$1000.00 Free Software Giveaway!

It doesn’t always hurt being famous for awhile. Some good can sometimes come out of it. Earlier today I shared that you viewers made it possible for us to become the #11 in the nation for donations made to the MDA this year.

A couple hours later, I get a call from SpectorSoft. They came up with this idea all on their own as a way to thank you guys for your support of their software. SpectorPro and Eblaster are two of the  best parental monitoring tools out there for protecting your kids. Hands-down, they simply rock compared to the others.

What’s the downside? Well, part of being the best is spending a lot of money in research and development and that translates into a higher cost for the consumer when the product comes to the market. So, in short, the programs are out of the budget for some families who would really like to use them. Guess what… maybe not!

Today, SpectorSoft (via ParentingTodaysKids.com) announced a Tommy Jordan special! Yeah, I got a special just for me! How cool huh? They’ve received a LOT of traffic from my viewers on Facebook and here on 8Minute and want to say thanks to you guys!

They’re giving away TEN COPIES of the software for free for a year! At $99.00 each, that’s an amazing offer! And you even get to pick the software you want!!! (Ok, that part was my idea.)

How do I win?

It’s easy. They’re going to run the promotion until September 25th on their page. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Be one of my subscribers on Facebook.
    (Most of you here already are, but if you’re not, just visit my page and click Subscribe).
  2. Like the Parenting Today’s Kids page on Facebook. 
    (They have 1,221 likes now. Let’s see how high it gets.)
  3. Leave a specially-coded comment on their promotional blog page here: http://parentingtodayskids.com/blog/tommy-jordan-loves-his-followers/
    The comment you need to leave is “H-A-G-D-Y” (Be sure to use the same name and email you use for your Facebook account so they can verify you when the contest ends.)

That’s it. You don’t have to join the PTK site, or sign up for a newsletter, or anything else. It’s incredibly easy! Subscribe to me, Follow them, leave the comment on the page. Done!

At the end of the contest ten winners will be chosen at random. If you’re selected and meet the three criteria above, you win! And best of all, you can choose whatever version of their software you want to win! You can get either eBlaster or Specter Pro, and you can choose it for PC, Mac, Blackberry, or Android! Any flavor you like is yours if you’re one of the ten winners!

(I wonder if I can enter…..? lol)

If you’re a parent of a teenager and think this is the program for you, there is NO BETTER TIME to  try winning a hundred bucks in free software. To my knowledge SpectorSoft has never done anything like this in the past!

I wish all of you the best of luck out there, and whoever the winners are, come back here and let me know when you win! I’d love to hear from ya!


Update: 10/11/2012:

Want to see the contest winners? Check out the blog post: http://8minutesoffame.com/contestwinners/



5 thoughts on “$1000.00 Free Software Giveaway!

  1. Awesome offer, Tommy. Congratulations on fundraising for MDA, and thanks for this for all of us.
    (see, I knew I needed to follow you) liq

  2. I respect all you do and stand for. I desperately need to win. I have a 13 year old son. I admire you for all you do for others. My financial status hasn’t allowed me to purchase these items. Thanks good luck and God bless. “H-A -G-D-Y’

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