Today was a tragedy in American history. It was a tragedy for our country, for the families and friends of those killed in the Connecticut school shooting. It was a tragedy for children, for mom’s and dad’s, for teachers, for friends, for human beings.

Next week it will still be a tragedy; a tragedy for the educators who work at that school, the students who attend there, and the families of those students who worry over their safety.

It will be a tragedy for the community who has a cancerous tumor of absence in their previously-peaceful existence. They will be flooded with news media, political agendas, and lobbyists like they have never imagined.

Yes, a gun-control conversation WILL come out of this. It always does.

Today is not the day for that conversation.

I don’t have a lot of reach or power to affect change, but I’d like to request that everyone who reads this does the following:

If you comment on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or anywhere else, for the next two days, until midnight on December 16th, 2012, let the comments be only supportive ones. Take the righteous anger we all feel and turn into something compassionate for the those affected.

Those of us at home, far removed from these events, feel like we were affected. We weren’t. Our lives weren’t forever changed like the lives of these children and their families were.

If you believe in God, as I personally do, then pray to him for these families. If you don’t, then take a silent moment yourself and send a good thought their way. If you see comments on Facebook with political agendas, whether it be school-security or gun-control, remind those people of the loss others have suffered today and keep the focus where it belongs; with these families and friends of those who died.

The gun-control conversation will come, as it inevitably does. The political parties will throw their immeasurable weight behind both sides of the conversation, and yes, people like you and I will have our own staunch opinions on the matter. It doesn’t have to be today. Let today, tomorrow, and the remainder of this week be spent in consideration of those families who have lost so very much and for whom no amount of legislation will bring their children back.

Go home, hug your children, and be glad you have them tonight. Some families will not be that blessed.



9 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with the children, parents, teachers and community in Connecticut as they deal with the tragic loss of life and the unspeakable evil and violence that forced itself into their lives today. Please send your thoughts and prayers their way.Please pray for healing and peace in Jesus’ name for those so tragically affected and forever changed today in Newtown, Conneticut.

  2. Great writing. We really should try to be positive and thoughtful in our conversations on the tragedy. While I realize that the children were lost to parents in Connecticut, I can also see where our whole country…world…suffered a loss as well. Just the mere fact that we now have references for this type of atrocity (Columbine, Virginia Tech…)is a clear sign that our country is headed in the Wrong direction socially.

    When I heard about this I left work because there was no way I could stand there and pretend to be happy (sales). I pray for the parents and people in their town, but on a larger scale, I pray for America.
    It is not the gun laws…it is how we treat our kids that determines what they might or might not do when they grow up.

  3. Hello, Tommy.

    I am a wife and mother of 2 in Pennsylvania. I applaud you for your stance on raising your children. And I applaud you for how well spoken you are to put into words on blogs and on FB what you think and feel.

    This is what I posted on my FB wall:

    Innocent people/children died today. A gun was involved. Guns alone don’t kill people….it’s people wielding a gun full of bullets that kill people. Pray for the families. Pray for the law enforcement that walked into that. Pray for the nurses, doctors, EMT’s and firefighters that were first responders. That is what is most important. Not talk about weapons. Focus on the tragedy at hand.

  4. Thank you, as always your insight helps us all to put it in perspective, pray for the family’s affected by this tragedy, later we will fight the fight to be allowed to keep our guns, but not today and probably not next week, we need to do some healing first, it might not have been our child, but if you are a parent or have ever loved a child then this will affect you and you will need some time to adjust and go on.

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