Steven Sotloff and America’s Naivete

Today is September 2, 2014. Today marks the 2nd time in recent history that Americans and much of the world at large have been faced with the reality of what warring with the Islamic terrorist state is all about.

America lost another journalist today. Britain stands poised to lose another in the upcoming weeks if policies don’t change. I’m sitting here, trying to figure out what it is that people just don’t seem to understand. It sickens me how naïve many of our own people are when it comes to this war.

First, we have to admit to ourselves that it is indeed a war. Whether we are fighting with 500,000 troops, or raining fire down from the heavens with predator and reaper drones, or simply delivering aid to those we think deserve it, it is still a war. Whether we want it to be a war or not, it is still a war. This is the most important thing to understand. It is a war. Choosing not to fight does not make it something else. Choosing not to partake doesn’t make it go away.

Everyone sitting back here in America has this post-Vietnam concept of what war should be like. We have our Geneva Convention and our other UN Council rules, designed to lay out the rules of combat, the rules of escalation, the rules of engagement, rules about how we treat hostages in a wartime scenario, rules about whom we do and do not kill in a war.

These rules have always applied because the two parties involved, or sometimes more than two, have a common respect for the boundaries of battle. This is not battle. This is a war, an actual, real, blood thirsty war with an enemy who hates the fact that we even exist. Down to a man, they pray to their creator daily for our destruction. They pray for guidance and for inspiration into new ways to hurt, kill, and maim as many of us as they can.

They theorize constantly, develop new plans constantly, look for every weakness they can possibly exploit, and they do this with the sole intention of simply murdering us in as huge a number as possible.

I have no idea why we, as Americans, are surprised that these people would take hostages specifically for the purpose of executing them for all the world to see. They have done this for years. They pride themselves on it. They revel in the hurt and the sickness we feel when we watch what they’ve done. They throw their hands in the air, fire their rifles in celebration, and praise Allah for the misery they are wreaking on us as a country, as a culture, and human beings.

Maybe what American journalists (and much of our citizenry as well) need to do is; wake up. You need to understand that you aren’t going to Britain. This isn’t the Russia-Ukraine incident. These aren’t super powers that feel politically motivated to adhere to the plans laid out for fair play between opposing forces or that will be swayed by financial or trade sanctions. This is an enemy that has stated in very plain English that they will not rest until we are driven from the earth – the Western culture exterminated like a plague.

The fact that American media expects to be able to walk into a country like Syria right now and expects to have their personal freedoms respected is absolutely ludicrous. The sheer amount of naïveté involved in doing something like that is beyond my comprehension. You don’t have freedom of speech. You don’t have freedom of the press. You don’t have the right to have your own opinion.

We have that in our country, yes, but I don’t see how people can’t understand that these Islamic terrorists don’t respect those rights you think you have. If you willingly walk into a country like this armed with nothing more than a camera and a “source that will get you in undercover,” you have the right to… die.

You have the right to be captured. You have the right to be tortured. You have the right to have your head ripped off your body and have it shown to your family on international television. And before you are killed, you have the right to be humiliated, sodomized, demeaned in ways you can’t possibly fathom, to have hope hung out in front of you simply to have a torn away while your tormentors laugh and smile and celebrate and do all of this in the name of Allah.

I’m going to lay it out for you in real simple terms since much of America and the civilized world can’t seem to understand the truth of it on their own.

If you go there, at all, under any scenario, they want to kill and torture you. That is the only thing they want from you. They are hoping we will go there, just so they can execute more of us. They would prefer to execute you here, in groups of tens and hundreds and thousands and even tens of thousands. Lacking that capability, however, they are more than happy to murder us infidels one at a time and put it on television.

When are some of you going to wake up? When are you going to understand that this is a war unlike any war America has ever fought? This is not a war for land. This is not a war spawned from religious persecution. This is not a war where the other side seeks independence or even dominance. This is a war with the enemy will only be happy, will only be sated, when every last one of us is removed from the earth; when every single drop of our blood has been spilled and there is nothing left for them to kill. Then and only then will they be happy. They desire nothing more. They have told us this. They have told us on television. They have told us on the Internet. They have literally written it in blood for us to see.

So here’s an idea America. Why don’t you stop going over there under the misguided principle of revealing their actions to the world. We don’t need more video of Islamic terrorist killing children. We don’t need more pictures of babies with bombs strapped to them. We get the fucking idea!We’ve been getting the same idea for almost 15 years now. Do you really think you and your Nikon are going to show us something we don’t already know? What kind of ridiculously arrogant prick would set foot in the middle of an Islamic terrorist war without the expectation of being killed?

Reporters are “risking their life for America.” This isn’t for freedom, or to protect our children, our heritage, or even our very existence. You’re not a soldier going into battle – you’re an unarmed civilian going into a war zone.

When we going to “battle,” we have billions of dollars of technology watching our every move from the heavens. We have unmanned aerial aircraft protecting our six. We have other unmanned aerial aircraft scouting ahead for us. We have thermal imagery of opposing forces and detailed knowledge of the opponents in play. And most of all we have the most bad-ass military to ever grace this planet doing it in cohesive, well coordinated, targeted strikes; teams that have drilled for thousands of hours and had hundreds of millions of dollars invested in their training and hundreds of millions more in their weaponry.

An idiot with a camera and a Twitter account has none of these things. Chasing a Pulitzer Prize? Looking to fulfill that inner competitive journalistic drive to be the best in your field? Fine, but understand you do so with no back up, no predator drones, no Tomahawk missiles, no nuclear warheads at your back, no Seal team watching over you, no Joint Special Operations Command coordinating your every move. You’re an idiot with a camera recording the same thing they’re killing all the other idiots with cameras for doing. But at least you’ll go out like you wanted… on camera! (God, that’s sad.)

While I am sad and even disgusted at the death of any American at the hands of these terrorists, I can only hope that maybe some of us will eventually wise up and stop putting our necks straight into the enemies guillotine.

America is not going to go to war because of two people. America’s not going to go to war because of a civilian. The coward we have occupying the seat of the US presidency would never dare do such a thing. We have all known this for the entire term of his presidency. Groups such as Hamas or the Nigerian raiders that stole 300 little girls, or Isis, have been doing what they are still doing for over a decade. The fact that we can be appalled at it now blows my mind.

We can let our American soldiers, the sons of our life-blood, the defenders of our freedom, die in these foreign countries and no one but their families ever sheds a tear. No one threatens to wipe them from the planet for taking a 23 year old Sergeant from his wife and daughter, mother and father.  Hell, our top ranking General dies in a foreign land and his commander-in-chief can’t be bothered to cut short his vacation to attend his military funeral.  However,a couple civilian reporters that should have known better get their heads handed to them (literally) and the whole world is up in arms screaming “atrocity” and “savages” and demanding our country take action.

Here’s an idea on action – prohibit travel to Syria until American wakes up. That might save a few more innocent lives.



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