility for your own family. It’s not someone else’s responsibility to protect your children, and if you believe it is, you are just as bad as some of these people. It’s your children, people. Your own flesh and blood these people are out there after; the pedophiles, drug pushers, gangs, criminals of every sort. Our nation, as a whole has gotten used to delegating responsibility for everything to other people, other organizations, and other agencies. It’s the school’s responsibility to educate. It’s the government’s responsibility to protect us from everything under the sun. It’s the state’s responsibility to provide us with tuition assistance to get our kids into college, instead of actually working for it like we used to.

I didn’t go into all the other deep dark holes available to the viewer on the internet; the ones you don’t want to know exist. They are certainly there in full force. I can securely order underage foreign children for sexual slaves. I can pay for a kidnapped adult foreign national as well if I’d prefer. Apparently the trafficking markets are thriving for all ages. I can order drugs online. I can order chemicals to make bombs, or even weapons-grade uranium if I can catch the deals before they’re gone. (Nuke stuff apparently goes fast on the internet black markets.)

 Political Nuts

This last week in the news we had a former US Marine arrested for a posting he made on Facebook about wanting to incite an uprising, but in places like I just showed you I can find conversations on assassinating people, hiring hit-men to do it, or discuss bomb-making scenarios that involve over-the-counter explosives compounds that won’t set off US federal government’s Spidey-sense. After all, you can’t go researching how to build bombs to blow up office buildings from Amazon now can you?  But there are places where you can learn here from the pros. Have you just been waiting for the right time to join a jihadist cult? C’mon over. I could show you page after page after page of things so illegal and heinous you’d have a hard time believing they really exist outside the realms of fantasy and fiction. Hell, when I sent this to my lawyer for proofing, he admitted he didn’t really even believe people actually existed that talked the way these people I just showed you do. He didn’t think that was actually possible. It’s the stuff of gross fiction novels, isn’t it? No, it’s not.

Alphabet Agencies

Some of you, especially the quasi-enlightened internet users amongst you, are going to comment and get mad and say the government CAN stop this. That’s ok. You’re entitled to you opinion as long as you’re ok knowing it’s completely inaccurate.

The truth of the matter is; it takes an incredibly large and intelligent team of security analysts using some super-incredibly high-tech equipment a lot of time and a lot of manpower to break into these online communities. They are hidden behind a dozen different security protocols, IP masks, proxies, and fake ISP information. Yes, both the CIA and NSA know about these sites and these tools. In fact, it’s widely rumored they use them for their own purposes from time to time, which they probably do. After all, it’s open-source code that makes it possible.  And yes, they’re working harder than ever to stop them, but they’ll never succeed. (In fact, I’m 100% sure that just some of the keywords in this article probably tripped a few web-alarms somewhere in Langley, Virginia)  You’re talking about places where the worst of the worst hangout; a distributed network that doesn’t reside in one building, or even in one country. The network that makes these things possible has tens of thousands of nodes at any one time, all constantly going online and offline, and all constantly changing address information just to prevent the normal joe-hacker from ever getting close. A normal police department or county law enforcement doesn’t have a chance.

Finding them online is easy. A twelve-year-old with Google can go from searching “how to” to being inside the network in less than 5 minutes with no training. They’re easy to find, to meet, to see, to talk to! They’re just hard to catch!

How to Protect Your Kids

Completely redacted. Unfortunately this part of the article had information in it that I thought was beneficial to the reader, but that the parent company didn’t think was. They have decided they want to be distanced from the article and anything pertaining to it.  So, in lieu of that information, my advice  is… well, I’m not sure what my advice is now. I’ll have to think about it and rewrite this section later.

In Conclusion

Since all the mainstream media articles have afflicted readers with a desensitized view of reality, it is my hope that this post just might shock some of you to attention. You’re all numb to this because you hear a little about it every day, but I bet you’ve never seen it in this light until now.

This is real, people. We can’t protect everyone from harm, but we HAVE to protect children from some of the things I saw today while researching this article.


This is probably the most incendiary article I’ve ever written. I want to convey to both the reader and law enforcement that I most certainly don’t condone any of the things shared here today, nor does any other human being with any sense of morality or conscience.

I’ve been purposefully vague about some details in this article. You deserve to know why.

The thing I hate most is when something incredibly evil is revealed by the press who then tells you exactly how the criminals performed the acts they were convicted of. Well, great! You just told the entire world how to do it. Way to go!

In the interest of freedom of the press and headlines they sometimes endanger even more people and they do it because we (readers) want to know more. There are some things people (I believe) shouldn’t be told. If they’re smart enough to find them on their own, that’s bad enough, but it certainly should be in the forefront of our minds as writers not to endanger them by making it easy for them. There are enough sickos out there that already how to get to these sites without help that I’m not going to make it worse by revealing how I did it. Some of you already know and you’re nodding in agreement with me as you read this. Others readers will be the wannabe-hacker type that thinks revealing how will make you cool. It won’t, and if you do, I will just remove your comments anyway.

Further, there are parts of the Internet that are dangerous for anyone, not just kids. Simply by visiting a site you can both horrify yourself and generate a massive investigation by any government organization with the desire to prosecute you for it.  (Yes, it can be considered a federal crime to go searching for ways to sodomize children, and it should be!) I basically just went online and found out how to molest children, how to commit the acts and fool a medical professional to mask the signs of it, how to find support groups for others who do it, how to find videos of the act itself, how to buy illegal narcotics, and how to purchase fake identifications.

So what’s the stuff I didn’t show you? Well, for starters, there are:

  • Preteen and teen Snuff, Rape, Gore, Violence, videos and services.
  • Teenage escort/prostitution services.
  • Illegal arms, single or bulk quantities.
  • Contract “hit”men/women for hire.
  • And many more things you don’t want to know about

All of those I just mentioned were less than two clicks away from the pages I was on regarding pedophilia.

Lastly, the safety of me and my family is a concern. Pulling back the curtain in Oz isn’t always as gratifying as you might think. That’s why all the names and relevant information are redacted. It’s not because I want to protect their identities for their safety, but rather for my own. There’s a difference between saying “the internet is bad” and calling people out by name. The former just creates a minor annoyance in those communities. The latter can result in more serious consequences. While I fully endorse finding these people and beating them in the genitalia with a large hammer, I’m not likely to incur their ire by simply pointing out things they already know others can see. After all, that was a pedophiles message board… It’s also true that even if I posted their usernames, there’s little law enforcement could do with it. The FBI can’t get to them, so Podunk PD isn’t going to be able to either.

If anyone in law enforcement on a local or county level wants more information on how to find these places, simply get in touch with me. I’m not hard to find. The federal alphabet agencies already know about these sites, so you already have better resources than me at your disposal, but I’ll help in any way I can, even if it’s just showing you how I did it so you can keep an eye on your own municipalities better. Government just can’t crack them thanks to the myriad security protocols and false-trails this kind of network tends to employ.

In conclusion, I hope I’ve left you horrified, sickened, slightly nauseous, and more concerned for our children than ever. Maybe that’s what it takes to make people sit up and take notice.

Have a Good Day Y’all.



It was brought to my attention by a reader that these conversations portray people abusing their OWN kids more than other people’s kids, and that therefore they aren’t relevant. It was probably my bias in selecting material that caused it to turn out that way. In my own mind, molesting your own children deserves a special kind of place in Hell. For some reason that made me choose these few images to use, rather than the hundreds of others I could have picked from. Don’t think for a moment there aren’t just as many “how do I seduce this kid without their parent’s knowing?” kinds of conversations. I just forgot to include those. These affected me worst of all, so I used them to show you it’s real. I think this material should stand as evidence enough that this kind of thing is out there. It doesn’t need any further exposition to determine they’re after yours too…



22 thoughts on “Peeling Back The Curtain – Things You Don’t Want to Know About the Internet

  1. *reposting my comment from original site

    Dude. While I follow every letter you’ve published both on FB and YT since that “laptop” day, I do believe you are thinking too radical.
    Yes, internet is very dangerous place. Yes, via internet, your child can join terrorists, learn how to make a bomb or end up in stranger’s car with a pack of candies. However, that danger – that you, or your family, might get hurt – is present in every single day in your life . You can live your whole life in a high-tech security building and die because average Joe had an argument with his wife and didn’t pay attention on the road. You can die on your way to bathroom because you’ve slipped on a banana. Get my point?
    If you’re going through your life with that attitude – that most people are sick pedos who want to harm you and your family – than I really don’t know how you keep your mental peace. I have been “present” on the internet for more than a decade (I got it when I was ten or eleven ), and I just knew I’m not supposed to give my personal, private informations on public website. You wanna know HOW I knew it? For the same reason I know I need to look left-right when I’m crossing the road and that jumping from 10ft tree might not be such a great idea.
    If you have a child that CAN understand those simple things – and 95% of them CAN – then I see no point in installing a software that literally ruins every bit of their privacy. I know I wouldn’t feel good if I knew my parents are monitoring what I do online.
    Sorry for eventual grammar mistakes ( I’m not from an English-speaking country ), and I hope y’all have a great day

    Oh, by the way – following your logic, should you hire a bodyguard to follow your kids in just about every single moment of their lives, because – theoretically – you can get both drugs and guns in a radius of 1 km of every public school? If a kid wants drugs/guns, they WILL get it. It’s just a question of whether a parent can stress enough that those things are very dangerous.

    • Kreb,
      I pretty much agree with your feelings on the matter. You (and I, for that matter) aren’t the ones I’m worrying about. Let’s use your analogy; you look both ways before crossing the street because someone knew to tell you about it, and knew how to protect you. To apply that analogy to this, imagine some parents out there that never knew crossing the street was dangerous… Seems ludicrous to you and I, but it’s happening. People in general are turning a blind-eye to this kind of thing because it’s uncomfortable, not pretty, not nice, and down-right nasty. And after awhile, they forget about it, pretend it doesn’t exist.

      I’m not saying to become overzealous, just aware. If you could SEE into the minds of these people whose mission it is to get to these kids, you’d be a lot more worried. So, I let readers see into their minds for just a few seconds of one day…. just a few second’s worth and people are disgusted. Now think about those same twisted people coming after your kids… the Net is NOT a neutral or safe place.

      Do I believe in government control of the net? No. I believe in parental control of kids. But, if we DON’T do some things ourselves, then eventually it will be just one more thing we ask government or others to do for us because we’re too lazy or inept to know it’s happening under our noses.

      It’s time for people to wake up. Be smart online. Be safe online. Use common sense. Educate your kids. I’d MUCH rather see parents educate children (and themselves) and PREVENT something from happening through ignorance than I would see a piece of software have to be used to go find that child after it’s too late and the event has already happened.

  2. I posted this on the other site, and I thought that I would post it here as well, especially since the article was removed from the other place.

    I became addicted to pornography at 14, and at 16 I was webcamming for people I didn’t even know over the Internet. I’m 21 now, and it’s a constant struggle for me because I am ADDICTED to it.

    My parents were naive, and didn’t think a good girl like me would do anything bad on my computer.

    I was old enough to know better, at 14, but it found me even though I wasn’t looking for it. It was slow, gradual, and it wasn’t until I was in too deep that I realized I had a problem.

    I told my parents, got a little bit of help, and then the help stopped and everyone thought the problem had been solved.

    Then I was 16, had a laptop, and summer break started. I had the desire to go back, but I didn’t want to go back to the stories, because I knew how much of a grip they had had on me. So, I went to something even worse–sex chatting and webcamming. Five years later, I’m still struggling with that.

    It is so easy to find this stuff online, for free.

    Catching somebody in the act is extremely difficult. I’ve been only caught once, out of all the times I’ve relapsed over the years.

    There are some sick, sick people out there. In one of my relapses about two months ago, a guy started chatting to me about his young daughter. That’s the first time that’s happened to me, but it seems to be becoming more acceptable in the pornography world. Not everybody addicted is that way, but I’ve had more and more people want to have a sex RP with me playing a young girl.

    I COMPLETELY told that guy off and told him to never touch his child, but where I couldn’t physically be there and I had no way to trace where he was, there’s nothing I could do for that kid.

    Computers and the Internet aren’t evil–they’re my best friend–but there is a lot of crap online, and a lot of disgusting junk on here. But the online world reflects the physical world we live in, and many people who have molested children started with a pornography addiction.

    I’ve never heard of SpectorPro before, for monitoring/blocking the computer, but I could also recommend K9. I know there are kids out there that are better at me at surpassing blocks, but, as far as I know, you can’t get around K9. Even if you know the password, like I do with the K9 on my laptop, the program records each time you use that password to unblock something or momentarily suspend the program.

    Block chat sites–especially the ones that are free and take two seconds to create a username and log into. For tweens and teens, those sites can be really dangerous, and you never know who you’re talking to, and you can pretend to be whoever you want to be.

    However, not everybody on the Internet is bad. I met two of my best friends online, and I’ve made some other friends as well. I’ve been friends with some of them for five, six years. None of them are bad people out to get me or anybody else.

    You have to be extremely careful with the people you interact with online, yes, but some amazing friendships can be formed online as well. I found my friends via a fansite where we wrote stories together (on a site that was pretty clean), and on an art site where I post up some of my work. I didn’t just randomly find them, but rather I wrote with them/loved their creative talent/whatever, and got to know them as a person before they became a friend.

    It’s a very fine line to walk.

    I guess the bottom line is, be more aware of what your kids are doing. Don’t become a Nazi with the computer, or they’ll be more likely to hide things from you. Rather, let them know that you need to check up on what they’re doing for their own safety.

    I wish my parents had been more alert to the signs, both when I was 14 and when I was 16. Then I wouldn’t feel so messed up and I wouldn’t be dealing with this addiction. But I don’t blame them for it, because they just didn’t know.

    I’m 21, and while nobody has actually touched me in real life, I’ve been violated in about every other way online.

    I wanted to relapse yesterday, and I want to relapse today.

    I’m tired of fighting this.

    But I don’t have any other choice.

  3. Thank you, for putting it together so quickly on here, as well as for the research that went into it. They wanted more hits and comments to their site, but seemingly do not have the…well, not for me to say really,knowing only parts of a story.
    People react when you write. After I originally read this, I recalled one of those guys you described and wrote a blog about him. The kind of guy that is 30 years old buying magazines with articles about boy-bands (Menudo). He was caught “bothering” the kids he was entrusted to. I hated that I could not fire him (we had a union). I put him on leave so I would not have to look at his face.

    I think parents need to know that this place (and others) is out there. Being aware and protecting every possible way could eventually be the difference between attending Jimmy’s graduation…or Jimmy’s funeral.

    Thanks, again, for your work for the children.

  4. Tommy, I’m a fb follower since your laptop shooting. I shared this 3 times on fb. The only negative reply I’ve gotten is that you should put a trigger warning on it so that those who have been abused in the past will be forewarned that it may not be good for them to read. Thanks for opening our eyes. We’ve all heard that the internet has anything and can be bad but seeing the facts in black and white, I couldn’t have ever imagined people would be so sick to say the least.

  5. Molly’s comment really resonated with me. I was a good kid growing up. No sex or drugs or rebellion. But my parents gave me a lot of unguarded freedom with the Internet. My mom talked on a chat room for dog lovers and I thought it was neat so I found chat rooms to join too. The Internet truly is a dangerous place for young people. I remember trying what I guess would now be considered ‘sexting’ with older guys I didn’t know. It made me uncomfortable so I didn’t continue with it, but I remember guys sending me nude pictures. Its just scary what emotionally needy girls can allow themselves to get into. I wasn’t popular and particularly pretty but I got attention online and it fed a need. I continued online chats for years, but stayed away from most bad influences. I did find some erotic fiction and that didn’t do anything good for me. It’s just scary. Im 25 years old now and have been away from those influences for a long time. I actually married a guy I met from a chat room and I’m lucky he turned out alright. I do NOT recommend doing that though.

    I say all that to say that even ‘good’ kids can be doing stuff their parents have no clue about and I’m not even particularly computer savvy. Good luck educating the masses.

  6. The sad thing is that these people live somewhere. They buy groceries, probably go to church, mow their lawns, just like everyone else. So the question is, where? Any one of these disgusting people could be in our very own neighborhood. We may know one of these people and have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.

  7. reading this made me cry. It’s all things I already knew but reading it and SEEING it just made it worse. When I found out I was having a baby (I have 2 kids now ages 2 and 3) after the joy and good feelings from knowing I was going to be a
    mom the fear sunk in. Not the fear of normal mom’s but I feared that I will not be able to protect them from these people. That I will not be able to drill into their heads that they can and should tell me if ANYONE ever touches them or hurts them. A lot of friends and family thought I was nuts to worry about it so much because things like that don’t happen to people you know, but I’ terrified of it. Some of the things you’ve shared just told me I’m not worried enough about it because some of these people have the knowledge to make kids feel it’s normal and ok. I can only hope that I can teach my children that under no circumstances is it ok and that if ANYONE ever touches them they need to tell someone.

  8. thank you for revealing that this stuff DOES happen, not just in movies and books…these little lives are forever shattered, and this is the generation that is being raised up to be our leaders one day….how can we help?

  9. I got and am still very nauseated after reading these stories… breaks my heart that disgusting people like this exist, let alone are allowed to procreate. I have two step-kids that are older (17 & 18) but my husband and I are wanting to have our own baby in the next couple of years and I’m terrified that I won’t be able to protect them from the creepazoids like this. Tommy if there is any type of group you want to put together and try to make a difference, I’m ALL in!! I honestly would not know where to start, I’m a smart person but not a very good leader……I will follow you however with ANYTHING that you want to put together and I’ll help in any way I can, please feel free to contact me…If it doesn’t allow you to see my e-mail address look me up on facebook…….Wendy Stevenson, Aurora, Colorado Thank you so much for putting this out there and I hope we can help do something to put a stop to this kind of abuse!!

  10. I’ve known about all this kind of stuff from a long time, I’ve never been to that side of the web but some of the stuff tends to appear in the normal web too from time to time. And well the drugs thing is easier to find on the regular web.
    First off I think we have our priorities all wrong, this drugs war/prohibition thing is not working and it’s time we listened to the experts and revised our strategy. What use is it spending literally 100’s of 1000’s worth of dollars and hours investigating, charging, prosecuting and then jailing a person for smoking marijuana or taking a pill? I’ve known and know lots of people who have taken drugs recreationally, never committed a violent crime, never stole from anyone, worked full time jobs, raised kids and put them through college and are good people.
    Maybe it’s not your choice, maybe you don’t want your kids ever taking a drug but can you really tell me that prohibition and harsh expensive sentencing is better than decriminalization and treatment?
    I want my tax money used to find sex criminals, I want my tax money used to protect my society from people who seek to rape, molest or harm my children, not wasted on a person who likes to smoke a joint on the weekend in the privacy of their own home to relax.
    I didn’t spend years in the blistering heat, pulling bits of metal out of my face and picking up the body parts of my buddies so his family could have his entire body to bury just so a harmless stoner can be brutalized and sent to jail.
    I did it protect our kids not so they would be prosecuted for experimenting with a drug that has no negative impact on their lives. I did it to protect my entire country and when I come home drugs are still the big evil and all our time and money is wasted on fighting that when all that money could be spent hunting down the real sickos of this world who like get sexual with kids.
    What sickens me the most is that people take no responsibility anymore, they want facebook to do the job of protecting their kids online, they want the TV to raise their kids and teach them values, they want computer games to educate their kids and they want teachers to teach their kids how to be adults. They fight so hard, and campaign so loudly for facebook and other online companies to do the job of protecting their kids when if they put the same amount of effort into raising their kids they’d have intelligent and confident kids who are more able to protect themselves.

    I have two teenage, adult daughters. Neither had a laptop or smart phone until they were 16, they shared the house computer in our office, I never had to snoop because I have been open and honest with them about sex, online predation, sexting, pornography, romance and all the things they need to know about the web since they became teenagers. The web was a privilege they earned from achieving things in school, in sport, their outside hobbies. Their entire teenage lives I have never once had to punish them for drinking alcohol or getting too wasted. I allowed them to drink since they were 16 at xmas and when at parties they limited themselves by choice because they thought getting wasted ruined the fun. I have never had them crying and moaning to me about boys and break ups because they’re both in long term relationships of 5+ years with good guys they chose with their heads before their hearts and they have no interest in porn, have tried marijuana and didn’t like it, are both highly intelligent happy girls building great careers.
    I’m not just tooting my horn here, I’m telling you that you should never look to anyone else to protect your kids and the best way to protect them is to raise them to be confident, strong, healthy, fit, successful and want to immerse themselves more in the real world than online fantasy.
    As for the dark side of the web, you cannot stop it, if you take this away they’ll find something else, but we have to stop wasting our money fighting drugs when we can use that to stop trafficking of children, slaves, teen prostitution and give more money to child services to be able to better protect kids from their own families. America is now the child abuse capital of the western world and all people care about is guns, money and drugs. This is not what I fought and bled for, this is not what my buddies died for.

  11. All of the above information is true. Nanny software is not enough either because it does not block sites educating the user how to disable the program. Parents should be VERY afraid because this article is true….and in fact has not shown the worst of the worst. Things I don’t dare even typing.

    It is correct that you need a team of educated people to combat this on many levels. Due to that effect there is hope. Not all ‘hackers’ are evil. Some work for/with law enforcement agencies and/or lawyers to pursue and disable the owners and users of these sites.

    In my home town, I offer computer literacy courses for parents and grandparents so they are not blinded to technology their children use every day. Just like life, the internet has good things and evil things. Knowledge is power. Setting time limits, giving approved sites and becoming educated are very important to this end.

  12. While your article made me sick to my stomach, I finished it. I know that there are Real Monsters out there. You are so true that we as parents need to on guard even with the internet, more so as it is in our homes. Thank you for posting this.

  13. I had trouble finishing the article. I can certainly say however, I’m glad that I try so hard to control what access my daughter has to the internet, and I will continue to to do so after this.

    I read so many news articles about teachers getting in trouble for hurting children (sexually or otherwise), and it was one (of many) reasons I chose to home school. My husband has always thought I was being over protective because of something that happened to me when I was younger, and that just because it happened to me, doesn’t mean it will happen to our daughter. I don’t believe that. it seems to me that the problem is becoming more and more widespread. Maybe it’s just that now less of these incidents are getting swept under the rug, but we live in a scary world.

    I know I can’t protect her from everything, but I can do my best to teach her how to be cautious. I don’t think it should be considered overkill or over protective to monitor a child’s online activity or to restrict the sites she can go to, even seemingly innocent ones. I’ve seem some extremely questionable things even on Facebook and Myspace.

  14. Hello! We’d like to use one of your youtube videos in our campaign for a free and open web. Please send us an email for more information!

  15. Horrifying. but in reality, i’ve seen it before. enlightened is not the tern i would use. more like exposed, currupted. and this is only the tip. When you say *more stuff thats worse* i cringe, because i know. I know what people are, they are sick, deluded, disturbed. i know what places like this are, where they are. i don’t have to tell you that, i don’t have to tell anyone that. they could all know themselves. if you were not horrified by the very thought of the dark web, or put off by its very existance. many would be able to sleep ever again. should they know just how horrible it is down there. ='(

    please forgive my lack of a name. the net is not safe.

  16. Hey there this is kind of of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.

    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding knowledge so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Most today use WYSIWYG versions built-in to the editor. For example, since I’m using wordpress on this blog, I use the built-in editor that gives me features very similar to Microsoft Word. I’ve upgraded the editor in here using Tiny MCE Ultimate to give me a little more control of things. You CAN choose to code manually, or to flip back and forth on the fly during your post creation. I have to do that a lot when working with tables because WordPress doesn’t have a good table-editor that’s visual (or not I’ve managed to find yet).

  17. The only way to cure our society is through forgiveness. Fighting violence with violence does not work, it merely reinforces the pattern. The thing is child molestation is much more common than people want to believe. And, child-on-child molestation is rarely discussed. We harness such violent feelings towards those who threaten our children that we ignore the need for proper treatment in our communities. Locking someone up/destroying their genitals will not solve anything or help our community heal.

    I was warned by my parents when I was about 6 years old that adults might try to take advantage of me. My father was molested by his piano teacher, and my mother was molested by her male baby sitter. Neither warned me of the young girls down the street that would hold me down, explore my body, and then urinate on me.

    As a child, you feel no shame or guilt. I want to expand on your post that “this darkness” goes beyond the internet, beyond adults children know, and that child-on-child molestation should be discussed between parent and child before their child has been touched by another child and then has taken that “nice touch” and influenced yet another child.

    Anyway. Most molesters were molested themselves. Talk to your kids, nieces, nephews, about there friends, coaches, whoever, when they are young. Conversation is the only way to stop the pattern. Take care, and thanks.

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