Vacation Journal Day 1

It’s been a long one; beginning with waking up this morning, packing for the trip to the OBX, and culminating 11 hours later and after a couple generous portions of my wife’s lasagna, I sit here now now with family and friends writing from the comfort of the couch as I watch water droplets too infrequent to be considered rain but too repetitive to not be fall from the sky over the salt-treated third story porch of this beach house.

It’s been a constant nag in the back of my mind these past couple days – the urge to write, to get back in to the habit of writing. I keep finding occasional bursts of inspiration that make me want to stop and jot them down on whatever happens to be handy.
Vacation Journal Day 2 minus 1/2:
My original journal entry was truncated by the fact that it seems a natural condition to me breaking out my laptop for someone to wait approximately two minutes, ask me what I’m doing, and then immediately find something else they’d like me to do.
That’s completely ok with me. I like being helpful. I hauled some beer, fixed a small home-networking issue with a friend’s multi-zone networked home audio speakers, and then sat back in sober observance of the rest of my crew getting decidedly intoxicated for the remainder of the evening before stumbling off to bed in random order.
To that end I am posthumously drafting this post, which I will bring to a close now and begin fresh with today’s entry.



3 thoughts on “Vacation Journal Day 1

  1. Wait… posted this posthumously???? Are you a poltergeist now?

    If so, I hope it’s only a temporary condition, lol

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