Kalamazoo Killer had “Arsenal” of Guns

I really do love today’s media. lol. Even worse than the attack on Uber (see link for previous article) out of the blue, they’ve now latched on to gun ownership in general. I love the headline the Detroit Free Press put out in their article. (Full article here).

15 is apparently an arsenal
15 is apparently an arsenal

In case you guys didn’t know, apparently by today’s media standard, half of the South is now filled with militarized families with full blown arsenals in their homes. Can I use that word again, just for effect? Arsenal!

By this standard, I lack only the requisite white sheets with holes cut in them to start my own spree of terror! Oh, with my arsenal. Can’t forget the arsenal!

Eleven long guns and four handguns constitutes an arsenal to the media? Let’s clarify this from the point of view of the average gun owner as compared to maybe the average housewife.

Anyone that works with cooking has an “arsenal” of knives. Hell, I’ve got about 30 of various shapes and sizes. Butcher knives, Santoku, Filet, Steak, Cheese, paring, coring, peeling, chopping, and more than one of most of those varieties. What person that enjoys cooking and making foods from scratch doesn’t?

Anyone that hunts, shoots for competition, or simply for sport would conversely have a similar collection.

For example they might have:

  • a .22 long gun, probably passed down from grand dad.
  • a 12 gauge passed down from grand dad. They don’t use it much, but it means something to them so they keep it around.
  • a modern 22 semi-automatic rifle for varmints.
  • a modern big-bore for hunting, maybe a .308. Maybe two.
  • a brush gun, something like a 30-30 lever action.
  • an AR platform, AR-15 or something similar, just for fun.
  • a 12 gauge for hunting.
  • a longer 12 gauge for duck hunting
  • a 20 gauge for the kids to learn on
  • another .22 bolt action for the kids to learn fundamentals on safely
  • the wife’s 16 gauge her dad left her

Oh wait, I forgot, that’s just MY long guns my wife and I have. I stopped at eleven because.. well, that’s an arsenal! I have no idea what 12 would make me in the eyes of the press!

Four handguns? Dear God!

How many people that are “into guns” out there DO NOT have at least four hand guns? Really! I’ve got about 9 that I can think of right off the top of my head.

Sheezus! I’m a fucking terrorist!

Hours on End? Get your head out of your ass!

The media as a whole needs to seriously get your collective heads out of your asses and exercise some journalistic integrity. I love the other line they use there towards the end. “Dalton regularly shot off his guns, sometimes for hours on end.”

I call bullshit.

In fact, I bet 100% absolute guaranteed bullshit! You know how I KNOW that’s bullshit?

Because unless they found 40,000 rounds of ammunition and a winning scratch off lottery ticket in his house, there’s no way in hell he COULD shoot guns for hours. He couldn’t afford to. On average, ammo is around 50 cents per bullet. You dump a mag in my AR-15, thanks.. give me $15 you turd. You just shredded $20 in 3 seconds. Thanks!

Pistols? No way. Same rule applies, and that’s if you’re shooting the crappiest stuff you can find. Good ammo runs about $1 a bullet to start. One magazine in my Beretta.. that’s almost $15 worth. People don’t even go to a gun range and shoot for hours. No one does. Absolutely NO ONE goes and makes it a habit to go blow off rounds for “hours on end” that’s not independently wealthy. They simply can’t afford to do it. If I wanted to sit around and shoot for even an hour, I’d have to be willing to spend $300 on ammo. Bring a friend over to play and that doubles, and believe me, they NEVER show up with ammo. They’re gonna shoot yours. They’re worse than people that just stopped smoking cigarettes.. the first step is you quit smoking your OWN!

Focus on the Facts

The guy is a killer. He’s nuts. He deserves to be hung by his testicles in a public square, laced with honey, and dangled near a fire-ant pit. Absolutely. Focus on that. Leave Uber out of it, and leave guns owners out of it. You’re making us look dirty by association and you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.



2 thoughts on “Kalamazoo Killer had “Arsenal” of Guns

  1. “Arsenal” is part of the lexicon of gun hatred. Other examples include:

    Assault weapon – – any scary-looking black rifle, especially if it has a “shoulder thing that goes up.”

    Saturday Night Special – – cheap handguns “favored by criminals.” Bans on these hurt poor people.

    “Armor Piercing” or “Cop Killer” ammunition – – ammunition designed to defeat body armor worn by police. Most handgun ammunition typically won’t defeat police body armor. The dirty secret is that the ammunition used by most hunting rifles (other than .22 rimfire) *will* defeat police body armor.

    “High-powered” rifle – – for some reason all rifles used in mass murders are described in the media as “high-powered.”

    “Plastic” guns that defeat metal detectors – – a gun used as a plot device in one of the Die Hard movies, these don’t actually exist. All polymer handguns have enough metal – – barrel and other internal parts, plus ammunition – – to be detected by any properly calibrated metal detector. When Glock handguns were first introduced into the US there was hysteria among the gun haters based on the possibility of them being able to defeat metal detectors, this belief being reinforced by the Die Hard movie mentioned above.

    “High-capacity clips” or “assault clips” – – magazines for rifles or pistols that hold a lot of cartridges. Many modern pistols and military-style rifles are designed to carry magazines with lots of cartridges. Gun haters, in an effort to effect incremental gun control, would like for all guns having such magazines to be banned, as well as after-market magazines for existing guns.

    Sniper Rifle – – in most cases any rifle used to shoot people from a distance. While the militaries of the world sometimes design their own rifles for use by snipers, in most cases sniper rifles will be common hunting rifles pressed into military service, and indistinguishable from civilian hunting rifles.

    • lol. Love it Robert. Unfortunately, that’s all too true!
      In that case I have to add to my list of crimes, to admit I am in possession of a sniper rifle or two, a few assault rifles, and oh.. you forgot machine gun.

      ANY gun that doesn’t look like a liberal’s grandfather’s .22 is a “machine gun.” Don’t forget those.

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