Server down?

So I get an email today from, the web host I use to host this website. They host all the small stuff I do; my company, Amy’s company, etc. I rarely ever have any issues with them and they’re good for the price. The email warns me I’ve exceeded the allotted amount of CPU utilization in a 24-hour period that I’m allowed. Now that my friends is hilarious. I’ll spend the time to draft an important article, put pictures with it, proof-read it, and post it and I’ll be lucky to get 4,000 views on it in a month. I spent 30 minutes last night writing off the top of my head about random doodoo and boom… the server gets hit too hard. I checked the traffic statistics and it was somewhere in the range of 8,000 views on the blog post in 12 hours. Really? About nothing.

Beard and I were talking today about traveling. I purchased all new suitcases for the honeymoon trip to Ireland. I finally upgraded and got some decent luggage. Warning – don’t buy a 29″ Travel Pro suitcase unless you plan on disposing of bodies with it. I could literally curl my entire self up and fit inside that monster! In reality that MIGHT make it big enough for all the stuff I know my wife will end up bringing back from Ireland when we visit this fall.

Anyway, that conversation led us to talk about airlines and losing luggage, and that reminded me of a story from Libya. I’ll skip the boring details. The sum of the story is Tim Pendergrass and myself spent most of a week living in a flat with this American ex-pat I’d met, wearing her underwear, her t-shirts, and her boxers… because that’s all we had. The airline lost everything. I need to go back and find those photos. I’m sure they’re around somewhere. If it wasn’t for Tara.. well, I’d never have run around Libya in women’s underwear for one… Thankfully she was married to a big-wig in Libya so she was able to “put some of her guys on it” and it got handled. We eventually got our luggage back. I wonder where Tara is now? I need to find her and say hey.

Since I was in the spirit of fixing the lawn mower today, we went ahead and changed the oil, replaced the filter, ordered a new inline fuel filter, got the tires all pumped up level with each other, and then the rain hit.

So now, it’s Digiorno for dinner since the wife is off on an Emergency Board of Health meeting. How do you really have an emergency meeting if it’s scheduled a week in advance? And what’s so urgent? I’ll be honest.. I can’t wait to find out. There’s always some drama at that meeting, but I can’t tell it here. It’s like fight-club meets Golden Girls in those things. You can’t talk about board of health meetings unless you’re one of the cool kids, and I’m not one of the cool kids. I just married one.

And that’s it. I’m out of substantive matter that doesn’t relate to me bitching about my day and I’m not going to to that because.. well.. I already had to live it once. I don’t want to relive it a second time.

Going to find some more episodes of Sense 8 on Netflix.

Have a good day y’all. Don’t crash my server while I’m gone!






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