My thoughts: Texas Republican Presidential Debate

I’ve just finished watching the debate and haven’t read any commentary or follow-up yet, but just wanted to post my thoughts while they were fresh in my mind. I’ll start with candidates, then a few key issues. FYI: I may update this later to add more content, but here’s the first draft. Trump He was the front-runner coming in to this debate and I think he’ll be the clear winner. Honestly I thought he did HORRIBLE in the SC debate, but apparently I was in the minority. The viewers obviously overwhelmingly disagreed and he won that one. Using the revised court of public opinion as precedent, I think that means he probably nailed everyone else’s coffin shut with this one. Yes, there were the normal Trump moments where he and another candidate went at each other like children, but compared to his other debates I think he did better than … Read the rest…

Kalamazoo Killer had “Arsenal” of Guns

I really do love today’s media. lol. Even worse than the attack on Uber (see link for previous article) out of the blue, they’ve now latched on to gun ownership in general. I love the headline the Detroit Free Press put out in their article. (Full article here). In case you guys didn’t know, apparently by today’s media standard, half of the South is now filled with militarized families with full blown arsenals in their homes. Can I use that word again, just for effect? Arsenal! By this standard, I lack only the requisite white sheets with holes cut in them to start my own spree of terror! Oh, with my arsenal. Can’t forget the arsenal! Eleven long guns and four handguns constitutes an arsenal to the media? Let’s clarify this from the point of view of the average gun owner as compared to maybe the average housewife. Anyone that works with … Read the rest…

IOT – IFTTT -The Government, Spying, and You!

This isn’t a tinfoil hat article designed to make the reader disconnect every device they have and hide under the bed. Nor am I of the opinion that the government is out to monitor everything we do every day of our lives. This is, however, an article aimed at educating some of the consumers out there what is technically possible in the IOT world. Did you just Google IOT? If not, you probably are waiting on me to explain it. Therein lies the issue. Most people don’t even realize how fast a new breed of technology has gone from cool idea to semi-global adoption in homes in the blink of an eye. While it has been evolving for the last ten years out in the open, recent technologies have been created to allow the cross-functionality of devices to the point that they’re becoming more proliferate than ever, and they’re everywhere! On … Read the rest…

Personal Letter to Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring

Dear Attorney General Herring, I can only assume from your quotes read in today’s news regarding the cancellation of concealed handgun reciprocity with North Carolina that you sir have fallen on your head and somehow impaired your thinking. As a gun owner myself, and a firearms instructor, I humbly ask that you seek medical attention post-haste!  Surely, actually no.. FACTUALLY the reasons you state for changing reciprocity with some of these states are a complete and total fabrication lacking absolutely no evidence. In fact the reasons you stated make no sense whatsoever. I can only speak for North Carolina because I haven’t taken the time to research all the other states’ gun laws, but please allow me a moment to enlighten you as someone appears to have been filling your head with utter nonsense. Your Claim: According to you, North Carolina (by its inclusion in your new law) has a … Read the rest…

Which Cops Do You Want? Decide America!

Which one do you want to see on the streets every day, America? Because if we keep this up, we’re going to come to a turning point where it will be our citizens to blame.     Take a good long look at the images above and decide which one you want patrolling your streets, performing traffic stops, and knocking on your door. The decision is yours but you’d better decide soon before it gets decided for you. And I’m afraid you won’t like the outcome if the police get to decide. Cop Killing is Cool Now? It’s hard to believe I live in the country ours has become. As of today, there have been 24 cop murders this year, with 8 of them in last 9 days. I don’t mean cops shot in the line of duty. That’s sad enough. I mean sick twisted individuals just walking up and … Read the rest…

Arm Military Bases – or don’t?

I’m so sick of the media and Facebook being the sole source of information people get. Here’s the process: Read dumbass meme on Facebook Accept it as the Gospel truth. Do no research on your own. Get pissed off and rant about the gubment. Come up with your own political policy that’s better with absolutely no idea what the hell you’re talking about. That about sums up most people I see on Facebook. I’m left with the following decision to make on what seems to be an almost daily basis. Let them go on being idiots. Take time out of my day to put together an articulate response to their blathering idiocy. Ok, I tried number one for about a week now and the amount of idiocy that’s still ramping up about the gun control on military bases is starting to piss me off. So, take off your dunce caps … Read the rest…

Thomas Sullivan, Squire “Skip” Wells, David Wyatt, Carson Holmquist, Randall Smith

Read those names again, please. Those are the names you probably don’t know. We’ve certainly heard enough about Mohammad Abdulazeez to know his name by heart now, but few of us know the names of the soldiers we lost in the Chattanooga terrorist attack. Those are the names that should live on in our memories, in our thoughts, and that should be blasted across the media. Sadly, few of us will remember them tomorrow or next week. We aren’t likely to forget the name of the 24 year old that killed them though. If this is you, as it was me, you should feel ashamed. Write them down and remember them. They deserve it. Now, move on. It’s important that we do move on. It’s important for us as people and it’s important for us as a country. It’s important because we are becoming a country full of victims, a fact … Read the rest…

Election 2012: The Aftermath

Today I woke up in a world I wasn’t looking forward to; a world that had decided that four more years of the same was the solution to the problems our nation has faced these last four years. I don’t like it, but it’s the world we will be living in for the next four years, so I’m going to get used to it, and I suggest you do the same. I want to share my viewpoint with some of you, especially those hot-headed die-hards out there that won’t ever let it rest. Let’s take a look at the figures. The entire population of the United States is approximately 350 million across all age groups; seniors, adults, teens, and kids. If the figures above are correct, and I have no reason to believe they aren’t, then it changes how I look at things. President Obama pulled in 60,386,002 votes across … Read the rest…

Response to ABC Network

This is my response to ABC’s newest list of quesitons regarding the video post. Thanks again to ABC Network for sending them!

1.)Your video has been viewed millions of times, was it your intention for it to garner so much attention or was it meant to be shared on a smaller scale?

It was meant for two audiences:

First, it was meant for the Facebook friends she has her own age that thought “Hey, that’s so cool that you stood up to your parent’s that way. That’s awesome!” I wanted them to know in no uncertain terms that she didn’t get away with it.

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Response to Dr. Phil

Two days ago, the NBC Today show with Matt Lauer hosted Dr. Phil via satellite for an interview to gather his response to the YouTube video I’d posted about my daughter, Hannah. To be fair to Dr. Phil, I kind of asked for it. Two days earlier I posted the following on Facebook:

Dr. Phil: You've GOT to have taken a running jump way outside the bounds of sanity 
if you think I'd subject my family to your show. You've called almost EVERY day
and you're now trying to track down my wife at work? Dude... NO. I can save you
the studio expense of flying us out there. Your version is "I'm an
uneducated over-aggressive father who doesn't understand how to raise my kids
and you think my daughter simply MUST require years of intensive therapy for
being subjected to such torture as losing her laptop."
She doesn't need therapy, but she would by the time you finished with her!

Having had the chance to reflect on it a few days, I’ve decided that wasn’t the smartest thing to have said to a national media presence with the education and fan-base Dr. Phil has. Nevertheless, I seem to be learning repeatedly something I’ve been telling people forever; once it’s on Facebook, you can’t take it back. In my defense, people on national television have entire panels of people who are paid to stop them and say “No, you absolutely shouldn’t say that.” I am sans that particular advantage, so I’m just doing the best I can to muddle through.

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