Go Chrome for Charity – Limited Edition CR-48 Available! (Rare)

You might or might not be familiar with what was probably the most succesful beta test in the history of hardware testing, but last year Google came out with a limited edition unbranded Netbook. No one knows exactly how many of them were made, but the numbers vary from 10,000-60,000.

These were released to beta-testers as a way for Google to test their new Chrome OS netbook. Since they were beta-versions they were shipped with absolute no logos, no icons, no identifiable information whatsoever. I registered for the beta test one day and in two days Fed Ex appeared at my door with this cool little stealthy black-box netbook running Chrome OS.

It’s COMPLETELY run within the cloud, the first true netbook ever, and was only released to a small testing community. Well, I’ve got one and I’m going to simply put it here for auction on 8minutes.

From full power-off to boot takes about 8 seconds. It’s the fastest booting machine I’ve ever had. It boots a lot faster than my cell phone! If asleep, it will awake and return you to work in about 3 seconds!

It has an 3G card for using it over 3G on the road, but of course you’ll need to set that up with your own provider! After all a cool black netbook with no connection to the net is nothing more than a… black book. I setup the test account with Verizon and used it for awhile and loved it. It spent a few days riding with me around in the truck on 3G just for fun.

Details of the Auction:

This auction is pretty simple. It’s more of a sale than an auction. Everything I list on eBay has a ridiculously high bidding war. I figured I’d try it this way and see if this has better luck. The price of the CR-48 is set at $500.00, flat. The rarity of these makes them worth that alone! I can’t run an actual auction here on 8 minutes or I would. So, we’ll just have to settle for a flat-rate sale.

I’m going to donate 20% of the sale to the MDA. Just like I do with most other things I’ve been selling lately, I’m trying to leverage some of this fame for charity. Yes, of course I need to feed my family too, so no, I’m not giving 100% of every dime I make, but I’m doing what I can and I think that’s all any charity asks of us as individuals.

How do you KNOW it’s going to charity?

Well, partly you’re going to have to trust me, but you can also feel free to call them and bust me wide open if I’m lying! I’ll give you a way to prove it. Anything and everything I do on Facebook gets hundreds and hundreds of shares, so I’m sure if you’re the one to bust me for lying about giving to charity you’d be as infamous as I am… so just trust me that I’ll make the donation!

Below, you can see a copy of the bank transfer I made to MDA a few days ago for the monies we raised at the OMJ Swap Meet fund raiser. It includes both the fact that I paid them, the date I paid them, the address AND the phone number of the local MDA office that gets the donation. Once this item is paid for, I’ll take a similar screenshot and post it here for proof. Call them yourself to check in on it if you’re not sure if I’m for real. By now, they know who I am. lol. I’ve pretty much got the director on speed-dial now, but it’s all been fun and we’ve raised a ton of money for a really cool organization!

Proof of the Previous Donation

 What does the item look like?

Well, like I told you, it’s completely unbranded. It was NEVER sold anywhere by anyone. It’s got no logos, no stickers, and looks like the kind of thing the CIA issues to field operatives. In short, it’s just freakin’ cool! So, here are some pictures of my actual unit. These aren’t stock photos. This is the exact condition it’s in right now… MINT. It’s just too danged cool looking to let it get scratched!

The working surface - no logos, flat black finish all over.
The top of the CR-48- no markings of any kind. No logos.

In case someone asks… duh, yes it includes the power cord.

Why are you selling it?

1) To pay my bills and raise some money for charity.

2) Because the last thing I need is ANOTHER computer around the house! I have two desktops, two laptops (or more maybe; I’m really not sure), a tablet, a smart phone, two GPS’s, and probably more stuff I haven’t thought of. I’d like to consolidate my stuff, clear some room in my office, and maybe I can sell three or four of my computers for enough to buy a nice big shiny new one. That honest enough?

How can I buy it?

Click the buy-now button below and it will take you straight to the paypal page. If you have a paypal account, you can pay that way. If you don’t, you can pay via credit card without having an account. I’ve been a verified paypal member for most of a decade and I’ve got a 100% approval rating with them. Feel free to check me out with them first if you’d like.

Are YOU going to be the one to own this limited edition netbook? I wish the best of luck and a lot of enjoyment to whomever wins it!

Things to remember:

When you pay for the item, PLEASE don’t forget to enter your physical address. I ship via UPS, so I can NOT ship to a PO Box.

And just in case this needs to be said, I won’t ship outside the US. I’m not dealing with those customs forms… ugh. That’s not worth the hassle! The buyer HAS to be within the United States. Otherwise, you’re just making a huge donation… is that clear enough? lol

If you’re going to be the one to buy it, click here to be directed to PayPal


If you have NO idea what this netbook is, I’d suggest NOT being the one to buy it.

If you want to see the specs yourself, rather than me typing them out, you can just read them here: http://gdgt.com/google/cr-48/specs/


Ooh, the pressure! You realize that if I make a mistake on that pretty flat black finish there’s no going back? You’re liable to get a funny-looking scribble with a “sorry” note attached on a post-it!

I’m still amazed that people think my autograph worth something, but yes, if you buy it and you want me to, I’ll certainly be happy to autograph it. So far I’ve made it a habit to only autograph things that raise money for the MDA, but I guess this qualifies! Just let me know. I’ve got a big silver sharpie sitting right here that rarely gets to be used, just for the occasion! Hell, if you’ll toss in another hundred bucks for the MDA I’ll make a YouTube video and thank you in front of the whole world if it’ll raise more money for the MDA!
(ok, really, who’d actually do that?)



5 thoughts on “Go Chrome for Charity – Limited Edition CR-48 Available! (Rare)

    • I do, but I’ll put them on eBay as I get the spare time. Keep an eye on my Facebook page. When I do an auction, they’re always posted there too.

  1. That thing looks sharp! Looks like Batman’s laptop. Makes my Satellite look sad.
    Seriously, I admire the focus on charitable donations and the sense of fun in all that you’re doing. (No worries-I doubt anyone who comes here would doubt your word…).

    • lol. Have you READ some of the comments? hehe.
      Going to hit the rack now.. or watch some of my DVR, not sure which yet. I have to pass the TV on the way to the bedroom and somehow it always sucks me in when I least expect it.

      • Hahaha-I block ignoramuses outta my mind! If they haven’t learned your a man of your word in the last six weeks, then they haven’t been paying attention.
        Have a good weekend, brother.

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