Time for an Update

Wow… it’s been almost a month and the turn of events our lives have taken were never something we imagined possible only a few short weeks ago. If you’d have told any of us in my family that we’d be known world-wide for something, we would never have believed you. It’s just not something that happens to normal people. Looks like we were wrong about that, I guess.

Right after all this happened to us, we were bombarded with media requests, talk show requests, and interview requests on every available medium imaginable. Almost overnight, my daughter and I were tweeted about, Facebooked about, blogged about, written about, and more. We, or more specifically, I, was loved, hated, admired, despised, raised onto a pedestal (way undeserving), and kicked while I was down. We’ve dealt with everything from malicious users posting our home address on the Internet to telephone stalkers, to North Carolina Department of Social Services in our home at all kinds of hours investigating our family. All of this happened mostly within the first 72 hours of this event going live on YouTube.

As a direct result of this we agreed, and I posted repeatedly on Facebook, we would not be doing any media interviews unless we conducted them via email where we could be sure we have control of how our words are displayed; so no one can take what we say out of context. Fox news out of Houston was the first actual television coverage I saw and they completely misrepresented the context, the facts, and the actual words I used. It was amazing how a professional news organization could turn around and screw up something so badly. Imagine what the actual professionals could do to us if they had the chance on live television… *shudders*

So, for three reasons, we decided not to talk to the press.

Reason 1: Context

It was quickly apparent that even with my words in plain language, people were already spinning fabrications and twisting words with skill Dr. Seuss would envy; so there’s no way we were going to take the chance of having it worsened with an interview, especially a pre-recorded interview that would allow engineers to cut it up and clip it together. We didn’t know who we could or couldn’t trust. Suddenly these national figureheads are calling and showing up on our doorstep promising an open and honest interview, with no ambush tactics. Three weeks of research has taught me that a LOT of those were lies. One can spend a fairly small amount of time going online and quickly see video examples of ambush interviews performed by these shows and networks.  There was no way I was going to let that happen to myself or my family. So, we stood our ground.

Reason 2: The Lesson to My Children – and Anyone Else Watching

My daughter made a nasty Facebook post that was intended to be seen by her 400 or so Facebook friends. I made my  own response, intended for that same 400 or so friends. Hers was seen by a couple hundred people. Mine seems to have been seen by 31 million and counting. I’ve said this before, but it was truly a case where the punishment accidentally outweighed the crime.

I can’t turn around as her father and start taking advantage of all this publicity and “fame” and use it as a platform to to make money on a national or international stage. What kind of message does it send to my child to show her that it’s ok to embarrass someone as long as you profit from it in the end?

That’s not a lesson I want my kids to learn from me. That’s the kind of lesson that would have had me spanked as a child, and deservingly so, until I couldn’t sit down for a week!

Reason 3: The difference between a headline and a story.

After all the hoopla died down a little, this became my single core salient reason, so bear with me while I explain, because this sets the stage for my next thought in this post.

When all this happened, I could have had my pick of news outlets (and realistically still can). However, and maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like the only story anyone could have told three weeks ago would have centered around a few meaningless questions:

  • Why did you shoot your daughter’s laptop?
  • Do you abuse your daughter?
  • Isn’t Hannah going to be damaged/scarred/irrevocably humiliated for the rest of her life from this?
  • Do you think you’re a bad parent?
  • Are you going to seek counseling as a parent or for your family?

That was basically it. It was a headline piece. It wasn’t a story.

Telling the Story

A story has a beginning, it has a middle, and it has and end. We agreed as a family that we weren’t going to talk to the press until we had the “story” completed first, if at all.  Then and only then would we consider talking to anyone on national television. No, we haven’t really publicly stated that caveat on Facebook because it would only encourage them to keep vying for attention.

By having our “story” I mean that we have collectively gone through this process we accidentally started, from beginning to end. We’ve had time to process the effects of our actions on ourselves, and on each other. We know whether or not we’re better or worse for having lived through it. We can look back with perspective and understand how this affected us individually and as a family. Then, after all that has been accomplished, do we feel strong enough as a family to subject ourselves to that?

The answer was, yes. IF we pulled through this ok, and IF there was something others could learn from it, and IF there were substantial enough reasons why we thought it would be important enough to do this, THEN we would consider a television network interview.

After almost a month of this circus lifestyle, we’ve all agreed that we’re OK. We’re good. I know some people have cheered us on while others have ridiculed us. Some think we’re a stronger family for it while others think we’re irreparably harmed and have sentenced our daughter to a life of drug use and dead end jobs. That’s ok. Those people are entitled to their opinions and no amount of verbage I can spew is going to change that. Time will prove, both to us, and to everyone else that we’re OK and we’re a happy and healthy family.

Sticking to your Guns

Yeah, I carried the metaphor forward there didn’t I? Sorry about that. We have received a lot of support from people about sticking to our guns and not letting the media take control of our story. That isn’t going to change. This story, when it gets aired, will be our story, not someone else’s version of what we were thinking, what caused our actions, or how it affected our family.

I have learned a really important lesson in all this that, while not part of the real message I’m trying to convey here, is deserving of a segue.

When, and if God forbid you find yourself on the other side of the door from every major national network news agency… close it. Then lock it.

Take time. I don’t know what your story might be, but if it’s important  enough to them, they’ll wait for it on your terms. Don’t be flattered with all the gifts, offers to travel to New York, or Los Angeles, dinners, and patronization. It will come in waves like you’ve never imagined. We said something to someone in a conversation about my wife loving Italian food. Two days later a package from a New York deli appears on our doorstep.  In the same conversation we were discussing favorite shows on television. (Networks always want to know what your family’s favorite show on their channel is. I’m not sure why.) Anyway, my wife loves the Food Network channel and said so, talking animatedly about her favorite chefs. Within two days a signed, autographed, copy of his book arrives in the mail.  The list goes on and on. I now have enough hats and t-shirts to start my own network little league teams. (Maybe we could donate THAT to charity too. lol)

No, we didn’t ask for any of this stuff. We’ve gone out of our way when we can to tell people NOT to do that kind of thing. My wife and I are both fairly intelligent people. The more you attempt to “buy” our affections, the more we know you’re not genuine about it. But apparently it works on most people because that’s how the networks do it. Personally if someone’s going to spend that kind of money tossing stuff our way, we’d  rather just have the money to pay the mortgage. The amounts of money networks will spend wooing you is staggering, but it doesn’t actually “help” you in any way. It’s just flattery. It’s just a shame because I can imagine that just the airfare alone that networks have dished out in the last three weeks would pay my mortgage for an entire year. If you’re going to spend all that, just send the money and let me call you on the phone. lol. I mean, really. It’s crazy.

No… I don’t want television or anyone sending us money. We’ve earned every dime we’ve ever made and we’d both prefer to keep it that way. I like knowing that I deserve something when I go out and buy it, because I worked hard for it, paid all the bills, and saved accordingly and then I finally had enough left to reward myself, my kids, or my wife.

Anyway, I digressed there.. a lot. The point of this part of the story is this. If you can evade the gifts lavished at you long enough the networks will eventually come to you and say “Ok, we want you on our show for our story. What can we do to make that happen?” Then you get to do something good with your fame. Then you get to do what we’re doing now.

Uh oh, what are you doing Tommy?

Yes, we’ve agreed to go on a news program. (and I’m literally cringing as I prepare to hit the publish button on this post) I’ve spent an untold amount of hours trying to run my own business, be a father, be a husband, and trying to juggle all this for three weeks now while somehow remaining sane at the same time.

In the end, it came down to a couple of networks that we believed the most in. From those networks, for our first interview we’ve chosen NBC. This isn’t to say we won’t go on other networks if they ask, but we’re only going to do it if we can tell the stories that matter… not the ones they want to sensationalize. ABC network really has put forth some amazing efforts and offered some great things for us to do, and if they still want us to do them, we probably will. However, we also realize that part of the allure in having us on the show is to be the first show to do it. Once that first bubble is burst, it’ll likely be over. And you know what? That won’t be so bad either! I’d actually like to get back to work in my wood shop and my customers would prefer I be working on their IT issues rather than what I’ve been tied up with these last few weeks.

In the end the big decision came down to the Today show and Good Morning America. Both are truly great shows and have great things to offer. At the end of the day it comes down to two things for us. First, NBC has treated us with kid gloves all the way. They’ve been the most respectful of every network that’s attempted to talk to us. That has to count for something. Second, it just seems from my research that Today has a larger following than GMA and they resonate more with the age group we want to share our story with. So, if it ends up only being a one-shot deal, then we’ve chosen this as the venue to host it.

Why Do It?

Like everything surrounding the video that started all of this, most of the unintended conversations that sparked across the nation have been accidental in origin.

Who knew this was going to blow the top on a volcano of parents who really want to be firmer with their children but are scared to because of the constant threat of “I’m going to call social services” screamed from their out-of-control teenage child?

Parents have been coming out of the woodwork these last few weeks asking for more information on how to protect their children. Some have the naive opinion that their kids don’t need protection in cyberspace. Others have no idea of the possible dangers, both immediate and far-reaching, that social media can have on their families and even their children’s future employment or college acceptance.

This news coverage has allowed us to bargain. The news wants a chance to tell the “Laptop Shooting Dad” story and ask all the tough questions parents and kids across the nation have been repeating for weeks now. Fine. We’ve agreed to give them that.

I want a platform that, even if only for one day, can allow us to the chance to get out in front of this issue and educate parents on the dangers out there to their kids. We have a chance here. We have, whether we wanted it or not, gotten our 8 minutes of fame, so we’ve decided to use them as best we can.

What’s the Goal?

If I had to put it into a simple phrase, I’d have to say the goal of this is to “raise awareness” on a national level. We’ve got the chance to get out there for one day and hopefully not stumble over our words too much; to use this brief time to let all parent’s know that they need to wake up! There are two calls to arms I’m going to be shouting as hard as I can.

The first is to protect your children and your family from the effects of social media, and I believe that no one right now can say that with as much experience as we can. We are literally the poster-children for what can happen!

The other reason is to hopefully inspire parents to stand back up on their feet and stop bowing to pressures from their children or from social services or anyone else; to take their job seriously and realize that their first job as a parent is to raise a fully-functioning adult that can survive and thrive in the world when you finally have to let them go. A parent’s job isn’t to be their kids best-friend.

If parents can do both at the same time, then I want to urge them to tell the rest of us how. Stand up and be heard. Get your own 8 minutes of fame and help the rest of us out. That’s what this site was designed to do and that’s the message we hope they’re going to allow us to  send on national television!

See you all on Wednesday morning!

Until then,

Have a good day y’all…



48 thoughts on “Time for an Update

  1. Hi Tommy, will you be getting paid well for this interview?

    I’m sure people will criticized you if you do. Calling you a sell-out, etc.

    Don’t be pressured into not accepting money! You deserve it!

    Look at it this way. Your words are valuable and you are teaching the masses that they need to stop being ignorant when it comes to protecting our children.

    So, as a teacher, you deserve to get paid – and paid well.


  2. I applaud the decision your family has made. You guys have handled the whole thing with your own grace and dignity intact. You have touched a nerve in society. People will listen because you are well spoken. You have obviously done your research on choosing the right network. I think it was always meant to be…that you are a writer…that she came to live with you…that you responded via video. The whole thing is a giant plus already happening for family values. Thank You for being who you are, and thanks for all you’ve shared in blogs before this ever happened. God Bless you and yours.

  3. of course they are going to get paid….and this will teach the daughter that her act of disrespect paid off in her favor….

    • He has already said that NO he is not getting paid, they of course are paying for his and his families travel expences. But if he really wanted to get paid don’t you think he would have done it in the begginning when this was a HUGE deal and he would’ve gotten alot Im sure….and this is not teaching his daugter anything like that, she is still grounded, how is this paying off for her?! did you not hear about child services coming to their home, Im sure thats not what she wanted and was probably worse on her then anything else!!! ( which clearly they had NO grounds to even investigate, that was absolutely rediculous!)

  4. funny how you mentioned you need your rent paid but then said you dont want anyone to pay it but then again you said you didnt want gifts but got them any way so I can appluaud your genious on this one…your daughter is set for life and you never have to worry and she will never ever have to wrry about her filling out another application ever…congratulations on your brillience…hopefully it will rub off on your daughter

    • My daughter is set for life? lol. My daughter isn’t set for the next two weeks.. no more then we ever are. Again… networks do NOT pay for interviews. Agree or disagree, but look it up yourself before you make assumptions.

      • really? you just sound like your misinformed and going off before even looking into this very much! Do you even have kids? and have you even fallowed this situation very close or just saw the video and what the media had to say? cause you sound clueless to the matter!

  5. Hi Tommy – Like so many others, I don’t know you, but really appreciate what you’ve done and the way you have put your family first, including zipping your daughter’s momentary lapse of good judgement. Two years ago, fed up with my own five kids’ entitlement, I started a small revolution taking things off my plate (those terrible things like laundry, dinner, bathrooms, etc.) and shared our “adventure” on themoatblog. When a friend forwarded me your video, I, again like many others, shared it. Just yesterday, a mom stopped me to say thank you for sharing your video. Because, so many parents feel like they’re alone when they counter-culturally make their kids take responsibility for every day life functions. Despite the fact a kid thinks it, the world really doesn’t revolve around them. And as parents, what a disservice to set them up to believe that it does.

    So … thanks for sharing. And for parenting. And for going on television. None of us are perfect, but at least you’re training rather than enabling. On the other side of equipping a kid emerges an adult full of stable, responsible independence. Crazy.

  6. Mr. Jordan,

    There is a YouTube user by the name of GregSolomon who is sending out this message about your video:

    I’ve copied, pasted and sent the following explanation to any commenter who doubts that Tommy’s video is a hoax…

    This guy had questioned me a couple of times about monetizing videos, and wanted to know if my videos were “real.”
    About a week or so before his video went viral, he approached me with an idea for a video hoax which involved supposedly shooting his daughter’s computer for supposed derogatory comments she posted on her FaceBook account directed at her parents. He was actually going to shoot a computer monitor (non-functioning) indoors, in a spare bedroom in their basement. He wanted to know if I’d post it on my YouTube page to “jump start” it, with the hopes of it taking off and going viral. He said he’d pay me $100 if it got one million views. I declined his offer.
    A week or so later, he had made the video he described to me, and it indeed went viral (I was actually shocked that it went viral). His actual video idea had obviously morphed from him shooting a computer monitor indoors, to shooting a laptop outdoors though.
    Trust me, his video is a hoax. He’s also nothing like the Southern gentleman type of character that he portrays himself as in his video. In reality, he seems to be a somewhat impish, scheming type of individual.
    He actually reminds me of the car salesman character in the movie Fargo.

    • Jay, if you’ve got the link to that anywhere, send it to me. I’ve ignored that completely demented old fart thus far because he’s clearly off his rocker. He’s an old, lonely, weird man who’s BEGGING me to give him the attention he wants. He’d just like to get the traffic to his YouTube account. Personally, I’m denying him the privilege. He’s never met me, never bothered to do any “real” research and he’s just about wrong on everything he’s ever posted.

      He’s a twisted sad old man who wants attention and I feel sorry for him. However, quite frankly I could sue him for libel, slander, defamation of character, and probably a few other things.. but why bother? He’s probably got no money and I’d wind up with a judgment against some old guy that wouldn’t be worth the cost of court? I’d spend ten thousand dollars (that I don’t have) suing one old guy for what? All I’d probably get is that pipe he pretends to smoke on his videos.

      I don’t need to pander to him. He’s picked on my business, my wife’s business, my guns, my speech, my heritage.. pfft. Anyone who wants to spend thirty seconds can find my clients on Facebook. My clients know what I do for a living and they love our company. My friends and family know who I am and the kind of person I am. They’re the only ones important. I WILL tell you that I’ve NEVER contacted him via any means whatsoever except to call him a demented old man on his original YouTube post. If you leave him alone, he’ll go off in a corner somewhere and wither away back to the nothing he was before he decided to try to ride my coat tails.

      Have you ever noticed he’s got no proof of any of his accusations? I’d like to see these emails or phone logs where he and I talked. Show them to me, or to you guys, for proof. Show someone ONE SINGLE communication (complete with ISP header tracking information and I’ll show you why they’re false). I’d like to see him identify where I even have a basement… who has basements out here? Idiot. He’s claimed I don’t own my business, yet my name is on the corporate charter filed with the SEC. (It legally has to be). If I’m a liar, just call the IRS and report me… duh. He’s called me unemployed. Prove it. I can’t even really remember all the things he’s said, nor do I really care. Truthfully I’d like to reach out and quash him like the bug he is, but I’ve refrained, first because he’s just nuts anyway.. and secondly because I’m just not going to pick on some old man. For some reason he’s chosen me to pick on. Hey, if it’s me he’s picking on, maybe he’s leaving some young boy alone…

      • Thanks for replying. Yes, I noticed right away that he has nothing to back up his accusations. I commented as such on the video and he sent me the message I posted. I don’t know if he’s posted that message anywhere else or just in private messages on YouTube.

      • Tommy, “Hey, if it’s me he’s picking on, maybe he’s leaving some young boy alone…”

        As much as I loved this comment Tommy, I have thought of you as a “real” dad, husband, and all around good egg, I do believe you are above such comments lol; however, that being said, I think you know better and trust that you do, not to lower yourself to other’s standards. I think you are much smarter and remind you that two wrongs don’t make a right. People look up to you because you have handled this “bump in the road” (media attention) with the highest of standards. Don’t let one’s bad deeds over shadow your good deeds. Don’t fuel the fire! I see a lot of people coming to you in the future, not about shooting lap tops but about standing against what ails this country when it comes to our children falling in to cracks because of liberals always thinking they know what is best and everyone else is just WRONG! What is the actual date this interview is coming out? Did I already miss it and if so, is there a link I can go grab it from? ~ Rohnda

  7. I am as cynical of the media as you are. I so hope your interviews do not get replayed out of context! I am a parent and teacher and a fan! Good luck or “break a leg” which is the traditional comment for success for a performance! I applaud you and your wife’s values!

    • You and me both! Part of the decision to do it live was because for better or worse, there’s no way to edit the Today Show… it’s broadcast live from the studio direct to TV. There’s no chance to edit anything out.

  8. Hi Tommy,

    I admire your tenacity and your ability to “Stick to your guns!” You have EVERY right to reevaluate your situation and change your mind! I’m thankful that you are going to do the interview, I only hope the network represents you appropriately. My husband & I have used your video as a learning tool for our 12 year old son. We can’t shelter him from the world, but we can introduce it to him on OUR terms! We even have parental controls on the TV to minimize the crap that comes across there! We have applauded you and supported you every step of your journey! NO ONE has the right to judge you! My only question or concern for you, are you taking the kids on the show for the interview?? I’m sure they have already been over exposed, I would just hate for their pictures to be plastered all over. I’m sure you have taken those things into consideration! YOU ARE AN AMAZING INDIVIDUAL, and in my opinion, you are a GREAT DAD!!! Best of luck and we look forward to continuing our support! Best Wishes, April Mae

  9. You probably know by now when you’re simply being over-flattered but I can promise you that my praise is genuine. This blog proves you to be a rational human being. Most people would have fallen into the traps the media laid out for you but you knew better. I’m so thankful you knew better because when the video first went viral, I knew you would be bombarded by the media, and I honestly didn’t expect you to handle it so well. The challenge I see for you is not letting your ego get inflated. Because if I were in your shoes, I would feel like a big shot. Stay humble Tommy, and most people will continue to respect and admire the way you handle these situations, and will hopefully follow your example as a rational and responsible parent and human being. I don’t know if you’re a praying man, but you seem to be led by Godly advice. Keep sticking to your guns!

    • A lot of people keep asking that… nope. News networks don’t pay guests as a general rule. Tabloids.. maybe I suppose, but no, NONE of the news networks that I know of pay guests to appear. I asked that early on because it would have been an immediate way to invalidate the message we’re tying to send. Both ABC, CBS, and NBC all said it’s never done as a matter of journalistic integrity. So, no.. we are not receiving a check from NBC (or anyone else) for being on their show.

  10. Tommy,

    Let me just say that I think in this world that we live in now and days you are a real class act. The thing that stood out to me the most was how GENUINE, how REAL you were in the video. That was raw, spur of the moment reaction to something your child did. The hoopla that started afterward, well, I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Who knows what it was for. There is a plan though, sir, and in my opinion you are handling it superbly. You are who you are and nobody should question that. You should do what you feel is right in your heart and what is best for your family. The fact that you are trying so hard to give back and actually contribute something to society instead of riding the winds of success, there in itself points to the kind of man you are. And, I will tell you something else…. My co-workers and I saw the video very early on and every single person in our shop who we showed it to, totally agreed with your reaction and your reasoning!!! Just do you, and in everything else will fall in place.. Your a good person, and good things happen to good people!! Keep your head up and god bless!

  11. This probably wont’ help stop it, but HEY…

    The spam filter catches them and I have to manually approve them… which of course I don’t. Why bother? I’m not going to post the non-sensical reply just so you can share your viagra website, or your hair care product, etc. Save me the effort will ya? It’s a waste of time when I could be replying to people who actually have something important to say.


  12. Hi Tommy,

    You do not have to reply, you are already so busy. I just want you to know from one parent to another that keeps tabs and track of their child’s Facebook and other internet crap, you are a great parent. I have gone through hell and back with my own daughter and keep track of her facebook daily. Do I always comment of course not, however do I print what I think may be important to her safety or to help her become a better adult…. YOU BET YOUR BUTT…. the rule in my house is if you are using my computer, my internet, just living under my roof and your are not 18 I have the right too see what you are doing. It helped me to stop my daughter from killing herself and get the support she needed. Keep doing what you are doing. You are all amazing <3 thank you for being real parents.

  13. Sorry this is another comment to delete..
    If I were in your shoes I am not sure I would have dealt with it as well as you have,,you fight for your kids and family and what is reasonable and right.
    Nice post

  14. Hi Tommy.
    I think you’re a wise man. And I think your daughter will learn from your wisdom and grow into as much a well adjusted woman as anyone could expect in our modern world.
    You have some good values and these are what your children will gain the most from.
    I don’t mean to sound condescending, but, well done =)
    We could all learn from each other.

  15. I don’t know if you will read this but in case you do here goes….I commend you for shooting the labtop. What you did was teach your daughter a lesson, I have 4 daughters and you have to be creative these days to punish them, girls are very hard to deal with. I have a teen who thinks I (we) owe her, yes you read it right owe her. I will quote George Lopez to her—-“This is MY house and I let YOU live in it.” I have had to be creative when punishing them we have had to lock down facebook many times, my Fiance and I are are also IT people and the kids really think you can get into their stuff. I have to laugh at them, if we want in it we get in it . I have taken cell phones away but found its worse if you just take the battery out and hand them the phone. They really hate that. But anyway my fiance defended you last night when he saw a post from an ignorant person, they suggested you were going to shoot your daughter. He totally slammed the other person for saying that and told them how stupid they were and came to your defense. The person was saying you worked your daughter from morning to night without pay…..really…..they must think she doesnt attend school..and pay her? She has a roof over her head and food to eat, not to mention all the extras, my parents never paid me. My Fiance said he sees it like this…If I bought it and you do something you shouldnt thats your own fault, the first time you wont get in as much trouble but if I have to keep saying it then trouble will start. He said I paid for the cell and pay it every month and if I want to take it and slam it into a brick wall I can because its leagally mine in my name and I let you use it. He said I paid for all the computers, game systems, cells, netbooks, laptops, etc and I can do what ever I want to them or with them. I think you are trying to teach your daughter morals like nothing is free and just do what I ask and show some respect.

  16. Mr. Jordan, as I was reading your post, a popular saying came to my mind that I feel you emulate admirably:
    “No amount of success can compensate for failure in the home.”
    You have your priorities right. How refreshing and thank you.

  17. Dear Mr. Jordan Sir

    If people want to share there hard earned money with you and you put it toward your mortgage there is no crime.
    What do you think a host of a talk show gets paid ?
    You are hosting her a talk show, you are talking and people are listening .
    So if people were to send money for your straightforward honest entertaining FB talk show Hosted by none other than The man himself,
    Tommy Jordan.
    I would believe then that the money rightfully earned even if it is not your usual means of sustainment , lots of time and effort have gone into evey word you post.
    Have you ever made that prayer to God to make sure you have the means to pay your mortgage ? God works for the good of our souls ,His ways are not ours, if one does not except out of charity then he does not allow another to act out of charity.
    Then the Blessing is lost.
    So may you be blessed with others hard earned money.
    May you be blessed with humility to keep your soul.
    And may you continue to have strength and clarity in your quest to protect and guide the parents and childern of the world .
    In Love and light

  18. I’ll not see your interview on the tv one because I’m in Ireland and two I’ve not got one. Lol I know that in our times this is almost impossible to beilive but it is what it is. Good news never sells it seems. We all have enough badness in our lives to carry, should we find confort in knowing that there are outers out there in more trouble than us…….
    Your utube clip was an accident to come on, as was this on facebook (ive not been here for more than two weeks) but I beilive that there are things happen for a reason. I’m glad that life is as it is and I extend my good wishes both to you and your familey, it’s good to see that there are no seccond places to being a parent and doing the best you can to prepare your children for life as best you know how and can.
    Good luch on wendesday and I hope you get “your message” assross

    • I dont have the URL’s yet, but I’m sure it will all be viewable on the Internet after it happens. I’ll post the links here for anyone who wants to see them. I’ll probably just do another blog post and list the links there.

  19. all i want to say is that when i grew up i was punished the same way tommy jordan was and i fully agree with him and doctor phill dosen’t now what hes talking about he needs to get out of his studeio and go live a kids life and so he can expereance what its like

  20. Hello Tommy, been a roller coaster ride for you and your family I see.
    Mad how it’s all gone so crazy. For what it’s worth Tommy, I’m behind you. My family are all grown now the youngest being 20 at the end of this month. Here’s a little history of my family 2 sons now 27 and almost 20 1 daughter 24 and 2 long term foster kids my oldest 2 brought home as they weren’t safe where they were, they are son 27 and daughter 24. I raised all 5…ALONE, yes 3 boys and 2 very at times wild girls. It was a blast most of the time and the teen years were at times the hardest. I was strict and tough on the lot of them. I was 1 person trying to do the best for 5kids, not easy and being strict and tough was the only way to stop them running circles round me. But I was always fair and tried to see their point of view. Someone once told me that the 5 of them were a little afraid of me and my reactions to which I replied “Good, because we all need some one to keep us in line or we get to big for ourselves”, I still stand by that. I realized early that NO was the most powerful word in the universe but that sticking to it was tough, but once I’d said no; it wasn’t happening. Discipline is tough on the kids and at times on you the parent but to my mind it’s a necessity if you want them to grow with morals, humanity, dignity and respect for others. Did I ever loose it like you..well yes Sir, I did, like you did I react to something with out seeing what the reaction would be, Yes Sir, I did. I once took the door off the girls bedroom and launch it out the window and I also took a hammer to all of their phones in front of their friends,god I was mad that day. Like you due to my actions social services paid a few visits, but when it came down to it could find nothing wrong within my household. I just didn’t do it on you tube, because I wouldn’t have known how lol, but I strongly suspect I would have!! The thing is you know your kids and they know you and although shooting a lap top maybe a little crazy if people are honest they’ll too know there was times when they either lost it or wanted to. It’s not easy being a parent and god knows they know how to push buttons. Don’t beat yourself up too much about it all, your human and to me seem to be a nice guy. Thing is the kids will grow like mine and they’ll be fine. Mine now think it’s hilarious that I removed a bedroom door and launched it across a room and out a window and the hammer to the phones gets the biggest laugh. It’s just a part of our family history, I still cringe a little about it all but guess what, now they are all grown that tough mum routine has paid off (even the crazy parts) All 3 boys are doing well, grew into fabulous men I am proud of. 1 is married with his own kids, 1 travels the whole working for a humanity charity, the youngest is at University doing well and winning awards in his field. The girls, 1 is married with a child, the other is coping with the death of her partner and child, by working with other people who have suffered the same loss as her to help them come to terms with it all. Basically they have turned out to be the people I wanted them to be, but guess what…..mamma still won’t take no sh*t from them, will pull them back in line if I think they need it, I choose to be a parent and will be till my last breath. It never does them any harm to make them realise that they aren’t entitled to the world on a golden plate. None of my 5 have ever been arrested or in any trouble, they told me that the thought of me was enough to stop them getting up to stuff they shouldn’t, however they aren’t perfect and I don’t want to give the impression they are the worlds best, but they are decent, respectful and generally nice people.
    You and your family will be fine and you’ll come through this ok. Don’t stop being who you are as that would be a shame. I wish you luck in your endeavours. You will laugh a lot about this in years to come.
    All the best Julia from London UK

  21. You have to be the Poster Adult for parents who don’t care if they are their child’s Best Friend Forever. Those who think you were too hard on your daughter fall in the BFF category, which does the child no favor whatsoever. I had a great deal of pressure over my parenting style when I proved to be a traditionalist and my friends were not, and yet later in time one of them admitted I had done the right thing (seeing the end result of her having spoiled her daughters). I now have an adult daughter (happily married) who stands on her own two feet, paid her own way through college and is gainfully employed.

    The important thing is, you followed through with a threat/promise. Best lesson your daughter could ever learn. Bravo!

  22. Mr. Jordan

    As an 19 year old “kid,” I admire your family for sticking together through all the media attention. I would just like to say that I, for one, have learned a very valuable lesson from watching your video, and two, believe that parents should be doing more to pass along strong morals and positive values to their children.
    One thing that upsets me more than anything is when I see kids disrespecting their teachers, parents, school bus drivers, etc… I guess I am one of the fortunate few that have worked for what I have, respected my parents and everyone I cross paths with, and can learn from and admit to my own flaws and mistakes. I learned real quick that throwing temper tantrums because I wanted something got me absolutely NOWHERE.
    I believe that you (although perhaps unintentionally) have made yourself, your daughter, and your family as a whole, stronger and closer as a result of the video, and I want to thank you for standing behind your decision and your choice. Although I may not know you personally, I have a great deal of respect for you. Keep on keepin’ on and know that you have lots of people’s support!

    -Steve M.

  23. As it turns out, NBC still has that “Dr. Phil” poll available on its site. I just voted and it worked. I imagine this poll will come up in the interview. I think you’ve got a solid grasp on all the important things you want to convey… I’ll still say a prayer for you, that you are able to stay on task, not get tongue-tied, don’t let the bright lights get to you, etc.

    On a side note, I went to a township meeting a few months back where the police were talking about drugs and whatnot in our schools. They couldn’t stress enough about parent involvement and the importance of knowing what our kids are up to, who their friends are, where they are vs. where they said they’d be, what’s in their drawers, backpacks, cars, under their beds, etc. Kids don’t have privacy… that’s my (the parent) car, that’s my room, that’s my dresser, and I will turn it upside-down whenever I want. The privacy of your bedroom is a privilege and I can look through it whenever I want. I can remove the door from the hinges if I want, and I get to pull the seats out of your car if I think you might be hiding something.

    When the police give this talk to parents at the schools they said there is inevitably at least one parent who raises their hand and says, “What about my child’s right to privacy? I cannot invade their privacy.” To which the police always reply, “Then, I will see you at jail sometime soon. If you don’t know what your child is up to, then it is only a matter of time before they enter our system. You are the parent. They are the child. They have no right to privacy.”

    I wanted to give the man a standing ovation. I will try my hardest to know what my kids are up to because I certainly don’t want them harmed, going down the wrong path with the wrong people, and I really don’t want to have to spring them from the clank.

    You get a national platform to say what the officers where saying to about 50 people. Best of luck!

  24. Tommy, I have been following your story since it first began (pretty much the day after you posted the video). First, I must say you are an outstanding individual and have handled everything very well. Second, you are doing great things with your 8 seconds of fame!
    I am so excited to see you and hear your story on the Today Show. Best of luck to you…..er maybe I should say break a leg!? haha

  25. Hi Tommy! It’s amazing how far you and your family have come in the past few weeks. Based on what I’ve read (and I’m still reading some of what has been posted on your Facebook page and on the group page), it seems to me that y’all are holding up pretty good. Glad to hear it! I’m behind you 100% with the decision you and your family made to do the interview with the Today Show. I don’t watch it much anymore (haven’t watched it post 9-11 because of how they slam many conservatives from the political arena – but that’s my problem!). But I will make an exception in this case and look forward to seeing your interview.

    It’s probably safe to say that I don’t need to remind you to make double sure that they don’t blindside you with questions to which you did not agree to answer ahead of time. It goes without saying that you’ll most likely have your attorneys protecting your personal interests and that the “final cut” will be exactly as is at the time of airing.

    Hopefully what I had to say made some sense. Take care of yourself! 🙂

  26. Do you think that one reason for the very positive and very negative reactions to your shooting the laptop stem from people’s differing views on gun use ? That is, people in northern, more urban areas associate gun use with violence, crime, murder, etc while most rural Southerners associate guns with hunting, protection of the family and home, target practice for sport, etc, and are much more comfortable with the casual use of guns ? So pulling out a gun and shooting something isn’t that unusual to those of us in the South — just another target…. and in this case, one that threatened your family’s well-being.

  27. I am looking forward to seeing you on The Today Show. Hopefully they will treat you with respect and not feel the need to throw you under the bus. As a parent, I feel that you have a firm grasp on parenting. I know exactly what you mean about not being a friend. There is a difference between being friendly and being a friend. Also, I would like to say that you did not go overboard shooting the laptop. You said you would do it, and you stayed true to your word. Too many people do not do this. If you say you are going to do something, then do it, no matter what happens. Some people may want to vilify you, but it doesn’t matter what others think in the long run.

    Well, I hope you have a great interview.

    God Bless,

  28. when I first heard of your going on tv I was thinking “what a cop out” and lyer” but after reading your story I understand and I support your actions.. I hope that all goes well with your interview and yes you should be paid.. if nothing else for all that you have endured from the media these past few weeks. I pray that all goes well for you and as mom of 2 boys I also support the way you are raising your daughter. I have 2 grand daughters and am sure that my sons would act in the same matter that you have.. Thank you

  29. i am a 38 year old mother of 2 girls. ages 20 and 15. and like you, i have not always been the perfect parent and im still not. however, both of my girls know my feelings about respect. i have told them since they were small children; you dont have to like me but you will show me and your elders respect! thats just how i was raised. and we both know with teenage girls, they will push your buttons but only as long as you allow it. dss dont want parents to spank our kids. but where i come from (salisbury, n.c.) if you didnt listen to your parents or even thought of showing disrespect, youre going to get whats coming to you. most of the time it was a leather belt or a switch. but either way eventually i learned. when my oldest was 15 years old and was rebelling by cutting herself, i simply told her she was not allowed to sit in her room by herself and i told her to come sit in the living room. she wanted to give me a hard time and she made the mistake of telling me ‘no’. i had no plans of going to jail for trying to protect my daughter from herself. so i simply called the law for an unruly teenager and i requested an officer to come to my house to watch me whipp her butt and to make sure i didnt over do it. needless to say, they were helpful and glad to assist. on another occasion a couple of years before that, as i was driving the church van. i had a bad feeling about her sitting with what she called her boyfriend but since we were on the church van with others present, i gave her the benifit of the doubt. when i arrived to drop her boyfriend off at his house, i politely went to shake his hand. i shook both of his hand. and i simply smelled his fingers and…well you can just imagine what happened after that. it wasnt a pretty picture. last year, my 15 year old was on her cell phone and i felt she was up to no good so i asked her to let me see the phone (that i pay for). we got into a little struggle and she ran out of the house. someting i thought she had enough sense not to do. i was furious!!!! i have asthma but i chased her twice around my house then i just stopped and call the law to come out. needless to say, i got the phone and she was grounded for a long time. theres been plenty of other incidents during the rasing of my girls. but just so you know, youre not the only parent out there that refuses to be disrespected by our kids and will do what ever we see fit to get the point across. great job! and i did get to watch the interview on the TODAY SHOW. thank you for letting me subscribe to see what you post. maybe i will get to meet you and you family one day. i own a gun but i could probably use some shooting lessons just to feel more comfortable with it. lol! love your family. you make me feel almost normal. lol thanks again!

  30. All i want to say is that after watching both youtube vids i can say that i agree with you. the fact that our nation’s parents have allowed the goverment and media to tell us how to raise our kids in a mannor that disregaurds all that we were tought as kids, respect for others and one self, accepting the recoil of our actions, knowing right from wrong, and life isn’t handed to us we had to work damn hard to get what we have. Bravo man!!

  31. Mr. Jordan,

    I just wanted to let you know that I fully support your actions. As a college student I am shocked everyday at some of the stuff I see kids my age and younger ones posting online. It gets ridiculous!

    I’m sorry so many ignorant people are commenting on your you tube video and criticizing your life as if they know you.

    With that said, I WISH I had a dad like you!

    You’re an inspiration for parents to take control of their own kids instead of expecting others to do it!

    Thank you.

  32. Dear Tommy Jordan:

    I have a few questions for you. I’m sure these have been asked and answered, but I feel they’re important enough to warrant being asked again. And since I can’t effectively review the many thousands of postings and replies that have been published since this story went viral, I’d be grateful if you could invest a few minutes and response.

    The questions you dismiss above as “meaningless” (why you shot the laptop, whether you consider it abuse, whether you think Hannah will have lifelong negative consequences from this, whether you view this as bad parenting, and whether you think your family should seek counseling) seem to me the most relevant questions that could possibly arise. Why do you dismiss them?

    Additionally, I understand that you have positioned this as an “eye for an eye” type exercise that went wrong: you intended, so you say, to address the same 400-odd of your daughter’s peers that she addressed in her Facebook rant, to embarrass her as she had embarrassed you, to “give her a taste of her own medicine.” But I find it difficult to understand how you — a professional communicator, social networking advocate, and IT person — did not realize that you were taking your YouTube video to a virtually unlimited audience (which has now currently exceeded 30 million in practice), whereas your daughter limited her rant to a controlled audience of 400 or so.

    From where I sit, it appears that your daughter (who needed an outlet for her frustrations, juvenile though they may be) thought the appropriate and least harmful way to vent them was in a controlled posting to a small, trusted audience of 400, rather than going truly “public” with them or addressing you disrespectfully. In response, you taught her that the appropriate way to vent frustrations is to expose her to ridicule by quite literally the entire world and, of course, to pick up a gun and shoot. Indeed, you have repeated and AMPLIFIED every single aspect of your daughter’s actions that you supposedly found objectionable: the public airing of frustrations, the disrespectful content, the lack of forethought. And then — after committing to the fact that you would seek no personal gain from this episode — you proceeded to systematically seek fame and profit from it. Although you claim you did not realize or hope that your YouTube clip would be widely viewed (really?), you had the option of removing it, which of course you have not done. On the contrary, you have dragged your family onto network television several times (another breach of your own promise), copyrighted and monetized your video, hired a legal team to defend your intellectual property and profits (can’t have those Views going to some imposter, can we?!), and published a blog to promote your commercial venture even further. Do you really not see the hypocrisy in all of this?

    I realize that guns are part of your local culture, and I have to respect that — different as it is from my own way of life. I come from a country with a People’s Army, where civilians slinging Uzis on city streets are a common sight. But in my view, using a firearm to teach level-headed, rational, respectful behavior is self-defeating.

    Finally, what is the meaning of this sentence? “I realize what I did was a mistake, but I stand by what I did.”

    Avi Jacobson

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