Since opening this blog in the spring of 2012 and trying to use it for awareness of causes that I believe need attention, the viewership has skyrocketed. With the viewership skyrocketing, the hardware needed to maintain what started out as a simple blog, has also skyrocketed. Even with the current services we have on the blog, every post I make on Facebook causes an immediate server crash for a few minutes because the dedicated server can’t keep up with the influx of visitors. This is why you often see the “Error 500” if you visit the website just a few minutes after I announce a post; the server was just hit with 2,000-5,000 visitors in a matter of seconds and it stays that way for half an hour or more.

It’s great that people care enough to read, but keeping the service alive and within my financial means is tough sometimes. The basic costs for my dedicated server at the moment of this publication are:

  • $68.00/month for hosting.
  • $30.00/month for Constant Contact (newsletter service)
  • $20.00/month for CloudFlare (the service that caches the site so it goes down LESS often.)
  • $1.00/month for the domain name.
Basically, the site costs $119 per month, or $1,428 per year to keep alive.
If you would like to help donate to the costs of keeping the server up, it will certainly be appreciated. There are two ways to donate:
  1. You can advertise on the site. The “advertise here” banners are located across the site in various locations. I refuse to overflow this site with ads because it will drive visitors away, but I do not mind if business who support me, my cause, or who just want to get in front of new viewers want to advertise their business. You can simply click one of those banners and sign up, or I’ll be glad to help you get signed up if you find it overly complicated to do so.
  2. You can donate through paypal using the link below. The donation button is coded to this web site so any donations received will go directly towards the cost of maintaining it throughout the year.

If you choose to donate, be aware that I am not a special organization with a priveleged tax status, meaning your donation is NOT a tax deduction. I don’t want to mislead anyone. It’s just a donation from you to the site because you like what it offers and you want to see it grow.

Thanks for all who have donated and for all those who will one day in the future. God Bless you all.

Have a Good Day Y’all.