The Media hates UBER? Don’t worry about the victims at Kalamazoo. Uber is Evil?

Of course the Kalamazoo shootings are all over the news. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims in what has to be a tragic time in their lives.

What the hell just happened on this morning’s news cycle?

When I went to bed, there was a crazed gunman. Ok. That makes sense. When I wake up today and read the news there is a crazed Uber Driver. Not a white male, not James B Dalton, not a crazy-ass murdering psychopath that’s probably fallen off his meds. No. Holy Shit there’s an Uber Driver on the loose!

I’m sorry.. who the hell cares? What could possibly be the importance of whether or not he was an Uber driver? No one cares specifically if he was a Taxi driver, or a janitor. Why all the interest in Uber and speaking with Uber and reporting on Uber, and making it look like they are… wait for it… wait for it… Uber-Villians! (Yes, I did that in context! Freakin-awesome, right?)

In the relatively few hours since this story broke, all we have is Uber-Uber-Uber. I mean yeah, I know Uber has been in the news, but come on. Uber was contacted and YES, he passed a background check. Apparently, according to (only one) new source I’ve been able to find so far, he was even taking passengers between killing sprees.

Let’s get back to the bashing here… WHY THE FARK DO WE CARE THAT HE’S A TAXI DRIVER?

It seems the impetus of the media cycle is to say “No one use Uber! Only crazy, family-killing psychopaths work for that company!”


USA Today: Uber Driver held in shooting deaths…


CNN: Uber driver arrested in Kalamazoo…


New York Times: Man Accused… Has Driven for Uber

How about the Media get its collective head out of its asses and report the facts without any weirdly slanted agenda. If instead, you’re looking for better topics for headlines, here’s a couple:

Kalamazoo Killer owns house! – Homeowners are to be feared and you should run from them if you spot one!

Chevrolet-Owner kills EVERYONE!  – Only murdering psychopaths buy Chevys!

Michigan Mad Man uses Internet! – Holy shit! Using the Internet makes you want to kill people at Cracker Barrel? I better unplug quick before…. (zzap)

Take it the other way:

If you really want to slant some news, let’s take it the other way. I’m a gun owner myself and a firearms instructor. I get asked ALL the time “Why do you carry a gun to ___insert business name here___? Well because apparently Cracker Barrel isn’t safe. Car dealerships aren’t a safe place to take your kids either as of yesterday. Watch.. someone (probably a fellow Republican voter) will start up a petition to overtly support guns at Cracker Barrel next. Then they’ll get drug into this issue. Next, armed citizens will be standing around outside Kia dealerships. Ok, let’s be honest.. no one’s going to protect a Kia dealership. If you own one, you deserve to be…. well.. broken down on the road in a vehicle that devalued even before you purchased it and will never ever ever be worth 3/4 of what you paid for it even if you sell it half an hour later and that couldn’t pull a wet tampon out of a toilet bowl if your life depended on it…

Things like this… CRAZY ASS PEOPLE… (not Uber drivers) are why my wife and I carry a gun absolutely everywhere. Does having the ability to defend yourself mean you will necessarily be able to do so? Absolutely not. But it means you have the CHANCE to do so.

Stay safe out there, America.. and be careful of the news. They’re as crazy as some of their headlines it seems.



2 thoughts on “The Media hates UBER? Don’t worry about the victims at Kalamazoo. Uber is Evil?

  1. Tommy, I read your article. Being as I am from Kalamazoo and actually drive Uber in Kalamazoo, this really hits close to home. The fact he was an Uber driver has no bearing on the fact he killed 6 people. Thank you for pointing that out

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