Personal Letter to Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring

Dear Attorney General Herring,

I can only assume from your quotes read in today’s news regarding the cancellation of concealed handgun reciprocity with North Carolina that you sir have fallen on your head and somehow impaired your thinking. As a gun owner myself, and a firearms instructor, I humbly ask that you seek medical attention post-haste!  Surely, actually no.. FACTUALLY the reasons you state for changing reciprocity with some of these states are a complete and total fabrication lacking absolutely no evidence. In fact the reasons you stated make no sense whatsoever. I can only speak for North Carolina because I haven’t taken the time to research all the other states’ gun laws, but please allow me a moment to enlighten you as someone appears to have been filling your head with utter nonsense.

Your Claim:

According to you, North Carolina (by its inclusion in your new law) has a process for acquiring a concealed handgun permit that, to quote you, “circumvents and undermines Virginia law” and “it has meant that individuals the General Assembly has specifically disqualified because of their past conduct still have a path to getting a concealed handgun permit.”

I’ll clarify that for the lay-person out there.

Attorney General Herring says it’s too easy to get a concealed carry permit in North Carolina as opposed to Virginia.

Let me first clean up any misgivings about why that’s a complete fabrication.

What does it require to get a concealed carry permit in Virginia:

  1. Be 21 years old.
  2. Complete a Hunter Safety course – which you can do as a child OR
  3. Complete just about ANY handgun course of ANY kind, taught by anyone or if that’s inconvenient you can simply take an online course for $20 in half an hour.
    If you doubt me, I encourage you to reference Virginia Resident Concealed Carry Permit Application information, specifially Section 18.2-308.02 of Virginia Code. It can be found here:
  4. Pay up to $50 including finger prints, court application fee, and Sheriff’s department fee.
  5. Furthermore your law specifically states ” No applicant shall be required to submit to any additional demonstration of competence, nor shall any proof of demonstrated competence expire.”

That’s it. Anyone can get a Virginia Concealed  Carry permit for $50 and take a 40 minute online test.

Here’s the entire “course” if you want to call it that…

By Comparison, What it Takes to get a CCH Permit in North Carolina

  1. Take a DOJ APPROVED instructor course.
  2. Course must be a minimum of 8 hours.
  3. Course must contain live fire.
  4. Course MUST contain a minimum of the NRA Basic Pistol Safety segment as well as addressing cleaning and operation of a firearm.
  5. Students must achieve a proficiency rating with firing their firearm to pass.
  6. Students must pass a written test from the NCDOJ.
  7. Students must pay for the course, and take it IN PERSON with an approved instructor, licensed by the NCDOJ, which runs between $50-$125 per student to take.
  8. Student must pass a state and local background check.
  9. Student must pay an additional fee for the application process that ranges between $80-$95.
  10. Student must (depending on the county) provide TWO separate medical releases stating they are of sound mind and body and are deemed OK by a medical professional to carry a concealed firearm.
  11. Student must show two forms of ID when applying for the permit.

Need I go on? I could.

Let me simply consolidate it into these few facts that I hope don’t get in the way of your obviously liberal voting agenda in the upcoming election:

  1. It is WAY harder to acquire a concealed carry permit in NC than in VA.
  2. Virginia is one of those states other states laugh at because the Virginia permit is so easy to obtain that most instructors joke that their states shouldn’t honor yours, not vice versa.




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