Pat yourselves on the back – We Won for MDA

Photo they decided to use for the TV piece
The photo they're using on TV

Every one of you out there who contributed to the MDA fund raising I did this year deserves a huge pat on the back! Together between the donations via Facebook, Twitter, e-Bay toy car and train donations, eBay Laptop Donation, Spectorsoft Promotions, and OMJ Promotions, you guys made it possible for the MDA to raise almost TEN THOUSAND dollars for these kids!

We had so much success, thanks to all of you, that I just got off the phone with the Director of MDA in North Carolina (Elizabeth Kayed). Together we were #11 in the entire nation!

Let me say that again: Only TEN people in the ENTIRE United States raised more money for the MDA than we did! You guys and gals are awesome and deserve a huge pat on the back, both for the success we had in being one of the top donors and for the amazing difference you made possible in these kid’s lives.

Thanks to everyone who donated, shared, tweeted, Facebooked, emailed, and who participated in the event. My special heartfelt thanks go to the people at SpectorSoft and OMJ for their ridiculously awesome incentive programs they offered. No one else in the world managed to get companies to give up shares of their profits like we did. You guys are freaking amazing!

There will be a TV episode airing here in North Carolina sometime in September where they will show the “Top Jailbirds.” Thanks to you guys, I’ll be mentioned and invited to the appreciation dinner in February of next year. I’ll be sure to get the YouTube link for the episode so you can all watch it online in case you miss it. If you’re in NC and want to watch it you can catch it on September 2nd from 8-11 PM EST on WAXN-64 Charlotte.

Thanks so much to all of you who donated, who helped, and who continue to do so each year! In a few months, it’ll be starting all over again. This time I have a goal to beat… be in the Top Ten!



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