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I had thousands of responses to my posts about protecting your children online, most from fellow parents wanting to protect their own children.

Part of what I’m trying to do with this web site, is to react to the immense amount of emotion evoked by that Facebook video and the conversations it spawned on every major news network in the USA… from parents who had no idea these options were available to make their children safer. I was literally swamped with Facebook messages, emails, and phone calls trying to figure out HOW to protect their kids the way I do mine. (If you want to know MY success story with this program, read the blog post.)

It’s taken most of three days of phone calls and code, but I’ve basically got it working now. The one thing GREAT that came from all this fame as the “Laptop Shooting Dad” was that I have a voice now that seems to resonate with parents, and the online vendors know it. Thanks to all you guys, 31 million YouTube views, and literally hundreds of thousands of Facebook comments, I was able to leverage that voice into a great deal.  So, here’s how it works.

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Ok, so some of you know I was raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) when all this happened to me. Since that’s the case, I tried to use the fame for something good, and worked. So far, with your help, we raised $8,000 for the MDA from just my Facebook wall alone in just a couple days. (That’s awesome!). With that kind of push, and with the popularity this site had (Thanks to the news media) I was able to leverage (and by that I mean beg) the corporate offices at SpectorSoft to chip in and donate some of the proceeds from every sale this site ever makes of their products, ANY of their products! This is the ONLY site on the planet that can do that. Proceeds from the sale of this software will go to support the MDA. They set up as an affiliate so we can track the orders from this site, or from any site that uses the right affiliate code.(So if you’re stealing our content to post and share, please ask for the right link code. I’ll gladly share it with you!)

$10.00 from every purchase goes straight to the Muscular Dystrophy Association! And it goes there from SpectorSoft corporate offices, not from me. We set it up that way so everyone knows it’s above board and legitimate.

To learn more about eBlaster and Spector Pro, to read testimonials from other customers, and to compare versions and features, click here. If we at 8Minutes can help you in choosing the right version for your needs or can answer questions about product features, please feel free to email us at

We truly support this program and have used it ourselves with our own children. It has kept our kids safe more than once. If you have a story to share, we’d like to let others know about it. Send your testimonial to

I really do recommend this company and their products. I’ve used many over the course of my children’s lifetime and I keep coming back to this one every time. Click here to find out more about what programs they offer that can help you protect your kids online.

Here are some of the products you can choose from:

Spector Pro – (Full DVR-like playback of all activity) Click Here

eBlaster – (sends alerts instantly via email) Click Here

eBlaster Mobile – for Android and Blackberry –
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31 thoughts on “Protect Your Kids

  1. Thank you.. Please know your efforts are noticed… Appreciated… And thanks also again for being a ‘good Dad story’ for the world to discuss…

    Proverbs 4:8
    Support Daddy Vs Catoosa County

  2. Thank You so much for doing this!!!! One of THE most important jobs we have as parents is to protect our children. Thanks for helping me do that!!!! :o)

    • Seriously? And if he did that would be fabulous, don’t you think??? I mean come on, what is wrong with using your attention to help others? Other people could really learn from this and use their time more wisely as well…..

  3. I used this software back in the late 90s, early 2000s, when I suspected one of my children of sneaking out at night. My suspicions were confirmed. I also discovered other activities had been going on, and was able to squash new plans. (even though my kid hated me back then, I think she also thought I was scary smart – “how did mom figure that out?”) I’m sure the software is new and improved today, but even back then it was fairly simple to use. Since we had the “kid” PC and a parent PC, it was easy enough to install the software on the kid PC and receive activity emails on my PC.

  4. What percentage of sales goes to MDA?, wha percentage goes to the business who makes this software?, and what percentage do you get?

  5. WOW!This sounds like an awesome program. A little outta my budget but if I had it I would spend it. I like to know what my son is doing on his phone & computer when he’s at his dad’s.

  6. I checked out LegalShield. I really didn’t find many good reviews. Most were pretty bad. I looked in some sites noting it was basically set up like a pyramid scheme. In theory it sounds awesome. In practice from all I’ve read, it’s pretty horrific. It’s a shame too. But I guess it goes back to the saying “You get what you pay for”?

    • Lorrie,
      I’d say you’re right almost 100% of the time with that statement. I’ve been paying $17.00 a month for almost ten years for the service and I use it probably only once a month or so, but even once a month would equate to a couple hundred dollars per month in lawyer fees if I had to pay for each of them. Having a lawyer to help you handle things like annoying telemarketers, customer-collections, contract reviews, etc.. is great.

      But you can say what you will.. no other firm I’ve ever dealt with would drag heavu-hitting-dollar lawyers out of their houses on Sunday for a guy who is simply a nobody, and then go to bat for me like these guys did. These guys were able to get YouTube to respond in a way I never could. Now, when I issue a take-down notice to youtube, it comes down… no questions asked. I needed a copyright filed with the federal copyright office.. they did it. I didn’t do anything because I was too swamped. I just answered phone calls from them and said “Yessir, that sounds perfect. Handle it” and they did.

      If I keep my membership for the rest of my natural life and never ever cancel it, I still won’t have paid in dues what those lawyers would have cost me without the plan in just those couple of days.

      So, while I encourage you to do your due diligence, and definitely take reviews into account… you should also consider first-person reviews like mine: I’m telling you personally that I pay them.. they don’t pay me… a single dime. And I love it. I’ll never ever cancel my membership after what I witnessed them do for me these past two weeks.

  7. First of all, I want to say that my husband and I applaud both your involvement in raising well mannered, well balanced, respectful children and also in your choice to follow through with what you clearly told your daughter would happen if it were to occur again. We have been dealing with a lot of issues raising two particular teenage (13 and 14) year old boys. However, I have made some decisions and thought I would pass them on to you and those visiting this page, in hopes that some of the things might assist other parents. Recently (in December) we decided to finally allow our four teen and preteens to have Facebook pages. Since they do not have cell phones and do not go anywhere where they have free computer access, except for close family friends (meaning friends of my husband, myself or my mother), then we figured it was about time to give them a few Facebook privileges. However, when we informed the children they could have pages of their own, we set down a few rules and guidelines and they are as follows:
    1) the pages were to be for playing only parental approved games
    2) were for talking with approved friends and schoolmates, and specific family members only
    3) I would set up and create both the Yahoo accounts and Facebook accounts for each child and only myself, husband and mother would have the passwords to both Facebook and Yahoo (ensuring that one of us 3 adults would have to log them in)
    4) I would set the guidelines and anytime they were allowed to use Facebook, they would be with one of us 3 adults, closely monitored (so that they are not able to reset or change the passwords). When they are older, more mature and ready then they will be given the passwords and full access to both accounts.
    5) Their Facebook accounts would be closely watched and anyone who we deemed a bad influence or someone they were not allowed to be hanging with would be removed.
    So far, it has been over 2 months, and while we did have an issue with the 14 yr old over deleting a friend (he stole a firetruck and and OG&E truck and another charge of strong arm robbery), so I have no clue why mom and dad would disapprove of them hanging around with that child?), there have been no issues and all seems to be going well. However, while we are having other issues with the two oldest ones, their Facebook access is not one of them. I believe that if more parents were involved and aware of what their children are doing and who they are hanging around with then we, as a society, would not be dealing with some of the issues that we are dealing with. I beg all parents to take the time to be more involved, be assertive without being abusive, be aware and be proactive!!!! We are raising the next generation who will one day work in public and run our country. Your child(ren) are your contribution to society. So, I ask this of each parent…. is your child the contribution to society that you want them to be? Are the young adult they are becoming the one you want reflected back on your, your parenting skills, your level of involvement in their upbringing???

    • If you have the username and password why would an adult have to be with them when they are online. Give them a little space- to show them you do trust them. As for being concerned that they would change the password- well then that would be when they lose computer privledges. I don’t hover over my daughters shoulder but I do check her page when she is not home. Told her the rules and then trusted her enough to follow them. So far so good.

  8. My kids have I-pads, is the product compatible for that? Will I be able to use it on more than one computer in the house? My husband and I have Windows. BTW I think you’re a great dad!

  9. Hello,
    I am not a parent, but, I was raised my the two greatest parents in the world. We were 4 children, we got spanked, grounded, we had our computers, cell phones, nintendos taken away, we had to clean and cook dinner. We all had to buy our own cars , pay our own insurance , and if our grades were not good , we would get the car taken away. I worked in a nursing home since I was 16 and graduated highschool with a 3,85 average.I am now studying to become a nurse. I am very happy with how my parents raised us. I see how far I have come in life and I see how far my younger cousins have come in life and I have to agree with you, that this new age , social, liberal, way of thinking is wrong. No one gets blamed for their actions, parents have no right to punish or raise their children but get blamed for their childs actions, neighbors get blamed,siblings get blamed, but the individual does not get blamed. This new age way of thinking is the reason why there is so much crime, suicides , and hate. Its the reason the younger generations have no respect for themselves or others, why they dont want to work , why the drug abuse is increasing, and why the gangs are increasing.
    I agree with you 100% sir , we need to protect the children.

  10. Tommy, what do the parents of your Daughter’s friends, think about you, reading their daughters emails to Hannah.

    What are also the legal ramifications of someone using this product to protect their children, by reading messages from someone else’s kids to their kids.

    I personally wouldn’t like another adult doing this.

    • Anything my kids do (as their parent) is open to scrutiny from their parents. In my case, I use this software to protect my kids from predators, so I honestly couldn’t care less what those people think. They should be worrying about their own kids.

      Having said that, I’ve found one “promiscuous” friend, one who seems to be a walking pharmacological company, and one who is a self-abusive “cutter.”

      As far as the legality of it, it’s perfectly legal. My children, my house, my rules. Don’t you think they would have risen to the best of the best in parenting software if the program wasn’t legal? Really?

      If you dislike it, don’t email my children…

  11. Hi, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam responses? If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any support is very much appreciated.

    • Currently, not really. I’m using a cache server that seems to catch most of it, as well as reduce a lot of the bandwidth. You can check them out at Otherwise, nope… I’m manually approving comments that trip the spam settings.

  12. Mr Jordan, thank you so much! This sounds like great software for parents that have dedicated internet access in their home. If I still had high speed access full time, I’d definitely be investing in this software. As it is, my kids only have access through my wireless modem, on my laptop, while I’m in the kitchen with them. In the past I’ve caught the stalkers, molesters, and sleezebags chatting it up with my step daughters and thank goodness I’m as tech savvy as I am or it could have gotten very ugly, very fast. Since that time, many friends, acquaintances, family, co-workers, and people in my line of work (I work in law enforcement) ask me about products like this. Since I’ve been out of the market for this kind of software for a couple of years I honestly didn’t know what to recommend to them. I shall be sending your link to those who ask me about spyware to keep their kids safe while they are online. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

  13. I don’t mean to seem like a stalker, but you have the ability to reach 1000’s of individuals out there. I am running a group called everyone’s alert. It is a Facebook group put together by a couple of us mothers of all ages. One of the mom’s unfortunately lost her niece to a child rapist. The first 48 hours in a child abduction are the most important time. I am begging you to please help us with your words. It won’t cost a cent for you, and if you could help save one child from being murdered and thrown in a dumpster then we are on the right track. Pleas sir! God has given you an audience! use it for the good

    Jennifer Bertocchi Chambers
    Everyone’s Alert
    (402) 850-8322 (PLEASE Don’t call to late)
    anyone is welcome to call if they are passionate about this as well

  14. I have tried to read all posts in case you were asked this already, but I have a 2.5 year old that wants to play, NOW!! So I was wondering, my 13yr old does not have a cell phone and is only on the computer to do homework and play some games. I even deleted her email, so now her “friends” have to email me. Do I need this software? I am sure in the next couple of years she will get a cell phone and have more time online. Is this something that will be updated? Thanks for your time.

  15. Hi there I may be 19 years old but I totally agree with you on your actions. My dad would’ve done the same thing and I wouldn’t even object to it. I cannot believe how kids nowadays are behaving, when I was 15 my mum let me use the computer for 1hr per day and I liked it that way, I only had a cell phone by the age of 16. My dad wouldn’t shoot rounds in my computer because it is illegal here but he would destroy it into tiny pieces. Then again if my son/daughter did this to me, I would have done the exact same thing, so in my opinion, you did the right thing and I think all of those who said loads of bullcrap about this stand to be corrected. Have a nice day. 🙂

  16. I just tried clicking on the link for eBlaster Mobile and it took me to the website selling the Spector products/services. I can’t find anything about eBlaster Mobile. Is the link wrong? Or am I just overlooking it?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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