Facebook Charging To Contact Me: I Didn’t Do It

Have you seen this message?

If you have, then please know I have NOTHING to do with it!

What Is It?

It’s true that Facebook is starting a new campaign to cut down on spam. It began with a campaign tested with Mark Zuckerburg (the founder of Facebook) and has now grown to include certain people Facebook determines to be celebrities. (Really? I meet the Facebook criteria for celebrity? I wish someone will tell my potential clients that! Maybe sales would sky-rocket!)

As far as I know right now, this is a testing phase. To message a “normal” user you don’t know could cost you as much as $1 to bypass their “other messages” folder and have your message delivered to their inbox. If they are considered to be a celebrity by Facebook’s unknown-algorithm, then it will cost you $100.

Do You Have To Use It?

In short, no. It’s designed to cut down on spam, and to reduce messages from people who Facebook thinks have absolutely no connection to you. If a person chooses NOT to pay the fee, as you can see in the picture, then the message will get delivered to their “Other” folder rather than their Facebook inbox.

What Do I Think About It?

Well, I’d think it was GREAT if it were a little more reasonable, or adjustable, and if I got a cut of the sale! I get between 100 to 1,000 messages a day.

I never have less than 99+ messages waiting.

My Facebook “other” folder hasn’t had less than “99+” stamped on it since February of last year. There are so many thousands of messages in there that I never get to see most of them. I just get frustrated with trying to keep up and have mass “delete-fits” where I press Select All and Delete repeatedly until my screen clears!

I did some searching tonight and I can see where Facebook is changing this for everyone, apparently. It has already made its way into the help files. As you can see below, my Facebook message settings are already set to “basic” to prevent some of the junk mail from inundating my account, but if I click on “Learn More” I get carried to a new page on the Facebook Help Center that apparently has already been updated to reflect the new pay-changes.

The Help Center page currently says the following:

In messages, what’s the difference between Basic and Strict Filtering?

You can change your filter preferences right from your inbox.

Basic Filtering
If you select Basic Filtering, you’ll see mostly messages from friends and people you may know (ex: friends of friends) in your inbox. Typically, messages from other people will go to your Other folder, and you won’t receive a notification about them.

Strict Filtering
If you select Strict Filtering, you’ll see mostly messages from friends in your inbox. Some messages from people you want to hear from may go to your Other folder.

Whichever filter you choose, you may sometimes get messages in your inbox from people you’re not connected to. Some examples of when these messages may go to your inbox are:

  • A friend of a friend includes you in a message along with some of your mutual friends
  • A member of a group you’re in messages you or includes you in a message
  • A friend who isn’t on Facebook uses your contact info to send you a message from the Facebook Messenger app

Additionally, someone you’re not connected to on Facebook may pay to ensure their message is routed to your inbox instead of your Other folder.

See that last sentence? That hasn’t been there before. It’s proof that they’re rolling out this new feature across more than just a few accounts.

What You Can Do

You can do the same as you always have. If you are a Friend on Facebook, or a Friend of a Friend, then your message will already route to my inbox. If not, then your message already routes to my “Other” folder, which is why you probably experience huge delays between your message and my response, if any.

You can simply choose NOT to pay for the message and route the message like usual and it will go where it’s always gone.

This is NOT something I implemented on my end. I have no control over being part of this beta-test program and I have no idea what criteria needs to be met to be included in the program.

My Feelings

Hey, I’m all about reducing spam. I pay top-dollar for an enterprise spam solution for my company’s email. I know first hand, better than most of you will ever know, what it’s like to go through thousands of messages to find a few that you actually NEED to see to reply to. So, if it cuts down on my spam, I’m all for it!

What I’m NOT all for is not getting a cut of it. Call me a greedy bastard if you want to, but if Facebook is making a hundred dollars for someone to send me a message they guarantee I’ll see, then hell… I should get half of that for taking time to read it and respond to it!

In the meantime…. I’ll let you know more when I know more.

Have a Good Day Y’all.



You wanna know a really funny thing? It let me message Mark Zuckerburg for free. lol



8 thoughts on “Facebook Charging To Contact Me: I Didn’t Do It

  1. I read about this change coming the other day and wondered if it would effect you. Guess it has. Had no idea the price would be that high.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome, though, if you got 100% of the money charged?! We would all be sharing a link titled, TELL TOMMY!

  2. Hola! I suppose it is going to be better if we slowly move into G+. I hope to understand how does it work before we move somewhere else. Perhaps Pinterest!

  3. I’ve been told by friends on face book that it won’t affect us unless we give them our credit cards. Just exactly how does face book get the money from people like myself and others who aren’t running a business and hasn’t given a credit card to them. How are the collecting the dollar or other fee’s then?

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