Survival Series – The beginning

I’m taking a break from Facebook and some other social media, which gives me the time to work on some projects I’ve been meaning to make time for anyway. Right now I’m going to work on the survival series of video posts.

About the survival video series:

It really doesn’t matter what end of the spectrum you fall into; the truth remains that we should all have enough common sense to prepare for emergencies. Whether you are a single adult living in an apartment in the city, a family of six living in the deepest reaches of the country, or anywhere in-between; a certain level of preparedness should be instinctual in us as humans, simply to protect our loved ones.

The advice you’re going to receive in this video series is designed to work with ALL aspects of survival preparation. Let me clarify that ok?

  • Maybe you just need to put up a week’s worth of supplies because you live in hurricane alley, but really aren’t sure where to start.
  • Maybe you travel all over the US (like I do) and could likely one day find yourself in a situation outside of your control, such as a flood, earthquake, tornado, freezing road conditions, broken-down car, sweltering desert heat, etc.
  • Maybe you think the zombies are coming to eat your brains and you want to have enough food stocked up to help you last as long as your ammo does.

It doesn’t matter WHAT the level of preparedness you desire to achieve, some things will be common across all spectrums; food, shelter, power, lighting, protective clothing, etc.

I will endeavor to eventually get to ALL of these in due time and will further endeavor to keep each video short and to the point, so you can watch only the ones that apply to your situation.

Getting Started

The first series of videos is on food; all aspects of food, broken down into bite-sized videos (pun intended).

If you’d like to skip ahead to a specific video in the series, here’s the list thus far.

Chapter 1

  • Food – General Overview: Caloric intakes, conservation of space,  the basics: rice and beans, and a few more aspects of food storage and an introduction to different types of food storage.
  • Food – Canning: General overview of canning and some thoughts on why or why it might NOT be right for your needs.

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4: Bags – But out Bags, Every Day Carry Bags, and more.

Chapter 5: Books and Literature

A video introduction:



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