UPDATE: Hey, check out the new Protect Your Kids page and the supporting blog post. I also want to say thanks to the legal team that helped me out so very much,and continues to do so daily.

Yes, I’m that guy. How long does it take to become famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view)? Well I still don’t think I’m famous, but it took me exactly 8 minutes and 23 seconds to become memorialized, whether I wanted to or not. If you’ve not seen the video, check it out below. If you have, save us both the embarrassment, and read on.


Why Build This Site?

That’s a funny question that deserves a serious answer. There are a lot of reasons, but I’ll go ahead and knock out the most obvious ones right up front.

1) Since that video was created, my daughter and I have become known across the world, and it’s easier for us to have one place to communicate where we control the content, as opposed to keeping everything on Facebook’s servers. We simply cannot keep on top of the thousands of different posts on various Facebook walls. Therefore we have the new blog.

2) Purely by some unimaginable accident the video went viral. My daughter broadcast her four-letter-filled rant to a couple hundred friends. I attempted to broadcast the result to the same group of people. A couple hundred people saw her original post. So far, 27 million people have seen my response. The punishment, quite by accident, far outweighed the crime. I still stand by my decision; my daughter still deserved to be punished, but for me to go on national television and compound that is something I can’t do as a father. I’ve been contacted by every major news network in the country, and while I appreciate the support some people have shown me, there is no conscionable way I can go on television and profit from my daughter’s embarrassment. Because the very first news media coverage had such impossibly incorrect “spin” on my intentions, I instead began communicating with them solely through Facebook. Now, after hundreds of thousands of comments on Facebook, millions of views on Youtube and tens-of-thousands of calls on every company and private phone number I have, I’ve decided to put it all in one place and respond to the comments, questions, criticisms and accusations here on our own website. I would rather my family earn what little bit of ad revenue this site might make than to make Mark Zuckerburg richer. I don’t think he needs any more money. I’ve been offered TV shows, interviews and had the opportunity to earn more money this week alone than in any entire year of my life. But for the same reasons mentioned above I have declined. As tempting as it is, I can’t do it under this premise.

3) This needs to get off my Facebook wall. I’m sure those of you who are interested in the story and it’s far-reaching implications on parenting, social media, and other platforms aren’t the slightest bit interested in what I planted in my garden today.

4) Hundreds of thousands of people across the world have commented and shared their thoughts, feelings, and sometimes their anger at the issue. We need a place where we (my family) can respond to those comments. This is that place.

6) Facebook doesn’t allow us to post everything we’d like to. We cant control the fonts, embed pictures, reference the videos, or anything else that makes for clear concise delivery of information. Here, on our own server we can do all that and more, and we can keep the topics focused. The topics I accidentally brought to light with my video are many, and parents across the nation have been encouraging us to respond to them. So we’re going to do that here.

7) And finally… It’s my hope that one day soon, others that find themselves in a heated situation could use this blog as THEIR voice, and who knows, maybe they too will get their 8 minutes of fame.

The impact of this video on my family has opened discussions across the globe. For the foreseeable future, I will be making daily updates (as often as I can) as to how it’s affecting my daughter and my family. We will also be using the blog feature of this site to respond to any and all media requests within reason.

If you’d like to stay updated on what’s going on, enter your email address up at the top-right of this page and click “subscribe.”

Have a good day y’all…

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