It only took seven years

So, yesterday made it real. All the planning and ticket-purchasing and preparation were exciting at moments and frustrating at others, but it wasn’t actually “real” to me yet.
Yesterday I walked into the bank and completely drained my “honeymoon savings” account.  I’d been putting money into that account for the last five years. Sometimes I’d put in some one month and have to pull some back the next to handle a bill or company expense or tax payment or something of the like. These last two years I’ve been more diligent about leaving it there and trying to forget it exists. That worked pretty well overall. But honestly it just felt good to finally be able to go in there and take it all out and know I was finally going to use it for what I’d wanted to use it on since the day I opened the account.  I’ve saved money before, paid things off that needed it, but I’ve never felt the satisfaction that I did when I walked out of the bank with the cash in hand to do what we’re about to do.
I’m finally getting to take my wife on the honeymoon she’s always so richly deserved, to the place she’s always wanted to go, and to do the things she wants to do.
Monday we leave for Ireland and Scotland for two weeks! Amongst what I’m sure will be many spontaneous and incredible memories we will all make together we’ve planned a few things out in advance just to be sure we’re able to do them.
On the day we land in Dublin we begin a five day stay at a 200 year old cottage in Roscrea, Tipperary, Ireland.
House in Irish countryside
The house we’ll be staying in.

I can’t even begin to describe the litany of things we have planned and places we have on our “honey-do” list to visit, but one of the memorable ones I hope is the half-day’s ride on horseback through the Irish countryside. That’s something we’ve both always wanted to do. We both love to ride, but haven’t been on horseback together at the same time since November of 2009.

At some point while we’re there, I’m going to take her out to visit the Cliffs of Moher. It’s a sight I’ve always wanted to see. I’ve seen a lot of the world in my travels but I’ve never had the chance to share any of these views with her. Just the memory of standing on the west coast of Ireland looking out over those cliffs together will be a memory worth treasuring.

The cliffs of Moher

After our first five days in Ireland we have a first-class trip across the Irish Sea to Scotland. Throughout the Scotland part of the trip we will be staying in Dalhousie Castle. First, I’d simply like to be able to say that I took her to stay in a castle. How many times in your life do you get to do that, right? I’ve been blessed to have traveled some of the world with work over the years so I remember the awe that comes from being an American visiting a country with real history. We have a great history here in the US but we are babies in terms of architecture and erecting long-lasting buildings. Nowhere in our country can you stand and appreciate something over 600 years old. In Scotland, we will be staying a castle that the King of England stayed in for a night directly before he headed off to Falkirk to defeat William Wallace. Just the history alone gives me goose bumps.

Dalhousie Castle

While in Scotland we have plans to visit Culloden Moor, Inverness, Loch Ness, Rosalyn Chapel, tour and drink in as much of Edinburgh and the surrounding culture as possible, and even have a falconry class where Amy will get to launch great owls, hawks, and falcons from her hand into the air.

Those of you that know us and spend time with us know the abnormal is fairly normal around here. To that effect, we changed it up a little bit from the norm. We’re taking two of our best friends on the honeymoon with us. Josh and Amanda haven’t ever been able to go on a trip like this either, so we’re going on a double-honeymoon I guess you’d say… Amy will have someone to shop with, hit the pubs with, and while they’re shopping I’ll have someone to go appreciate some architecture with. All in all I think it’s going to be a great experience.

I’d like to take a moment to thank my wife for all she’s ever done for me and for the patience she’s shown in waiting this long for the honeymoon she deserved on day one!

I’d like to thank my family and friends for watching out for our property and the dogs while we’re gone and keeping things going around the compound!

I’d like to thanks my customers, without which, I’d never have been able to finally make this happen. Thank you all for your continued support of both our businesses! We love you and appreciate you!

I’d like to thank my vendors, Vlad, Jeff, and all the others and their companies whose products make our services so reliable that I can take off for a trip like this without having to worry about what will happen while I’m gone. Your rock-solid products and continual improvement in performance and customer satisfaction make companies like mine able to do what we do so very well. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to do this either!

 Do us a favor, please?

While we are gone, both our mobile phones will still be active so you can call us local just like usual.  Don’t! If you absolutely need us, feel free. But if it can be handled with a support email, go that route, ok? We’re both looking forward to a vacation together unlike anything we’ve been able to do before!

We’ll take lots of pictures and post them to Facebook I’m sure.

Well, I guess that’s it…. I’m going to start my packing, trip prep, and be sure I’ve double and triple checked my packing lists and haven’t forgotten anything.

PS: Yes, I’ve been told I’m definitely taking my kilt. lol 



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